AE SC18 fs/ft

  • I have a sc18 that i dont use much. It comes with the stock motor and esc. The crappy stock servo has been replaced with a tactic mini servo that works great. two batteries and a charge adapter come with it too. It will come as a roller. I can make it a rtr if need be. the remote that will come for the rtr is a stock radio of a hpi blitz. Any trades are acceptable. 120 for rtr 100 for roller or best offer. shipping is 5. if its a trade i pay shipping.

    AE SC18 fs/ft-rc-120.jpg   AE SC18 fs/ft-rc-121.jpg   AE SC18 fs/ft-rc-122.jpg   AE SC18 fs/ft-rc-123.jpg   AE SC18 fs/ft-rc-124.jpg  

  • more pics
    AE SC18 fs/ft-rc-125.jpg

    AE SC18 fs/ft-rc-126.jpg

    AE SC18 fs/ft-rc-127.jpg

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  • trade for a team B4 roller for roller? some hop ups on it.
  • Quote: trade for a team B4 roller for roller? some hop ups on it.

    Sorry i already have an rb5
  • Possible deal going through. Still open to trade offers. No mini except for tamiya mo5. Trade for anything else.
  • re-trade
    -how about a Losi SpeedT roller with servo?
  • buyer backed out. possible trade for a monster truck
  • trade for wheely king roller or stampede roller. maybe 2 losi micros
  • You got pm
  • Pictures sent.
  • .
  • Sold