Prefer first in B main or last in A main ?

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  • just like in F1....if you dont qualify well, you dont finish well.

    and some days i feel my pace is good enough for the front of the B, but not fast enough for the A crew......

    and i've been in many a mains that the bump ups sometimes create more problems than good.......but thats part of racing, and some of us have won a amains bumping through the B.

    it happens.
  • Always go for the A. You don't get better by leading slower drivers. You get better by learning from someone faster than you. It's the little things that let you move from the back to the middle of the pack and eventually to win the A. The only way to win the A is to be in it so you might as well start trying as soon as you can.
  • A-main or B-main, the stuff that dreams are made of

    No seriously, always have to aim for the highest you can go don't you?

    There's a little saying that I often tell my daughter, she's a very competitive girl but gets upset when she doesn't win.

    (You can't always be the best, just try your best and be happy with whatever that gets you.)