TM E4RS + loads of spares!

  • need to clear out some space so this stuff has to go.

    selling as a complete package, not seperating.

    1x Team Magic E4RS roller in fair condition (has broken top deck, see pics)

    NIP Spares

    1x Thrust Bearing Lite
    2x E4 Steering Arm Set
    1x E4 Diff Pulley
    2x E4 Lightweight Side Pulley 17t
    1x E4 Caster Block Screw
    4x E4 Diff Plate
    2x E4 Rear Lower Arm Set
    2x E4 Pulley O Ring
    1x E4 Front Lower Arm Set
    1x K Factory Steel uni set
    1x E4 Rear body post set
    1x K Factory Carbon bumper mount

    Other Spares

    1x K Factory Side belt (new, no packet)
    1x K Factory Rear Belt (new, no packet)
    2x pair front steering blocks
    2x pair front lower arms
    1x pair rear lower arms
    3x pair rear uprights
    1x pair front lower arms (flex arms)
    1x K Factory steel drive shaft
    1x plastic upper bumper mount
    1x diff outdrivers
    2x pair diff plates
    2x upper plastic bulk heads
    3x pair rear body posts
    3x pair front body posts

    also has some other various spares like cvd rebuild kits and axles.

    asking $280AUD inc shipping

    pm me if interested or would like more photos.

    TM E4RS + loads of spares!-dsc00725.jpg TM E4RS + loads of spares!-dsc00727.jpg TM E4RS + loads of spares!-dsc00728.jpg TM E4RS + loads of spares!-dsc00729.jpg TM E4RS + loads of spares!-dsc00730.jpg

  • you got pm