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Old 03-01-2008, 11:23 PM
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Originally Posted by SirSwiftAlot
WOW just got done painting my body for this weekend the MINI class is really good I am going to have to drive my ASS off if I want to make the A main Christensen is fast but his car is not there yet, Grandpas car is fast but he is old " love ya grandpa" mickey's car traction rolls like a beer can down a highway my car is like a palm tree its "PLANTED" and yes fast enough anyways having a great time I heard from Fred we have 105 entries so 92 are MINIS and 13 are Vintage class. Just kidding we really have 105 racers so I will keep this post updated when I get home. By the way is there anyway that someone can slash Doc's tires on the way from San Diego. I don't need any more competition than I need.
Yah, you're right Brandon. Granpa's car was fast till he put in the motor he bought from Doc. Then it was ballistic. It went so fast down the straight and ripped into the corners carrying so much speed it was traction rolling like crazy. My apologies to the poor guy with the mo4 I punted in the rear and rocketed him 8 feet past the corner-----and I hit 15 feet before the corner. Closed on him so fast I didn't have time to react. I have the new record for rolling a a mini now-----11 w/out hitting anything and 2 or was it 3 from clipping a dot. Doc, you're The motor man. I'll have figure out a setup to keep the car on it's wheels instead of the roof. Brandon, you owe me big time for the loan of that motor during the 2nd heat. I wonder if that was what Doc was referring to about you're TQ.
A big hooray to Kevin Nino for qualifYing second. Great drive man.
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Old 03-02-2008, 06:23 AM
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No doubt thanks a million Grandpa for the loan and Doc for being so gracious to bring some motors with him to sell. Good job Marty and Doc in F103 maybe next year I will run with you guys. Yeah Kevin Nino has been driving better than I have ever seen him. Well gotta brush me teeth and head to the track. Try and give an update later on.
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Old 03-02-2008, 07:20 AM
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Default Lipo or Nimh

Originally Posted by dragracer72nova
Thank you for the update!
Good Luck to You and Marty in F103GT!
How is your Mini Running? Lipo or Nimh?
Great question sir...Lipo or Nimh? for the Mini Class. Been testing both and leaning towards Lipos for consistent power and ease of use.

Thanks for any input
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Old 03-02-2008, 08:19 PM
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Had a great couple of days at the Aliso Viejo TCS.
Hung out with several groups, got to meet some new people, tried to dodge all the motor drama.
1. Had a blast running a box stock TT-01 with only bearings and gear upgrades in GT-3, finished mid B-main (ran the red Enzo).
2. Had a great time in Mini; was also glad to qualify in B-main, in the main I decided to run patient and let other people by, probably should have been more aggressive (ran the St. Pepper).

Looking forward to the finals, where ever that may be!

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Old 03-02-2008, 08:50 PM
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Lipo + Brushless DEFINITELY made this the MOST FUN I ever had at TCS. ease of maintenance and use made for a very relaxed weekend. Congrats to Timmy for a great run in GT1 Kevin Cole... that A3 GT2 main was a blast. It was fun racing against so many Orange cars. Chen Hwa was plenty fast. too. I felt obligated "to make it exciting" for the fans. i'll get you next time and make it stick too.

To my pitmates John C. Oliver C. and Tony P. very fun pitting with you guys. not worrying about cutting motors or timing the charge of a nimh made it fun to talk smack all weekend long.

The out of towners: great to see you guys again. Marty, sorry i squeaked by you and BARELY got into the GT1 main.

Tamiya Tech Crew: Thanks for running a smooth show.

Fred: Since TCS is over, have fun on your PS3 Network. My offer still stands on that soon to be fixed Xbox When your ready to play with the big boys... Microsoft is waiting. (just imagine the joy of sneaking up to Rod and you knife him in the back. )

Trivia Question: What number is greater... the number of times I hit the kink, or how many people Fred plays with/against on COD4 on the PS3 network? (here's a hint, I ran two classes this past weekend)


Answer to the Trivia Question: I nailed the kink 7 times (cleared the barrier 3 times.)
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Old 03-02-2008, 10:15 PM
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Who were the winners....
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Old 03-03-2008, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by lbckevin
Who were the winners....
GT1: Timmy V.
GT2 & GT3: Tony Tam
Mini: Brandon
F103GT: Sean Wu

Vintage: ????
Off-Road: ????
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Old 03-03-2008, 06:39 AM
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Thanks Tamiya crew for a fun two days! All of your made it easy to just have fun.

This was my first race with brushless/lipo. If you are still on the sidelines as far as this technology, stop waiting.
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Old 03-03-2008, 07:54 AM
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Congrats Timmy! You made your Dad so proud of you. Time to ask for that PS3 system.
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Old 03-03-2008, 07:55 AM
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Fun. Way fun. Way TOO MUCH fun for the money!
Sad to see the track being sold, and will miss my many SoCal TCS buddies.
Hopefully Tamiya will settle on a home track in Southern CA for their regional events and all get to race together again.
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Old 03-03-2008, 08:16 AM
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Thumbs up The End of an ERA??

Had TONS-of-Fun running the LAST TCS race at TAMIYA USA HQ.

Thanks go out to.. Chuck Leslie for pulling all 13,200 rpm out of that TQ-monster-Mabuchi. also, Brandon for the TQ-tire-tuning-tip.. I KNOW i wouldnt have been able to do it without the both of you.. Also, thanks to the Doubl-Dutch-Bus for traction-rolling so damn much.. I hated the fact, but the crowd sure enjoyed all the 'bicycling'.. Also to all the mini-drivers goood fun racing. And great sportsmanship.. Lastly to Brandon. Way to go. Excellent Performance.

Tought nuts to crack in GT2. All hail Brushless-LiPo. Thanks go out to Devin White for the Motor advice.. Wathcout peeps, the Mabuchi-guru, is now honing his skills in the Brushless ranks.

Then of course, there is Fred Medel and Crew. The man and his hench-men. Without them TCS would not be.. THANKS FRED, GARY, LARRY and.. uhhmm, that other guy (sorry, I'm bad with new names/faces )
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Old 03-03-2008, 09:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Hebiki
GT1: Timmy V.
GT2 & GT3: Tony Tam
Mini: Brandon
F103GT: Sean Wu

Vintage: ????
Off-Road Tamtech: ????
Vintage: Eric Paley
Off-Road Tamtech: Daisuke Hashimoto
On-Road Tamtech: David Jun

The new guy's name is Andrew. He was the one driving my super slow white GTO in Tamtech class.

A little sequence shot of a flying SC430 for you fellas.
Attached Thumbnails Tamiya Championship Series-img_0039.jpg   Tamiya Championship Series-img_0040.jpg   Tamiya Championship Series-img_0041.jpg   Tamiya Championship Series-img_0042.jpg   Tamiya Championship Series-img_0043.jpg  

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Old 03-03-2008, 09:06 AM
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Default a fantastic TCS weekend!

I want to say thanks to all for a great TCS weekend in AV. James had the biggest grin on his face all evening from his win in the third heat of the spec. class and his double podium finish to the weekend. I fear that it won’t be too long before he gives me a schooling! He fell asleep with his medals on his nightstand. The support and encouragement from everyone made it an experience he will never forget.


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Old 03-03-2008, 09:11 AM
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Quick ? for the GT3 veterans...What's a good FDR to start with and what motor temps are safe?
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Old 03-03-2008, 09:26 AM
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After working and teching my first TCS event I want to say thanks to a few people for making it more enjoyable:
Larry - thanks for letting me run and eventually flip your TamTech Ferrari. Who knew the car had enough speed to even get airborne?!?! Also thanks for keeping us stocked on food which we desperately needed
Gary - sorry for not bringing home that Demory Racing 1-2, but thanks for letting me run the TA02 in the most fun class of the weekend.
Fred - i appreciate the very subtle jabs during Porsche/Ferrari, and the few run ins between me and Gary during vintage. I almost didn't know you were talking about me.....
Deven White - i appreciate the attempt to fix my motor, but obviously that thing needs to be scrapped after being 3 seconds off the pace in TamTech
Brandon - you provided some good entertainment to get tech through the long weekend. Maybe next race your TA02 will actually last a whole round though!
Eric paley - thanks for working tech so Gary and I could get ready to run. Next time though, I don't think we will let you race.

Thanks goes out to everyone else for making the weekend so smooth on our end. I kept expecting something to go wrong but everyone was class and the weekend was great....well besides the weather on Saturday!
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