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What made you choose to attend church and give your lif to Christ in the first place? >

What made you choose to attend church and give your lif to Christ in the first place?

What made you choose to attend church and give your lif to Christ in the first place?

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Originally Posted by Supashawn View Post
When I was like 4 and a half my father died and my family told me that "it was his time" and "God called him home". I did not understand that and I soon did not want to have anything to do with a God that would take my father when it seemed that everyone else had theirs. At the same time I had a keen awareness that something was missing in my life. I did not know what it was and tried to figure it out throughout my childhood and teenage years. Eventually I turned to drugs so that I could be numb and not feel the pain of being empty, unfulfilled, and sad. That lasted for about 13 years.
My clean date and also the date of the last time that I was arrested was Aug. 13, 2005. I served 11 months and through that period somehow was able to tear down the lies that held me captive. I did not want go back to the same places that I had been before.
I was released on June 30, 2006 which was a Friday. The home I went to stay at was not a good place. Within an hour of being there people started coming over and drinking/drugging. I went and hid out in the one person's room who did not do anything. The next day when they woke up they did the same thing and so did I. While I was in that person's room I thought about this guy that I was locked up with. One day I walked by his bed and he was reading a bible. I asked him if he believed what he read and of course he replied yes. When I asked why he said the strangest thing, (I thought at the time anyway); he said; "Because I choose to". I walked away shaking my head. As I was in this room I was thinking what was I going to do. After 13 years of drugs it really did not matter what I did or did not want to do, my body knew what it wanted to do. I thought that I had tried every way I knew to live except one. The person's room I was in was/is a christian. I thought to myself, "I don't know what to do. I am going to go to church tomorrow and God if you are real you will show because I will not make it like this."
I went to church and sat somewhere near the back. I don't even remember what the preacher was preaching. I just know that at some point I began to feel this love, love like I had never felt before. It got more and more intense and began to literally invade me, somehow get inside me and began to weep. It got worse and worse, (my weeping), because I had never experienced a love like that and I remember thinking, (I thought to myself), this is what I have been searching for all of life. No sooner had I thought this when God spoke to me and said, "I am everything that you have ever looked for".
I committed my life to Christ that day and two months later He delivered me from drug and alcohol addiction. I no longer struggle with a desire to use or drink.
So I committed my life to Christ because when I was unlovable, He loved me; when I was empty, He filled me when nothing else could; I had no joy and did not know what joy was, He gave me joy; I had no peace or rest, He gave me both; and when I did not have life, He gave me life.
Glory be to our most high God. I love Him and will never turn from Him.
Thank you for the opportunity to share.
soo true my friend soo true
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Grew up in a fairly Christian home. Remember going to church as a kid off and on. Between problems with my parent's marriage and my older siblings getting into different bad situations it felt as though God wasn't a huge priority growing up in our household, especially the notion of giving your life to Jesus. It was more of a "believe in God and try to be a good person". Through highschool and into college I would tell people I was Christian but I was far from it. I had never read the bible (except part of Genesis) didn't even know what following Jesus was about. My mindset was you try to be a good person in General and believe in God and that was it. My entire life I grew up with the notion that the point of life was to go to school to get a good job so you can buy a nice house and car and be comfortable as possible. Towards the end of college I was married and I began drinking and looking at Pornography. I had always used the 10 commandments as my "rule of thumb" for trying to be a good person. I also would justify what I was doing by it as well. I'd think, "The 10 Commandments don't specifically say not to drink alcohol", "the 10 commandments doesn't specifically say not to look at pornography" (little did I know Jesus had said looking at another woman lustfully was adultery"). I was basically trying to find loopholes so I could keep sinning. After graduating my world revolved around drinking, looking at pornography, and what I would use my extra money to buy myself. Materialism, lust, and alcohol had become my gods. I was never truly happy, always waiting for the next time I would drink or spend money as my sources of happiness. I still prayed routenly and asked God to help me be a good person but never tried to stop what I was doing. I even tried to go to church a few times but never went back as I did not like it at all. After a few years my wife and I had successful careers and were making excellent money. I started getting into RC and would buy any RC car I desired. At one point I had almost 15 rc cars. I also bought a sports car and any extra money we had either went into upgrading my car or buying more rc stuff. I didn't care for the poor at all. I thought poor people were just lazy. I was also very much out for myself, I didn't care about the homeless or helping people, I wanted to buy what I wanted and use my money for me and my families pleasure. I was also obsessed with weight lifting. I even bought a home gym and was working out 6-7 days a week. I loved all the compliments at work from female coworkers and constantly bragged about how fit I was and how muscular I was. I figured I was a nice guy in general, I worked hard, and believed in God. I made sure to try and follow the 10 commandments, and when I didn't I preyed and asked for forgiveness. I figured God had blessed me with all my success and wealth and I was good.

Then one day we had gone to see Jay Leno downtown and while sitting there I started to get a sharp pain in my upper back. I figured it would go away with time. Well, week after week it didn't go away. It would get worse when I would exercise! So bad that I would have to lay in bed. I tried my best to keep lifting weights so I could look good and keep up my physique but the pain was too great. I couldn't even run or it would hurt. The pain was every day for months and started to consume my life. I became so distressed I started preying to God and asking him why this was happening and to please heal me. But month after month the pain never changed. I kept preying more and more, and then something inside of me told me to read the Bible. So I opened it up and for the first time in my life I read through the entire New Testament. I was completely blown away! I had never been taught any of this growing up! Hating your brother was considered the same level as murder? Looking at another woman lustfully was considered Adultery? I thought sleeping with another woman besides your wife was Adultery, not looking at Pornography. My entire world was turned upside down. I continued on and read the entire Old Testament as well. After reading the entire Bible I knew in my heart I had to give my life to Jesus. I got in a pool of water, and accepted Jesus as my lord and savior and dunked myself into the water. Ever since then my life has completely changed. I could no longer look at Pornography, it just sickened me to the core. It's been a year since I have looked at it and I never will again, I have no desire to, the mere thought of it grosses me out. I also quite drinking. I actually started becoming physically ill if I tried to drink. I also sold my home gym, my sports car, and almost all of my RC's. When I sold my RC cars I just gave the money away to those in need. My heart is so different now. I love going to church and praising God and listening to the sermons. My heart is always looking for someone to help now. If I see someone in line at the grocery store that is short I'll offer to pay the rest of their bill, I started tithing, and deep down I just want to help and love people. I thank God everyday for everything he's given me and ask him to help me to do his will everyday. I learned the meaning of being on this earth. Not to get drunk and lust and buy as much stuff as I can (which seems to be the norm in our society today), it's loving God with all your heart, mind and soul, and loving your neighbor as yourself. I spend most of my time now reading the bible, being with my family, and figuring out ways to help those in need. I was lost but Jesus saved me. The way the Holy Spirit is changing me is unreal. Thank you Lord Jesus, you are the way, the truth, and the life. May I use whatever you give me to help others and put other's needs before my own, and to glorify you. Amen.

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TheBlueKnight Thanks for your testimony.
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I was 13 when I gave my life to the Lord. I guess that is why I've never have never really feared of dieing. I knew he died for me and I accepted that and no one could take that away from me. Form the time I was about 15 or 16 till about 3 years ago I was not in church no where near like I should have been. About that time my wife and I were thinking that we were raised in church and we should be raising our kids in church. So we decided to start looking for a small church. We herd talk about a new church starting up not far from us at the middle school. So we decided one Sunday to go check it out. When we get there we are not expecting a lot of people. We pulled in the parking lot with people showing us where to park and weaving like they really enjoyed it. We walked in and it seemed like everyone know us with all the handshakes and good mornings. It may have been 200 to 300 people but it had a small church fill. We sat down close to the back row. A little later the band started playing. I enjoyed the band then it was time for preaching. He seemed like a pretty cool guy. As most of you know I was raised that the KJV of the bible was the only one. When he started reading it was form the NIV. I am not one to get up and leave somewhere so I was thanking I just want come back. So I sat and listened to what he had to say. About half way through the message I realized when he was going over the verses it was the something in my bible but put to where I understood it better. So now I am curious. I got more out of that message then I thank I have every got out of one. I go home and start looking different versions of the bible and comparing them to the KJV. Most all of them was staying the same thing but in words I could understand and say. I got to thinking what if the people before the and during the time the KJV was written would said no to it because it was not the actual one I thank this was around the 1500s. How would the world be today. I thank god for giving them the knowledge to translate so it could be put in to words I can even understand today. While I was looking at the different versions I came across the NLT. I was like this is it. I can understand it. If I have questions about something I can always go back and check the KJV. I known more about the bible then I every knew before and leaning more every day. I love Jesus his church my family and friends. I think God for leading us to a great church.
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I was saved at the age of 5 years old. I am a 5th generation christian from my dads side and a 2nd from my moms side. I was and am being raised in church and am very active in my youth group. At the age of 14 at Triple S Christian Ranch (the church camp my church has gone to for 20 years. I love the place) I surrendered my life to preach. I dont really have a long story or anything, but if I could say that I had one favorite verse it would be "Luke 2:49 And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?" Shouldn't we all be about our Father's business?
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Hello, I was raised Catholic, but now that Im adult how do you know God really exist? If he hears prayer why do young children still die of cancer even though their parents and church members pray for them? Why do people starve to death in Africa if he has the power to help them? Im not being rude here, I really think about these things, I wish I had proof of him, it would change my life...
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Originally Posted by 0351 View Post
Hello, I was raised Catholic, but now that Im adult how do you know God really exist? If he hears prayer why do young children still die of cancer even though their parents and church members pray for them? Why do people starve to death in Africa if he has the power to help them? Im not being rude here, I really think about these things, I wish I had proof of him, it would change my life...
Sent you a message, hope you receive it.
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0351, It takes faith.
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I had already attended a church before I got married but it was quite far from where I lived. 4 years ago I got married and my wife and I decided we would move to a more local church as we thought it would also be easier for us to bring friends there

It's Sov Grace church has it's head in the States... it's deemed as reformed charismatic and we chose to go there because the pastor was big on fellowship and had an acceptance on spiritual gifts.

We enjoy it greatly there as it's quite diverse.
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