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View Poll Results: What is your Favorite Airbrush?
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  • I just got an HP-CS Plus the other day and tried it out this morning. Its a whole new world of AB compared to the VL I was using before. Smooth smooth smooth..every time. Super precise.
  • whome glad to hear its working great i have a single action badger 200. dont like it it clogs to much like a bi***.
  • I just got an Iwata hp-bps my first a/b it is nice and smooth and my first body i think was great considering no experience.
  • Where can i buy one of these iwata HP-CS online?
  • you can buy one from and also ebay.
  • I have been using the three-tip Paasche VL kit for more than 2 decades now, and it has rarely let me down. For fine detail work, though, I still fall back to my trusty old Thayer & Chandler. Still one of the best airbrushes I have ever used.

  • what do you guys think about the iwata hp-a airbrush
  • Quote: what do you guys think about the iwata hp-a airbrush
    Any Iwata is a good Iwata.
  • Quote: Any Iwata is a good Iwata.
    Well that's good! 'Cause I wouldn't want a certain Iwata to be a good Paasche!
  • lol..Point taken.
  • Quote: Any Iwata is a good Iwata.
  • I have to vote for my AZTEK A470. It has a nice shape to it and is easy to handle.
  • For the casual painter what is the best top feeder Iwata? The Eclipse HP-C, Eclipse HP-CS, or the Revolution HP-CR? What's the difference between these three?
  • I consider myself a casual painter and I used an Iwata Revolution CR for quite some time and was very happy with it.

    Very good brush with an absoultely HUGE paint cup.
  • ok, i've found loads of iwata's online.
    whats the difference, what do all the letters mean?

    i've only used airbrushes with pots screwed on, is there an advantage or disadvantage of gravity fed? do you waste much paint when you change colour?

    i want to try fine detail like painted headlights but still be able to cover large areas (this is less important).

    thanks for your help.

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