.21 Engines NIP Cheap

  • GO Engine .21 GX-5R Turbo 21R5PT w/2072 pipe Combo Set 210.00 shipped

    RB Concept Killer 9 Off-Road Comp.Buggy Engine/Turbo plug 165.00 shipped

    Both are NIP, shipped to USA only.

    .21 Engines NIP Cheap-go-box.jpg   .21 Engines NIP Cheap-go-label.jpg   .21 Engines NIP Cheap-killer9-box.jpg   .21 Engines NIP Cheap-killer9-tag.jpg  

  • wish i had a birthday coming soon
  • deleted...sorry
  • Quote: just to let you know bud...they sell for $200 through me or Nitro-North.com ....you might want to lower the price maybe....just letting you know..so you can get your motors sold
    MAP is $210.
  • Quote: MAP is $210.
    holiday sale
  • if you are not buying you are not posting!!!!! thank you

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