Blitz RTR, and Blitzed hopped up

  • I have a standard blitz rtr with no upgrades done to it , it will come with regular blitz tires and set of slash S-1 tires on gold rims. It has a AE springs on it now but will also come with the standard springs. The body is black and all the electronics have never been used. Just recently went through the transmission on the truck and refilled with 5000 weight fluid. Spares included
    $100.00 shipped <--- Sold to Nitro mt Racer

    Next Blitz up is RTR blitz with the following hop ups RPM rear carriers with bearings , CRC slipper upgrade, STRC gunmetal lower mount below the rear shock tower. STRC braces for battery and servo. Strc shock caps, and RPM fronts arms . Not shown are strc orange motor mount plate. This will come with all the standard electronics never used and spares that removed a long with what came in the kit. AE springs and back up hpi springs. The tires will be wishbones on jconcept rims , 1 pair of slash tires, 1 pair of bow ties . The wishbones only have about 7 runs on them , bow ties about 2 runs. This truck was just went over with , outdrives replace and gear diff just overhauled, bearings, casing ,and fluid.It will come witha painted body not pictured but in good shape, the body is not marked with my name on it.


    No trades at this time.


    PM I am on daily, and take paypal
  • What electronics come with it if any? would you ship to AUS?
  • The Hopped up blitz is pending . Zilla both cars come with the standard electronics that came with an rtr blitz , the only thing needed, is a battery for the vechile and charger. Let me look into shipping to AU from here . I done international before through work . Give me a day on cost's todo it.

  • ill take the first one, pm sent
  • Hw523 , Nitro_MT_racer sent a PM to me first I will give him first shot at paypal if he doesn't follow through I will PM you .


  • another pm sent
  • paypal sent, thx Dynodan.