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The Girlfiend says its G2G SALE! >

The Girlfiend says its G2G SALE!

The Girlfiend says its G2G SALE!

Old 09-14-2012, 07:05 PM
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Default The Girlfiend says its G2G SALE!

Well now that my attention has changed to paintballing my girlfriend says i have to start cutting back so of my fleet and extra stuff i have cluttered around As I gather more stuff and stuff sells i will update the thread. I will gladly exchange emails or phone numbers for ease of communication

-Be mature
-All prices include shipping, Will not ship outside US UNLESS you pay shipping
-I work 9-6, Tue-Sat
-Everything will be shipped USPS
-you Pay, I ship. Easy as that!
-Everything sold as-is, unless otherwise stated!

Castle Creations Sidewinder SV2 SOLD TO TURBOTRON!!
-New never used, was setup in a custom build that never got finished. has velcro on the bottom of it

Castle creations sidewinder SCT SOLD TO Nego!!!
-Bassicly new, i have run maybe 1 2s pack and 2 3s packs before stepping up to a MMP. never over temped

Tacon 3650 3200kv motor $21
-bassicly new, Used in a CRT .5 for 3 3's packs. never got hot or flinched with 4wd. good 2 pole motor!

Hyper 10tt roller SOLD to 808TXT1
-Diffs have just been gone through 5-15-10 fluids, but after doing the center i beleive it is now leaking . Has aluminum chassis brace's front and rear, as well as aluminum center stiffener and ofna heatsink mount for the motor. i ran maybe 4 packs total mixed with 2s and 3s
with this. just don't have time for so many rc's now. This has been by far the most durable out of all my rc's! I painted the body (first time free handing and cutting my own mask) its in decent shape and looks pretty good, has some small cracks that started i had patched with shoe goo

Hyper 10tt/sc aluminum font knuckles SOLD to 808TXT1
Brand new sealed, I bought these because i had read up that this was a weak point in the hyper 10tt and sc. Never had to use them so they just got tossed in the toolbox

Thunder Ac6 charger SOLD To Camobob
Bought this brand new, never got a chance to use it. I did however steal the balance lead out of it when mine died! I will be including the OG balance lead that used a handful of times
Specs Here

Racers edge 3000mah rechargeable glow driver w/ meter SOLD TO fidelity101!!
Bought this when i was into nitro, barely even got to use it before i decided i liked doing brushless conversion. I somehow misplaced the charger, i do beleive its around here somewhere.

Traxxas 2056 waterproof servo SOLD to Ricky1213
Came out of a traxxas stampede early in its life for something more desirable. works good

Hitec Hs-645mg SOLD TO fidelity101!!
This came with some stuff i got in a trade, works good

Racers Edge Fuel filterJUST PAY SHIPPING
Also bought this when i was into nitro and never got around to tossing it into my tmaxx. never seen fuel, just pulled out of the package and put in my toolbox

fpv camera SOLD to Dolphinafan!!
Bought this off of Hobbypartz and never got to use it because shortly after my lovely gf bought me a Contour GPS. I took a few pictures and a short movie testing it, works good, i got a little over zealous with the box opening it as you can see. I WILL BE THROWING AWAY THE BOX TO CUT DOWN ON SHIPPING
Specs Here!

tmaxx/emaxx cage SOLD to millerlite546
This was originally a RC Raven cage for a SHORT chassis Tmaxx, i cut the side rails off for a 3906 emaxx so i could slip 2s batterys in. Has pretty poor chrome plating that's coming off and a little rust. Was used in a build for my gf so it never really got beat up too bad.

[B]Proline 14mm hex wheelsJUST PAY SHIPPING
had a set of maxx bowties on these until the bowties ripped, pulled the tires off and saved the rims. could use the tire goo cleaned up, but i dont have a dremel to do so. Overall in decent shape, basically pay shipping!

castle cm36 5700kv-blowd up $8
Good for parts, motor was over-temped by a noob friend and it started to demag the rotor. so sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't till it gets a little nudge/spin. SOLD FOR PARTS NOT WORKING!

traxxas .15 conrod $5
Another one of my ventures...brand new sealed conrod for a traxxas pro .15. Pay me shipping and its yours!

venom VMX8 buggy body (Ven-1770-00) $18
Got this in a package deal, i have no use for it. basically a somewhat universal body for older 1/8th buggies (Kyosho MP777 SP2, Mugen MBX5, and XRay XB8). already precut. Brand new in bag

Proling crowd pleazer (PRO3186-00) 2.0 $50 SHIPPED
My pride and joy... Custom professionally painted Proline Crowd Pleazer 2.0 for MGT/LST/TNX and any other large 1/8th scale MT this was used in a Proline ad back in its hay day. Pictures don't do this thing justice, I bought this as it was listed for a Monster gt, but the body holes don't line up for it. It will be hard to pry this from my hands..But it's got to go! It already has holes for body post (sucks ) i don't know what for or have anything handy to measure it.
I was told it was for a MGT but the spacing is wrong so I'M GUESSING it will fit a LST. NOT LST2

Tossing this up for a good friend
3906 Traxxas Emaxx SOLD to millerlite546
-Has Traxxas center cvds
-Aluminum center skid
-16.8V waterproof esc
-Aluminum front and rear bumpers
-Extra pair of traxxas motors with pinions
-Comes with a Dynamite nihm/nicd charger
-2 Duratrax 5000mah nihm batterys
-Traxxas TQ3 radio

Old Traxxas RustlerSOLD TO heljian
I received this from a co-worker and never really did anything with it. Charged up the battery and made sure it worked. Right now the Mechanical speed controller needs the capacitor re-soldered and re-setup on the rig. I'm selling this AS-IS, It's a project! wouldn't take much to get it back up and running. I don't have the time or patience for any more projects now so i need this gone!

-Rpm rear wheels and pro-line gladiators on back
-Traxxas steel output yokes
-Dynamite Mega 2 charger and dynamite 1500mah battery
-2 bodies. Ones a old Parma i believe, looks like a old short course body, And the other is a unpainted stock traxxas body Both with stickers!
-JR Z250 steering and MSC servo's
-JR Python Radio 75mhz AM radio
-bunch of extra screws, spurs, shock pistons, spare diff parts, etc!
-Original traxxas tools that come with it new
-Original tires and wheels

RC Solutions Associated Monster GT (MGT) 4.6 Rollcage $28 SHIPPED
Bought this for my MGT brushless conversion because i kept breaking shock towers! For my use it didn't work to well because it didn't leave much room my battery tray and battery. Has a few ding's and scratches. Comes with instructions, Everything is there. I will disassemble this to make it more shippable!
-BONUS!!!11!1 I also found my Rc Solutions spring steel front bumper that i will include for free! (not pictured right now)

Complete Associated MGT 8.0 Transmission ASC25704 With Associated MGT8.0 Forward Only Kit ASC25724 Installed $70 Shipped
I ran this for a little bit in a brushless conversion after my 4.6 trans kept breaking. Never had a problem, Just disassembled it and cleaned it. everything in working order!

-Transmission is barely used
-Slipper setup is new never used - I swapped on a 4.6 topshaft to use a Robinson Racing slipper setup so i never used this
-Brake setup is new never used
-All reverse gears and instructions included New never used
-CVD's heat shrunk to keep e clips from flying off (very common)
-Drop in upgrade for 4.6 MGT

Team Associated Monster GT 4.6 Roller $120 shipped

I bought this MGT for basically a parts truck, but never ended up using anything off of it and just ended up buying parts for it to finish it as a complete roller. I don't have anymore nitro stuff so this is the last of it to go. It comes how you see it. It may have a few incidentals that i may have missed when cleaning it. It needs a Motor, Radio and a Body to make it complete. I may toss in a used body if i find it and if the offer is good!

-A lot of the parts are new or lightly used
-New diffs, shimmed with 10k fluid front and rear
-New stock AE servo's
-New tuned pipe and header
-New fuel tank and fuel lines
-Robinson Racing slipper setup with 54t Spur (Have a extra spur and some other parts for this setup ill toss in)
-FOC installed in transmission with old parts to make it have reverse again
-Included with this; Extra fuel tank and fuel line for dual tank mod, Brand new in bag Clutch and flywheel with shoes, spings, shims and collet, Another set of brand new clutch shoes, Reverse servo, Rollbar (Cant find the 3.5mm screws needed for this)

Last edited by CerberusVI; 09-26-2012 at 06:51 PM. Reason: Pictures Added, prices adjusted, Stuff added, Stuff sold!
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There is some nice stuff in there! Sure it's the stuff that needs to go?
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Get rid of the girlfriend and keep your rc stuffsweat:
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haha, nah she's a keeper. Yeah its got to go. I got more stuff on the chopping block soon too. But she'll never get my Mugen buggy and truggy!
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im intrested in the hi tech servo text me at 252 213 2202
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Originally Posted by sheltonk7
Get rid of the girlfriend and keep your rc stuffsweat:
Thats what i'm talking about.
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Pictures up! Pm's and text's replied!
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Hey what kind of wing is that on the tt?
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Ofna high down force off a crt .5 I believe
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dibs on charger pm sent
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Pms replied andCastle sv2 sold to turbotron. Everything else still up. Lots of movers and shakers but no payments, everything else is still up!
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agree dump the girl...F that!
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Originally Posted by derekbsmith
agree dump the girl...F that!
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How would the tacon do in a crawler???
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Originally Posted by turbotron
How would the tacon do in a crawler???
I've never owned a crawler or scaler so i cant really comment too much on this. but it's considered a 11t motor and is 2 pole. I ran it on 2s and 3s and it was very powerful in a 4wd crt .5. So if it's something like a wraith it might be pretty good idk?
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