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  • Looking to sell some of my RC cars/gear so I can finish some of my other projects.

    ***1/10 scale Gas car package***
    I got this from a buddy that had it as a beater. After an accident he pretty much gave up on it, and I took possession of it. During the accident it broke the gas tank mounts, roll bar that is used to pick up the car, and the gas feed nipple on the carburetor. Motor still runs great but could use a new carb. It would probably take about $30-50 in parts (depending on if you buy used or new) to make it one sweet ride again. It did have a tiger starter on it but I believe he never tightened the screws so they backed out during operation so you will also need to purchase a new one of those or use a pull starter (unless you already have a starter box). With all the electric racing I am doing currently I donít have the time to clean and fix the car.
    - HPI Nitro RS4 3 Type SS:
    * Upgraded with purple lower chassis, purple aluminum a-arms (all 4), aluminum shocks, 2-speed transmission, standard Airtronics servos and receiver.
    - OS Engines .12 size motor with Trinity tuned pipe.
    - Extra pair of Yokomo chrome 26mm drift mesh wheels, new still in package
    - 1 set of 5-spoke VIP style wheels with ďAdvanĒ HPI rubber, out of package but still new never glued
    - 3 misc. used wheels one tires has come un-glued
    - Tons and tons of spare plastic parts, from extra tie rods, to control arms, plastic shocks, diffs, etc.
    - One pair of new rear purple A-arms
    - New HPI spare 2-speed transmission, never used still in package
    - Misc. tools/wrenches

    Looking to set all of this as a package not looking to part the package out, $125.00 + shipping


    ***Miscellaneous electrics***

    - Team Associated radio system; pistol grip transmitter and receiver (27 MHZ). $30.00 + shipping

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