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see, i do agree with all of you to an extent... MY MAIN PURPOSE FOR THIS THREAD... to get people to stop putting "email me for pics"... Posting pics in the thread aleviates a couple of different problems.. First, you wont have to answer 500 emails, of people wanting to see pics, especially if it's a hot product. Second, if someone wants something that you have, they dont have to wait till you get home, or to the office, or to your proctologist, to see a picture..

If we are all capable of building and running RC cars, some of which are very complicated pieces of machinery. Why are we not capable of posting a picture, of something that you supposedly have for sale ?

This will only save you time and hassles, I know i dont like answering 500 emails all asking for the same picture, when i could have just posted it to start with..
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Roush... you do it, as a matter of fact, you have a couple threads in the first screen right now, that are telling people to email for pics.. why not just post them ? wouldnt that save a lot of time ?
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I would but I'm not very good with the pc and found it easier for me to send a pic threw the email. I don't really mind sending pics but if you don't want to purchase the product don't bother a seller just for "look see". I do agree big time about getting a phone # when completing a deal thow. You get an idea of whom you are dealing with.

so....anybody in need of a dyno or powersupply? lol
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Originally posted by gpd123
Mike.... would you list some used packs on here, and list the condition as well take care of, excellent condition packs, when you have a bunch of burned up packs, ready for the dumpster ? if someone lists packs that are well maintained packs, you are taking their word for it anyway you look at it.. if they have a junk pack and are just trying to rip someone off, there must be 7000000000000 pictures of anything you want to see online, that they could send you, and it may not even be the stuff they have.. so if they are going to rip you off, they are going to rip you off, and that is all there is to that.. For instance, there was a thread on here within the last few months for a turbo dyno 45.. why would some 13-17 year old kid need to see a picture of that ? I mean other than to waste the persons time that is selling it ? why if someone says they have a new in the box B4 would you want to see an unopened box, that you have seen a 1000 times ? if you would like proof, I will post anything you can imagine for sale, and I will bet that i can have a picture of it within about a minute... so I ask again, what good does 500 people asking for a picture really do ?
No I would not do that since I value my rep on here. I had a friend buy a Turbo35 on here. He did not see any pictures and when he got it the Plastic on it was painted and there were hold drilled in the case(like the guy mounted something on the case).

You are correct about NIB stuff. But if a car was said to be used once and when you get it the kid drove the car on a gravel road....a picture would have helped
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Tell you what gpd, you buy stuff they way you want to and I'll buy stuff I see pics of.If they have pics attached fine, if they don't I'll ask.

We all know what a GT7 looks like, and we all know what one looks like thats been burned and drug around the track. There are lots of honest traders out there, and then are the buttheads like Brandon Brown and a couple others I've delt with that aren't so honest.

No pic, no sale. If you want to send an email to the moderator and have him put in the rules a pic is required to sell something, then you better supply cameras to those who don't have one.
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Default pics please

what I like is when you ask for pics and they say they don't have time and then somone post right behind you and ask the same thing (pics please) and the seller say on the way to them

for instance guy selling a lot of stuff and you ask for pics of some pinio gears and he said I don't have time to take pics that SH!T ruins business if you are trying to sale something be ready to show pics of it

without pics it's hard to sale anything

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No pics no sale.
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