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  • want to sell everything together 1) is a hyper st pro truggy e , mamba monster max esc , neu 15152.5d ,rcm motormount , rcpd battery tray , jr 91oot servo annd it is powered by a hyperion g3 5s5000 lipo that has been ran maybe 5 times up and down my street for about 10 minutes . this truggy is insane fast , wheelies on demand at any throttle position . 2) is a caster ex-1 buggy with the losi 1/8th scale esc and 2100 kv motor , jr servo and synthesized reciever , 2 xs 2s51000 mah poly rc lipos power this buggy . 3) is a hyper 7 buggy roller , has a nemesis xlt1 bl motor and rcm motormount , rcpd dual battery trays and has a synthesized reciever , brand new rims and tires also . 4) is a hyperion 720inet charger that i have used maybe 5 times , got it at the same time as the 5s5000 lipo . 5) is two power supplies , both are 30 amp units . first one hasent even been used , powered it up when i first got it to make sure it worked and then put it up . it is a power force from hobby lobby . the second power source is from rcmonster and it is a p350 30 amp unit also used only like 5 times . 6) is my m8 tx with novak switch witch controls all 3 cars plus a brandnew and un opened switch and reciever . also will send all extra rims and tires , mod 1 pinions and anything else i have for these 3 vehicles . would like to get a 600.00 dollars plus 50.00 for shipping , this package will be well over 30 lbs so 50.00 dollars for shipping thruogh ups is a loss . all three cars are in excellent condition , i will post picks up later 2night or 2morrow or pm me if you want them sent to your e-mail -
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    to the top , any cash offers ? will post pics shortly .
  • pics up soon
    charging battery to camera , pics up soon .
  • pics
    hyper st pro ele
  • more pics
    hyper 7
  • more
    caster buggy
  • more
  • more
  • more
  • thats all
    if you need more pics of something just hit me up , pm or my email is [email protected]
  • When you decide to part stuff out, let me know.
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    bumpity bump ^^^
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  • Good stuff need to part out.
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    ill part out if everything goes , not enough interest yet i guess . the only thing any1 has asked 4 is the 5s lipo and the charger .

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