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Furadi 05-13-2019 10:13 AM

Cost breakdown of popular 1/8 power combos
I was curious about the cost of different 1/8 power systems that I see people running. I'm a little shocked a castle system is over $100 cheaper than Tekin (with their respective usb linker). I compare those 2 directly because they both offer data logging.

The castle system with linker is cheaper than the HW system as well. So why isn't castle more popular in 1/8 racing?

Disclaimer: I run a mamba X combo because it fit my budget and have zero complaints.


frewster 05-13-2019 10:36 AM

I've raced for years with a SkyRC TS150 ESC and a Turnigy sensorless 1900kV motor. So that was $80 + $45 for the ESC and motor. It's been fine until I upgraded to a steering servo that's too current hungry for the built in BEC so I am installing a 10A HobbyWing UBEC.

Once my Surpass 4274 sensored 2000kV brushless motor ($45) gets here I'll be using it along with the Reds Z8 ($130) that I just got. If you're patient you can get that same ESC which is made by ZTW (OEM) for $90-100.

The SkyRC has been fantastic other than the weak BEC. Years of countless crashes and it's still going strong!

1/8 IC Fan 05-13-2019 10:37 AM

For one, because they (HW & Tekin) are marketed towards racers primarily, Castle for one came out as an upgrade for Traxxas and Similar brushed motor systems and such... They were and are not really focused on any sort of racing that one can perceive. I see more of the Brand Reps (Tekin, Hobbywing, Orion and such) at races, actually racing for one, and listening to feedback from the racers using their products. Also consider that the varieties of actual race oriented products offered by HW and Tekin outnumber what Castle has currently.

Personally I never saw them (Castle) as any option for a racing vehicle, 1/8 or 1/10. I ran LRP, Novak (until they closed shop) and now HW. All brands that, in my curiosity, I saw people also running at the track, and they worked quite well. I can;t speak as to Tekin, yet the CS from HW has been awesome, and their product has always worked for me (may be different for others). From what I have seen on here, Tekin has representation on RCtech, and they do a great job tending to their customers here. One thing too, is that on track one gets support from many that are running a similar product.

This is of course all my experience and opinion, others may chime in with their 10 cents as well.

frewster 05-13-2019 10:57 AM

Years ago, when I first started racing, I always heard people say that the Castle built in BECs weren't strong enough for current hungry servos. I'm sure this has changed and is not a problem anymore but it seemed to be the reason a lot of racers were going with HW etc. Of course an external BEC would fix this but most would rather not run one.

platgof 05-13-2019 07:18 PM

I race Tekin for a good reason, they last and hold their value. I run that system you show, and it is going on it's third year. That 3.0 Hotwire is so small and versatile. I just ordered the T-250 servo from them. They make racing products that last, and they support the military as well, thank you Tekin!

Krio 05-14-2019 01:26 PM

For 80% of racers, the system they use won't change where they finish on any given race day. For those at the top of their game, it can matter and the premium systems are smoother and offer additional tuning options. Personally, I like the RPM brake feature on the latest RX8 and I've never had one fail on me in the last 7 years.

wrightcs77 05-14-2019 06:30 PM

I love the Castle Mamba X. Used it in everything from 10th truck to 8th ebuggy. Very smooth in sensored mode. My motors in my 10th truggy run cooler with the Castle vs the Hobbywing xr8 SCT. The feel is just as good as my xr10 pro esc and the lap times are no different.

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