wtb: mtx4, mtx4r

  • i am looking for another mtx4 complete, roller, what ever!!!! i can pay cash or i have an xray t2 w/novak's gtb 4.5 brushless set up, mbx5t all complete and in new condition. i also have a 7.5 kanai 2 w/rb ws7 roller just laying around. not running off road.
  • ttt
  • PM sent!
  • sent a reply!! let me know whats up.
  • sent another reply
  • I just put one up one eBay http://cgi.ebay.com/Mugen-MTX-4-W-JP...QQcmdZViewItem
  • PM sent!
  • mbx5 t
    is the mbx5t an prospec???? I have an MTX4 with with enough parts (new) to build another one or two. I have a new in box OS 12 tz. Lets make some deals..... PM me

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