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  • The rust bucket paint is Awsome!
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    Quote: Well... Dagnabbit!!! HPI made the wrong stinkin' model year for the Pontiac Firebird. There goes my hope to drive a Pontiac Trans Am in the Vintage Trans Am race class.

    I can still put my old Nikko '72 Trans Am body on my VTA, but it weighs 5 times as much as a PolyCarb body.

    I know its against all the copyright laws and stuff, but you need to find someone who could me a lexan body from that using the nikko as the mold
    I can't find anybody who could make a lexan (or PolyCarb) body from a plastic toy. I think it costs several thousand dollars to make a mold of a specific car model so that a lexan body could be formed. I am happy that HPI finally made a classic Pontiac TA, but man I wish they would have made the nose on it look like this one...

    And I really dig those honey-comb rims! That's style baby!
  • has anyone checked with mrlexan on rc10talk forum? he might be able to lend some advice in making this happen.
  • Starting a new 68 Camaro. Unfortunately, most of the VTA guys at my track have gone to USGT. I like that class, but I love VTA! Most say they didn't like the change to 25.5 motor as their reason for losing interest. Again, it didn't bother me, but I'd be happy to run an AFX motor just so I could cruise in a muscle car around the track!

    So, this may be an eBay body. We'll see. My plan is to duplicate the orange camaro in the photos.

    U.S. Vintage Trans-Am [PICS & PAINT Discussion ONLY!!!]-img-20120208-00537.jpg   U.S. Vintage Trans-Am [PICS & PAINT Discussion ONLY!!!]-1968_chevrolet_camaro_road_race_car_side_1.jpg   U.S. Vintage Trans-Am [PICS & PAINT Discussion ONLY!!!]-1968_chevrolet_camaro_road_race_car_rear.jpg   U.S. Vintage Trans-Am [PICS & PAINT Discussion ONLY!!!]-1968_chevrolet_camaro_road_race_car_front.jpg  

  • Quote: Ray, I think the voters also need to have over 50 posts on RCTECH so we know it is fair, and they are not making up accounts to get votes.

    Seen it happen before and didn't think it was fair.
    now would you think one of us would cheat??
  • Now THAT is a great commitment to the class !!! Way to go Mike Jennings.

    Quote: I was over in Phoenix (MESA) AZ this past weekend for their 22nd Annual Asphalt Challenge.

    One of their Largest Classes is a "VINTAGE" class that follows most of the intent of the Original US VTA.

    I believe they are not requiring Drivers (but many have them) and they run 21.5, and run OVAL.

    One of the guys, Mike Jennings, worked with the SCCA Trans-Am Series in the 70's and LOVES being able to recreate these cars, and has a whole table full, along with a photo of the starting grid from one of the races he worked, I believe he said at Road Atlanta (or Road America I forget) in I believe 1970.

    His Concourse entry WAS that starting line up (in picture below) + a couple other of the cars on hand, the Indy 500 Pace car lead the field all day, and the Rust Bucket was on a rotating display.

  • ITS NOON ON WEDNESDAY! Thanks guys for playing along, and here are the results of the online judging.....

    In FIRST PLACE with 7 votes (one pm vote included) is KREGGER!!!!!!!!!!!

    Second Place went to k_bojar with 4 votes!

    And Third with 2 votes went to Cheese!

    Thanks again!!!!!
  • Well, I got it all done late last night . Nothing out of the ordinary, just the standard HPI 68 Camaro body. But, it is clean and I'm really happy with it.

    I used "Frog" tape for the striped. That stuff is wonderful. No leaks. but, I knew I didn't want to use GREEN stripes after seeing just the orange applied.

    U.S. Vintage Trans-Am [PICS & PAINT Discussion ONLY!!!]-camaro68final-002r.jpg   U.S. Vintage Trans-Am [PICS & PAINT Discussion ONLY!!!]-camaro68final-003r.jpg   U.S. Vintage Trans-Am [PICS & PAINT Discussion ONLY!!!]-camaroorangevtascott-001r.jpg  

  • Looks like an awesome Orangecicle to me! NICELY done.
  • Quote: Looks like an awesome Orangecicle to me! NICELY done.
    Thanks. I should have used "44" numerals to make it match the real one, but I didn't have that many "4's" anywhere! I guess I could cut them by hand. Maybe I'll get ambitious over the weekend and do that.

    I realized I need to make that front spoiler black too. maybe some black electrical tape will work for that. It would have a nice matt/flat finish too.
  • Looking good Indy! After a few races, it will even look better......
  • Quote: Looking good Indy! After a few races, it will even look better......
    What you CAN'T see in the picture is this special paint I got from the government. It's a top-secret "Anti-Impact" paint made with special material developed at Area 51. The paint actually senses the wall coming up and emits a burst of reverse energy that propels the car in the opposite direction of the wall.

    So, I should be able to run the new body for many years without ever hitting a wall.

    (ya believe that? )
  • here are some vta shells i have done for customers

  • .

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