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Wellll... Here is my dilemna... >

Wellll... Here is my dilemna...

Wellll... Here is my dilemna...


Old 10-11-2010, 11:34 AM
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Unhappy Wellll... Here is my dilemna...

Hey guys (and gals?).

Well, I've been away from the site for a while, but I had to come back today and check in on our section here. Looks like there has been some good activity while I was gone, with some good discussion, as well.

I have actually sold all my r/c stuff several months ago now (one of the hardest things I have ever done), because I believed God was calling me away from that activity, at least for now. For years now, I have had the privilage of having a small 'ministry' at the tracks I raced at, in that I would occassionally get to share my testimony, or God's love with someone, and everyone that I raced with knew that I was a Christian, as well.
But it seemed like I was having trouble balancing my passion for racing with my passion for Christ and working for his kingdom. So, reluctantly, I sold all my stuff. The church we attend regularly had been needing someone to work with the youth for a while, and I felt like God had been calling me in that direction. My wife and I discussed it and prayed about it for quite a while, and then decided to sell my stuff and jump in and go for it.

There were other factors that had me somewhat ready to be done with R/C racing, as well. One being a deal that went sour on here where I got ripped off by a seller that had the most feeedback on here of anybody! The story is still somewhere in trader feedback, I imagine. I got left a negative because I called him out on it and wanted a refund, and then left him a negative after he lied to me several times. Also, money had become tighter, and spending the money to race on a regular basis was becoming tougher as well. I'm sure many of you are aware of that, too!...lol.

So here's my dilemna....

We started working with the youth several months ago, and it has been good, but not great. Our group has gone from just a couple of kids to almost twenty, so God is blessing our efforts, at least attendance wise. But I am so saddened that our youth (at least the ones in our group), that have been involved in church for most of their lives, seem to know hardly nothing about God, Jesus, or the Bible! And even more disturbing is---they don't really seem to have any interest in learning! I can't believe how many kids (and adults) these days are only interested in studying something in the Bible when they want to try and find a verse that they can twist just enough to try and justify whatever sin they are wanting to do, or are doing. How sad.....

We have tried MANY different things to ge the kids to be willing to study the Bible at least a little bit during the week, but nothing has worked. We have even offered prizes, a chair of honor (recliner) for the person with the most points to sit in during lesson time, snack shack coupons, etc..., and nothing has seemed to work.
They seem to see it as an extension of school and want nothing to do with it. All they want to do it sit and text back and forth most of the time (they do turn their phones off during the lessons), play video games at home, or be involved in SO many different sports and activites that they barely have to time to sleep, letalone spend any time with God.

They are all good kids, and most of them pay attention during the lessons, but I fear for them (and our country) as they get older and have no foundation for God built in there lives, and no real desire to have one. I know throughout history (and my own life), that when God has to try that hard to get our attention, it's usually some sort of disaster or complete destruction that he has to use to do it, and I don't want that for them, or our country.

Most of them have a home-life that is in shambles, and they are already sexually active with various partners, even at 14 and 15 years old! They will talk about how hard life is now, and various problems they are having here or there, that I didn't used to have when I was a kid. And I agree with them.
However, I tried to point out to them that....we, as a nation, keep trying to push God out of everything and everywhere now. And that when I was a kid, we didn't have kids committing suicide all the time. So I tried to get them to relate that things are getting worse, and what a kowinkidink...they are getting worse as we push God out of our lives even more. Nothing is getting better right now, really, if you think about it.
We have more than we have ever had before, and things are worse than ever before. People are stealing, killing, using drugs and aclohol more, raping, more greedy, more hateful, and more self-centered, than ever before. Marriages don't last, kids are being molested, corruption now goes clear to the top of the government, and yet, we sit back and just try and find more time and money to recreate, all while God gets pushed farther back in our priorities. Why can't we see the correlation here?

This has been a real kick in the shorts for me. The last time I was a youth leader (about 7 years ago), it wasn't this bad, and the kids were more open to at least learning about God, and most of them could at least quote John 3:16!

I ask that you PLEASE pray that God would touch the hearts of our teens today. They are the next generation of leaders, and they for the most part, they don't kow much about God, and don't care to.

If you have gotten this far, thanks for taking the time to read my dilemna and concerns. And again, please pray for our country, and our youth.

God Bless!
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Old 10-11-2010, 01:57 PM
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Well being the father of three ranging from 16 years old (girl.......) on down I know this troubling thought.

I do however have the one word answer that always seems to work out for me in the end.

Pray, and I continue to.
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Old 10-11-2010, 02:20 PM
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...and how about,"When you've done all that you know to do, stand back and see the salvation of the Lord."
You have truly set your feet in the valley of the shadow and know that all cannot be saved; but if you can save at least one you have added one more to the Kingdom. Hallelujah for that!
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Thank you Tim and Bowl.

We do pray for them daily, but I have to admit that it sometimes seems so very futile to pray for people (kids) that don't even care enough to pray for themselves...lol. I told my wife that I now understand how some different people must've felt when I was growing up, and they were trying to get me to open my eyes to some things I was doing or not doing, and I wasn't real receptive then either.

And yes, if even one soul comes to know the Lord through the Him working through us, then it will all be worth it. It's just hard to stay focused on that sometimes when we see them doing some of the things they are doing.

Planting seeds.....

Thanks for the prayers!!!

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Old 10-11-2010, 07:12 PM
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Perserverance Brother,

May God give you what you need to perservere.

God Bless

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