wtb matching 2s lipos

  • Looking for a matching pair hardcase 5000mah and up 30c and up.
    No bullet style. Won't work in my ebuggy looking for a low budget some what race worthy pack. Smc, nano, Turnigy, G force.
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  • I have two trinity titanium 50c 5500 mah packs, same age. Used for ~5 race days in a 1/8 Ebuggy. PM me if interested.
  • I have two (2) pairs of Peak 7.4V // 90C // 5000 (5Ah) Li-Po batteries. That is four (4) batteries total. Used as a designated set (pair). Shoot me an offer... $$$ or trade. Thanks.
  • I have a pair of these 5000mah 60C Turnigy packs i'm going to sell this week. They only have 3 charges on them, moving to the ultimate packs.
    Also have two 6200 65c packs i'll be selling but they are the bullet plugs

  • Bump. Please just pm me with the type battery I need. NO bullets. Price please no make me offers either please if u don't know what u want for your own stuff than I'll offer u 2 bucks. NO bullets