WTB: sensored esc

  • I'm looking for an esc that will work with a sensored sp 17.5, nothing spendy either, just something that will work, and for cheap. Thanks!
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  • I have a Novak sensored ESC that I am not using. I believe it to be a "club spec" but I'm not for sure. I also have a BRAND new un wrapped Novak 17.5T Ballistic motor that has never even had power to it if you're interested. The pictures attached are the actual ESC and a Novak 13.5.

    $50 for the ESC and $75 for the motor (prices are shipped).

    WTB: sensored esc-photo-3-.jpg   WTB: sensored esc-photo-1-.jpg   WTB: sensored esc-photo-2-.jpg  

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  • Bump, not looking to spend any more than $20.