foam fk05 chasis and foam tires.

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  • I am selling a FK05 3.0 mm chasis the battery slots are sanded and sealed and there is one dremmle mark in the chasis from a stuborn skrew (in pictures) other than that no scratches. RAN ONCE I would rather run rubber than foam asking $55 shipped obo to the 48 states. dont be afraid to make offers

    foam fk05 chasis and foam tires.-im003212.jpg   foam fk05 chasis and foam tires.-im003213.jpg   foam fk05 chasis and foam tires.-im003214.jpg   foam fk05 chasis and foam tires.-im003215.jpg  

  • bump 85 for all
  • great for up coming carpet season
  • 65 for chasis

    15 for tires
  • BUMP
  • some one has to want this.
  • NEED TO SELL!!!!!!!!!!
  • PM me with offers.
  • 65 for chassis and foam tires.
  • If you want either speak now before Ebay
  • ONE LAST TRY I will through in a eam fresh 4200wc battery 70 for all.
  • 55 for chassis PM if interested mabe we could work something out.
  • ^
  • bump

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