Transponder Repair

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Default Transponder Repair

My transponder doesn't always work due to the wire has a break inside but it's near where it goes inside. Has anybody repaired one? Does anyone know where to send it for repairs? The case is glued together and looks hard to crack open without making a mess. Thanks
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Which transponder do you have? I've repaired one of my RC4's twice and it's still working fine. I followed the following
+ YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.
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Get it done properly
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I fixed two of them. I shaved the bottom till the wires showed up. All you do is carefully chase the red and black wire with a 1/8 grinding spur. You have to be careful and have an idea what you are doing with a small grinder. The wires are so wimpy, guaranteed to fail. How many cut fingers will there be after watching that video?
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Originally Posted by nexxus View Post
Get it done properly
Great idea.....looks like they're in Australia....anyone know of a repair shop in the states?
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Originally Posted by waffleNchicken View Post
Great idea.....looks like they're in Australia....anyone know of a repair shop in the states?
I haven't been able to find one either.
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Honestly, give it a try yourself. Always good to learn a new skill
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You just remove the epoxy covering the wires(like in the video) and piggy back on to them, real easy. Find someone at the track who knows how to do this, there should be someone. I use servo extension wires to replace the wimpy stock ones.
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Default How to repair RC personal transponder wires

Hi Guys
I am from Australia and have repaired heaps of RC4 transponders and the older version the AMBrc DP.

If you want to have a crack at it yourself then here is the best way to do it and you do not need to remove the red casing.

For RC4 transponder
Mark on transponder positive + (red wire) and negative - (black wire) then cut the wires at the body of the transponder where they enter the black epoxy.
If you don't mark the + & - on the transponder first you may not know which way to connect the wires later.

Next use a small round tip Dremel tool to carefully remove the black epoxy to just level with the red casing so that you expose the short bit of the wires that are left. Remove any insulation left on the wires and then bend them flat and away from each other. Put a bit of solder on them.

Now if the rest of the lead and plug are OK you can reconnect it. If not then you will need a new lead and plug which you can buy at a hobby store. Just buy an extension lead and cut one end off.
But it is preferable to reuse the old wire because this wire is very tough compared to normal RC connector wire. Remove about 3mm of insulation from each wire and bend at right angle away from each other. If you hold the plug upwards with the wires dropping down the end result will look like twisted legs with feet sticking out opposite to each other.
Solder the bare wire and trim so soldered part is about 2mm.
Now place the "feet" onto the short bit of wire in the transponder and solder on. Plug into power and check transponder lights up before proceeding to next stage.

Wrap some electrical tape around the body of the transponder with about 3mm sticking up around the edge of the wire side. This is to make a little container to put epoxy in.
Mix up some 5 minute Araldite and using a the small blade of a screwdriver scoop the mixed Araldite into the area around the wires and the tape. Make sure you get it in around the wires and keep the transponder wire side up until the Araldite sets.
After Araldite has set, remove electrical tape and job is done.

I'll have to remember to take some photos of the next one I do so I can post some images of the stages of this repair proceedure. Images would make this proceedure much clearer than I can describe it.

I hope this helps.
Transponder Services
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