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Whatbrokenow 11-27-2016 05:34 PM

Charger Reccomendations and Questions.
I am currently in the market for a new charger. Since I came back to the hobby about a year ago, I have been using a Venom Pro 2, And coming back that was fine, I was charging 6 and 7 cell NiMH batteries, and 2S LiPos. However times have changed, And I've moved from some junk 1/10 scale models, to a 1/8 scale buggy on 4S, and may end up trying 6S now and again in the future. Not only that, my current charger has been acting up as of recently, so I figured my best bet was get a more capable charger. I am looking for something that can:

Charge 2 batteries at once
Capable of handling 2-6S LiPo
And I MAY have this wrong, But I read on another forum, an equation (Amps*Volts=Watts) on how many watts a charger must have to charge at 1C. My biggest 4S is a 5200MAH, So 5.2A X 14.8V = 76.96Watts. My charger is i believe a 50Watt, so no wonder it takes so long, So long story short, A 200 Watt or better charger, to charge both packs at 1C.
Around $200 to $300USD.

I also was browsing Hitec USA, and they offered different types of chargers, AC/DC and DC/DC. What exactly does this mean? I want to assume AC/DC plugs into an outlet at home, Where as DC/DC requires a power supply, but I do not know.

Edit: I am willing to compromise, I just don't know whats realistic to expect from a charger.
Any help would be appreciated.

MikeMayberry 11-28-2016 12:43 PM

AC/DC does mean it can plug into house current as well as a 12V source. Typically these are limited to 50 watts per port although the new Hitec chargers allow you to share the overall wattage between the ports which would allow you to charge the higher cell count packs at a higher rate. http://hitecrcd.com/products/chargers/acdc-chargers The DC/DC chargers are to be powered with a 12V car battery or AC power supply. These offer higher wattage like the X2-700 which can handle up to 700 watts per port at up to 30A. http://hitecrcd.com/products/chargers/dcdc-chargers

However, there is a new charger, the D7, which is what I now use exclusively. It's the best of both worlds as it is 2-ports, AC/DC but can handle 200 watts @ 20A per port! More info here: http://hitecrcd.com/products/charger...tation/product

Available here: http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin...&I=LXGFFU&P=ML


Whatbrokenow 11-29-2016 07:47 AM

Thanks for your help Mike, ended up compromising a little bit and ended up with a X1 pro/ePowerbox combo from tower, After reading some positive feedback about it. I figured if I really do need 2 ports, I can just buy a second charger.

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