*WANTED* SC10.2 12mm shock

  • What's up, fellow RC enthusiasts? I'm looking for some used or new sc.10.2 12mm shocks; ready to go, have them to where I can either bolt them up or assemble them. Must be in good shape, I'm tired of buying used stuff and it all ready be ragged out! Also, looking for a SAVOX 1257 or 1258 servo. Used or new. If you have any of these items, Let me know as soon as possible, id like to go racing this weekend! Just PM me let me know what you gt and for how much and we will I from there!! Thank you.
  • i have a brand new set of 12mm big bore shocks from a sc10.2

    complete unbuilt set 85$ shipped.

    a set of 2 cost 49.99$x2 is 100$ for the complete set ..