Far from stock SC10 FS!!!!

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  • I have a sc10 that has aluminum everything besides chassis which is the carbon fiber integy chassis...the truck is a roller with no body...does have a hitec mg servo in it...truck has made a couple practice laps and has sat since...the chassis aint even 2weeks old...has mip cvds and a ball diff, hot racing shocks new subcultures inthe rear and bowties up front..
    Ill let the pics speak for themselves!!!
    $300 obo (price is negociable!)

  • Damn, whats the weight on that?
  • Quote: Damn, whats the weight on that?
  • that sure is a lot of aluminum and CF on there.
  • I just weighed it on the paint scale...as it sits its 3.27 lbs
  • Sure is purrty
  • Ne offers?
  • Ttt...ne offers will be considered!!
  • Very nice looking truck. What was the motivation? Can't imagine trying to race with it.

    Good luck w/ the sale!
  • You don't actually race with it. You strap a 2000KV system on 6S and plow through everyone else. Gotta love tank racing.
  • U can race it....its not as bad as u think it would be...i just put stock body mount plates back on so it will flex vs bend...its extremely smooth!
  • $280 shipped
  • one bad a$s sc10.
    Dude, I wish I could afford this. it is bad a$s. maybe some one else will see it when it goes to the top after my comments.
  • does it come with all the stock parts?
  • ygpm