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  • I want to sell my LSP Pro, come with a Picco 28 EB mods with only 1 and 1/2 gallon, brand new chassis, JR XS3 radio, Hitech 5645 MG stering and trottle servos, LOTSSSSSSSSSSSSS of brand new parts.
    I give the starter box with it.
    The diffs is upgraded with Kyosho gears in it.
    And for now, the truck have a spool to the place of the center diff, for a full time 4x4 (great for bashing), but in the parts i give with the truck, you have 3 center diffs
    Note: all the parts in baggies bag are brand new too, diffs parts, shock part, tie rod, drive shaft, etc...
    Excuse me for the size of the pics, not realy familiarwith Imageshack....

    $450.00+ shipping or trade for a slash 4x4 in realy good condition.

  • $400.00 + shiping canada and USA
  • bed time bump
  • Morning bump.

    Go for a realy good shape truggy
  • Nobody want a good truggy with lot of new parts for a good price?
  • YGPM
  • bed time bump

    And please, think your offer twice before shooting your PM
  • Good morning bump!!!!!
  • Let's go guys, this truggy can compet with any others new truggy. For sure it's not better than a Losi or a Mugen, bet it still very cometitive.
    You can compare the price i ask with somes other here, and with all the new parts i give with it, i think my price is not too bad.

  • Bump
    Free bump for a nice truggy!
  • Thank`s man

    GO GO GO!!!!!!!

    Price drop to $400.00 shiped

  • Smell thing like flee bay
  • Bump!!! Need to go. I want to buy a 1:1 motorcycle. No more r/c for me.

  • Is this still for sale?

    YGPM long time ago, but you don't log on here anymore...

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