Associated Oval Car for Trade Or Sale

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  • I have a near mint Associated L40 Oval car. The car is being sold as a roller. The car is in great shape with all of the factory team hop ups. The body is also near new condition (protoform) with optional rear wing.

    Extras Included.

    Front Spring Kit (I Think Wolfs)
    Center and Side Springs with misc parts
    Misc. Front End Parts
    Bag of Misc front tires cut to race size.
    Boxs of additional parts(hubs, spacers, body posts, axles)
    Cobra Tire Lathe

    I would like to sell the entire package for $175 plus shipping or trade for VTA car, touring car, AMB Transponder, or other interesting trades.

    Pics will be added at a later date.
  • All Trades and Offers Considered
  • ttt
  • ttt
  • Entertaining any offers needs to go
  • pics???
  • ttt.

    will get them uploaded
  • pics
    I would like some pics also [email protected]
  • Hey is this still for sale? Do you have any pictures i'm very interested.
  • ttt. just got my camera back from repair. will get pics first thing in the morning.
  • Here are some pics. Let me know if you have any questions.
    Not pictured is the box with all of the extra springs for the front and rear end.

    Associated Oval Car for Trade Or Sale-100_1219.jpg   Associated Oval Car for Trade Or Sale-100_1222.jpg   Associated Oval Car for Trade Or Sale-100_1223.jpg   Associated Oval Car for Trade Or Sale-100_1235.jpg   Associated Oval Car for Trade Or Sale-100_1224.jpg  

  • New Price. $150
  • ttt
  • Cobra Lathe Included
  • Cobra Tire Lathe
    Would you sell the lathe separately ? if so how much? Thanks Mark

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