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Spring Cleaning: Vintage & Current NOS Parts: HUGE SALE

Spring Cleaning: Vintage & Current NOS Parts: HUGE SALE

Old 05-03-2010, 10:14 AM
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Exclamation GARAGE SALE: Vintage NOS MIB Parts

I have a bunch of things that have been acquired over the years that won't be used for any current projects, so I need to clean out some space in the shop (I need more storage).

Shipping charges not included in prices listed. Ships USPP (usually $5 Priority to anywhere in the US, unless the purchase exceeds 1 pound) or USPInternational. I will return all PM requests in the order they were received—first-come, first served. Preference given to larger lots of purchases. Will combine shipping for all purchases. Photos available for individual items on an as-needed basis. PayPal only method of payment accepted. PM for PayPal address and PLEASE mark your screen name and what you bought in the PayPal ledger.

Photos available on an as-needed basis.

New in package:

AYK Racing Hi-Sport pyramid block front tires, 2.0" $8.00†† SOLD

(2) Bud's 1215 TOJ stabilizing spoiler $6.00 ea

Checkpoint CP8808 6-cell infinity brushes $6.00
Checkpoint 0461 gold motor springs (medium) $3.00
Checkpoint 0462 silver motor springs (medium/hard) $3.00

CRP 2157 yellow motor tube $1.00 SOLD
CRP 2150 motor capacitors $1.00

Custom Works 6251 rear wheel for foam tire, E/I, white $6.00
Custom Works 4211 96t 48p red Delta spur gear $6.00
Custom Works Enforcer nose $6.00
Custom Works Enforcer wing struts/mounts $5.00
Custom Works 4011 diff ball set $2.00

(3) Deans 1200 red 4-pin battery plugs $1.00 ea.
Deans 1300 red 2-pin ULTRA battery plugs $3.00

Delta plastic threaded shock adjustment nut (Custom Works, SRP, Delta) $1.00

DuBro 2120 3mm x 4 socket head cap screws $1.00

GQ MM18S35F 1/8th Mugen on-road foam tires, 35 shore $10.00

Hobbico 2730 10" Hitec/JR/AirZ servo lead $1.00 SOLD

IMEX 7550 slick on road front RC10 tire, 2.0 $12.00 SOLD
IMEX 7551 slick on road rear RC10 tire, 2.0 $12.00 SOLD

IRS 203P 6 purple nylon 8/32 diff nuts $1.00 SOLD
IRS 3020 Balance buttons, 1/12th, 1/10th, TC $6.00

(1) set of JConcepts white Rulux 4wd wheels, white (F/R) $8.00

JG A-28G graphite RC10 sprint car rear shock mount $10.00
JG Losi JRX2 wide front Kydex bumper, oval $4.00††
JG Losi JRX2 narrow front Kydex bumper, oval $4.00†† (used)

Kimbrough Products #131 Hitec 24-spline red servo saver $2.00
(2) Kimbrough Products #145 78t 48p spur gear $2.00 ea
(2) Kimbrough Products #146 81t 48p spur gear $2.00 ea

Lunsford 7094 XXT/XXTCR titanium king pin ball studs $6.00

Mertz dirt oval DIRT modified hood scoop $2.00

Novak 5600 switch harness $5.00

Parma 1730 RC10 front & rear adjustable roll bar kit $25.00**
Parma 10402 large off road wing $9.00

Paragon Turbo Drops system (drops not included) $12.00
Paragon Ground Effects, 8 oz. can $7.00

Pro-line 8523 Associated/Kyosho 2.1" front wheel, 6-hole, white $12.00
Pro-line 2323 Associated/Kyosho 2.1" front wheel, 6-hole, pink $16.00
Pro-line 09-834 Yokomo lightweight spiked tires $22.00 SOLD
Pro-line 1018 1.9" front knobby tires $18.00 SOLD
Pro-line 2531 2.1" JRX2 front wheel, white dish $8.00
Pro-line 2609 dish 2.2 2wd front wheel for XXCR, white $5.00
Pro-line AC51 2.0" Striker rear tire $12.00 SOLD
Pro-line AC55 2.1" Striker front tire $10.00
(2) Pro-line white dished TC wheels, 24mm $3.00 ea

ProTrack PTC028 RC10 aluminum rear bumper $10.00 SOLD

PRS 6474PL 74t 64p Pro-Lite spur gear (brushless, on road) $8.00

Ray Wood Video, DVD, 2001 1/8th Scale World Championships $15.00
Ray Wood Video, DVD, 2003 1/8th Scale World Championships $15.00
Ray Wood Video, DVD, 2005 1/8th Scale World Championships $15.00
Ray Wood Video, DVD, 2007 1/8th Scale World Championships $15.00

RIT boxed fabric die, purple, orange, yellow, blue, scarlet, grey $6.00

Robinson RRP8581 JRX2 81t 48p machined spur gear $5.00
Robinson RRP8587 JRX2 87t 48p machined spur gear $5.00 SOLD
Robinson RRP7125 JRX2 125t 64p machined spur gear $5.00
Robinson RRP4039 39t 64p ti-nitride pinion $4.00

RPM 7002 RC10 bellcrank set $16.00 SOLD

Schumacher 4x20 cut spike rear tire $10.00 SOLD
Schumacher white dish TC wheels, 24mm $4.00

Tamiya 50440 McLaren MP4/6 HONDA F1 bumper wing set $18.00
(4) Tamiya battery plugs $1.00 all

Team Associated nitro NTC3 pinions, spin on, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29t $15.00
Team Associated 6213 RC10 front block carrier, 15°, black $5.00 SOLD
Team Associated 4110 front end kit, 1/12th scale white $13.00
Team Associated 4111 spring front suspension, 1/12th scale white $18.00
Team Associated 3320 body mounts, black $2.00
Team Associated 4431 .074" 1/12th T-bar $3.00
Team Associated 4433 .063" 1/12th T-bar $3.00
Team Associated 4434 .075" 1/12th T-bar $3.00
(2) Team Associated 4336 steel pivot ball $1.00 ea
(2) Team Associated 4335 plastic pivot socket (top + bottom) $1.00 ea.
Team Associated 3425 44t 32p spur gear, white $2.00
Team Associated 4127 0/2° 10L/12L front end caster shim set $1.00
(2) Team Associated 3211 12L/E steering blocks, white $2.00 ea
Team Associated 4325 graphite lower brace, 12L $6.00
Team Associated 6875 front spiked 2" tires $12.00 SOLD
Team Associated 3869 front V-pattern Proline 1.9" tires $12.00*
(2) Team Associated 8416 turnbuckle wrench $5.00 ea
(2) Team Associated 6591 Stealth diff compound $1.00 ea

Team Losi A-2014 H-am rear conversion kit $20.00
Team Losi A-3006 differential center gear $3.00
Team Losi A-3008 diff adjustment access covers $4.00
Team Losi A-4320 battery foam pad, JRX-S $2.00
Team Losi A-5121 1.5" black progressive springs $2.00
(2) Team Losi A-7211 front stagger rib, HT $14.00 ea
Team Losi A-9370 clutch nut clips, XXX-N $1.00
Team Losi A-7221 front 6-row spike tire, HT $14.00
Team Losi A-3012 JRX2 diff lube (metalflake pink style) $3.00

Team Pit Stop chain drive RC10 tranny chain $6.00

Tecnacraft aluminum QR wing mounts $24.00*

Thorp 4705 HD front RC10 stub axles $5.00
Trinity 30t 64p pinion gear $2.00
Trinity 32t 64p pinion gear $2.00
Trinity 36t 64p pinion gear $2.00
Trinity 5003 silver braided battery shunt $5.00
(10) Trinity 7313 1/12th scale "star" wheel disks $2.00 ea
Trinity 7079 purple aluminum wing mounts $7.00
Trinity RC5033 6-cell matched SCR pack, loose $55.00*
Trinity 4039 brush heat sink kit for Kyosho/Yokomo motors $3.00 SOLD

Twinn-K 9836 front BBS wheel w/black dot foam, trued $18.00

TRC 5402 Pro-10 series wing mount kit $6.00
TRC #911 1/10th front donuts, green, untrued $4.00
TRC white foam tire donuts (4), untried, front & rear $10.00††
TRC #1811 1/10th front donuts, green $4.00
TRC Pro-10 .080" fiberglass chassis $12.00
TRC Pro-10 .095" graphite chassis $35.00
TRC 111 Pro-12 .080" fiberglass chassis $12.00

TMS Products #123 1/10th on-road front axles, threaded $6.00

Yokomo YZ10:
Andy's 3700 Yokomo YZ10 lightweight front arms $16.00 SOLD
Andy's 3702 Yokomo YZ10 lightweight rear arms $16.00
Yokomo ZC-110 Aluminum wing mount $12.00 SOLD
Yokomo ZC-415 magnesium steering block & rear hub carrier (2) $22.00
Yokomo YS-6 shock ends & spring perch $8.00 SOLD
Yokomo ZC-300R magnesium rear bulkhead $40.00
Yokomo ZC-414 king pins $9.00
Yokomo ZC-119 battery straps $15.00
Yokomo ZC-800 narrow front wheel, 2.0" white $10.00
(2) Yokomo ZC-801 front wheel, 2.0" white $10.00 ea
(2) Yokomo ZC-801 front wheel, 2.0" pink $10.00 ea SOLD
Yokomo front wheel, 2.1" white $10.00††
Yokomo ZC-805 rear wheel, 2.0" white $10.00 SOLD
Yokomo TF-8 Hotlaps front tire, 2.0" $10.00 SOLD
JG 1605 Yokomo YZ10 lightweight battery straps $10.00
Robinson RRP8281 Yokomo 81t 48p machined spur gear $7.00
Robinson RRP8285 Yokomo 85t 48p machined spur gear $7.00
Robinson RRP8287 Yokomo 87t 48p machined spur gear $7.00

Yokomo Dogfighter/RPS SE:
(3) Yokomo ZB-44 rear stabilizer bar mount (rear suspension tower) $12.00 ea
Yokomo ZB-4N front shock mounts w/screws $6.00
(2) Yokomo ZB-06 steering block set w/set screws $10.00 ea
(2) Yokomo ZB-08 front axles w/e-clips and washers $10.00 ea
Yokomo ZB-39M slipper maintenance kit $4.00
(2) Yokomo ZB-41 front drive chain (long) $10.00 ea
Yokomo ZR-008C lower suspension arms $10.00

LARGE lot of Trinity, Associated, Reedy full, timed and cut brushes & springs $25.00 SOLD

LARGE lot of new JACO & TMracing 1/12th tires/wheels, grey 6-spoke $20.00
Many prototype compounds, 8 fronts, 6 rears, various sizes

Used items:

CRD Wolfie stand-up sprint car .12 exhaust pipe $15.00

(4) Novak NES-1A servos, gears and replacement parts $30.00 SOLD

(4) Rayborn front arms, (1) Rayborn rear arm $10.00 SOLD

Rear RC10 to Yokomo aluminum wheel adapters $15.00 SOLD

Almost a full set of Robinson synthetic shock oils (THE best ever) $30.00

RPM crystal case, black $2.00

Tekin G-12C III brushed ESC $25.00†
Tekin 410K Digital HF brushed ESC $25.00† SOLD
Tekin original red MOSfet ESC (no battery or motor wires) $20.00†
Tekin TFM27 27mhz receiver $18.00† SOLD

(1) bag of various length and color TRC body posts and collars $5.00

* Items are pending sale
** Kit appears to be missing one white 2-56 ball end, at least. No guarantee that kit is complete—hole in bottom of original package.
† No guarantees on functionality of vintage electronics
†† Loose item, new, not in package



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Thumbs up

Bump, SOLD items updated.
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Morning bump...
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Please check PM , thank you very much!!
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PM sent

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do you have 2 or 4 of the mugen onroad 1/8 foams
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Still have the Tecnacraft quick release wing mounts??

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started fixing up my yoko rps, still have the steering blocks and front shock mounts? Thanks.
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I know this is super necro but are any of the Yokomo dogfighter parts still for sale?
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No, this thread is 7 years old and I have been out of RC for that long, sorry. Everything on that list was sold a long time ago.
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