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Default Cycling LIHV Packs

Recently I started to get back into racing and picked up a few Protek LIHV 2s and 4s packs. previously I had the protek quad charger, I was charging all my packs at 1c and rarely take them down to LVC, I have noticed the packs are coming further and further out of balance, I balance charge every time. I have packs taking well over 300 minutes to balance. I went to the track last week and met a few guys who said I was having this issue because I do not cycle or charge at high amperage. One of the guys hooked my pack to his icharger and was able to balance much quicker and lower the IR, I started with an IR of 3.6 and ended at 2.2. I'm not really worried about getting the most power out of my packs, I'm more worried about longevity of these packs. batteries are expensive and I do not want to replace them every other month.

So my questions is what is the benefit of cycling packs? what amperage to you charge and discharge at? and will cycling the packs increase the life or decrease the life of the pack. I just picked up a Icharger 4010 duo and was going to cycle 3 cycles twice a week at 25amp charge and 20 disc charge. the packs I'm running are able to be charged at 10C.

Thank you in advance for the help
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Although this isn't directly answering your question, here's a nice way to balance a battery much faster without affecting the other cells.

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Dumb any help on cycling packs and if it will increase or decease battery life.
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Cycling Li-Pos will reduce the lifespan if anything. The only reason for doing a balance discharge (not a full discharge - try to avoid going below 3.7 on a LiHV) is if you are having trouble getting the packs to equalize. Resetting them to a 'zero point' can help in this case, though you can use the storage voltage of 3.85V for this.

High current discharge followed by fast charging can warm up the battery to optimum temperature for a bit more power, especially if it's a cold day, though this can also shorten the life time of the battery dramatically.
For max lifetime with a LiHV, only charge to 4.2v/cell (as per almost all race rules) and never store below 3.85V/cell. The more you can keep the battery in the middle of it's voltage range, the happier it will be.
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Lipos don’t have a memory like older battery chemistry such as nicad. There is zero benefit cycling lipo batteries, in fact there’s a finite number of charges / discharges before they basically expire. This is the reason mobiles phones don’t hold a charge as well as they did say 12 months prior. I charge all my lipos at 1C but I don’t use the 1C setting I manually set the amps ie 5000mah lipo I’ll charge at 5amp. There’s one brand Fantom that goes as far as saying lihv is not as good at 4.20v as a standard 4.20v lipo.

I don’t charge when the lipo is hot ie right after a race and I always storage charge when not racing. Discharge is usually around 2amp to 3.85v.

your balance issue may have been more of a charger issue than battery.

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