super duper garage sale!!!!

  • need everything gone asap

    here we go

    either darksoul or FLM axle cups, asking 18 shipped
    they have no flat spots

    coils untested, i got them in a parts lot and not building another engine, asking 15 shipped for the pair

    FLM CVD shafts, used for about 8 tanks, no signs of wear or flat spots, would be cheap to get the rest of the parts, asking 25 shipped?

    got in a trade a baja ss, he said motor had 5 tanks on it, i never tried it, sold the roller, asking 100 shipped, comes with air filter cage, has no scores in the cylinder from visual inspection, has compression, msd wire, can toss in a stock exhaust if needed or cut a deal on the pair of ss pipes i have for an extra 10 bucks

    make best offer on the remaining items in this picture

    chassis in a parts lot, dont need it, not going to build another car, 1 rpm front arm, one shock tower upright(may have 2) carbon fiber shock tower that needs finishing(O.F.F. brand), radio box, hobby king servo, steering arms with one pair of bearings, transmission case with no bearings or gears, rear ss plates, rear shock tower, spark plug cover, rear chassis plate, front upper plate.
    let me stress the asking part of this, ASKING 150 plus shipping

    feel free to call me anytime, really need this gone and that is the fastest way to get ahold of me, 847-975-7448

    my paypal is [email protected]

    thanks for the help


    GBE side Bleed, one mounting hole is opened up, works just like new, comes with both mounting studs for the cylinder as well
    asking 135 plus shipping in flat rate box

    2 stock ss pipes with seals and 1 clamp for sure, looking for the second but i am 99% sure i have it, some dents in one, and quite a few on the other, one brand new header, one used
    asking 30 shipped for both

    (may have some more pipes and i will include them at the same cost)

    walbro 813 carb, fuel in it once, just not my thing, asking 27 shipped

    tarmac street tires, asking 17 shipped

    FUTABA 3pk module and 2 rx's asking 45 shipped

    everything pictured is included

    GPM i believe clutch carrier and spur gear plate with new bearings
    asking 33 shipped

    GPM shock tower, one hole slightly drilled, worked great
    asking 13 shipped

    1/6 scale newbright jeep body, missing headlights
    asking 15 plus shipping

    the tape measure is in the middle of the front wheel well

    bag of shocks and springs, asking 15 shipped

    stock cans, asking 10 plus shipping

    a one run set of badland tires only, asking 25 shipped

    rear chassis plate, has a super slight bend toward the rear, asking 17 shipped?

    i really need some help getting rid of this, the prices are good i think, please dont flame my stuff, it is not clone, it is not junk, i just need to liquidate all the extra stuff i have, please dont make me go to fleabay

    call me anytime day or night 847-975-7448
    email me anytime at [email protected]

    thank you for your support

  • listening to offers, let me know what you are interested in and lets make a deal

    need this stuff gone

    interested in a coaxial helicopter