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Default EddieO for ROAR President

Regional Races:

The main focus of my efforts as president will be fixing the regional race system. While some regions have moderate turnout for their regional races, others are struggling for attendance, and in some cases a track willing to host the event. It makes it difficult for Tracks to see the point in hosting a regional event and sharing money with ROAR for little/no benefit for the track or the racer. Fifteen years ago, ROAR regionals were some of the most highly attended and prestigious races in the U.S. Winning a ROAR regional back then was a big step towards becoming recognized as a racer and getting sponsored. In present day, regional events are over glorified club races at best.

ROAR needs to show the racer incentive to enter regional events. The drive and ambition of racers participating in the Tamiya Championship Series is what ROAR needs to get back. Racers are driven to enter and win the TCS regionals because the series awards the top 10 finishers form each respective class a spot in the national event. (Incentive 1: you have to qualify to race in the national) From there if the racer decides to participate in the national, the winner of each class at the national event is awarded and expense paid trip to compete in the world championships. (Incentive 2: win the national, you are invited to the worlds).

ROAR can and needs this type of racing… racing with a purpose.

Convincing a racer to pay $30 in membership fees, and then another $30 in race entry fees for a cheap bowling trophy is not easy. However if you tell them that he/she has a chance to qualify for nationals and possibly get some travel money and things will change.

I woud like to see some sort of travel awarded to regional winners. There are a lot of regions and a lot of classes, its will to take some time and some research to see what is feasible, but something is possible and something needs to be done to restore these races to their former glory.

National Qualifier system:

Right now, simply anyone can get into Nationals if they sign up quickly enough. The problem is this just creates a large club race. Presently club racers and team drivers alike need simply sign up for national events. With the regional qualification system in place, drivers will ALL earn their spot in the national, preventing factory teams from flooding the classes with team drivers. All drivers at the national will have to have qualified at some point before the entries are open for the national.

Results from regional championships should be used as the main qualification for nationals. Obliviously a system will need to be in place to allow waivers and such for others who may not of been able to attend regionals, just as IFMAR does with the world championships. However we need to get serious, and send a message that nationals are the biggest title around and you need to earn your spot to be there, not just be the lucky guy who signed up first. Worlds is done like this our nationals should be no different.

Minor local events:

Make it where level 1 events can be sanctioned by ROAR, but do not require ROAR memberships to compete in. This may seem counter productive. Many people don’t see the value in ROAR. Allowing these events to be sanctioned will allow them to utilize ROAR rules. Racers will appreciate a clear and concise set of rules that easily accessible to everyone. The goal will be that racers and tracks will begin to see the value in a ROAR membership and hopefully join. If enough of these races begin to happen, they would be the first step in developing a national point system.

National events:

(Snowbirds, Cleveland, etc) --We need to use a similar process with these large-scale races. These events all use a ROAR based rule system for the most part, and 2005 saw the US indoor champs in Cleveland, WAIT for a ruling from ROAR on Two-Stage tires before allowing them to be used at the event. Why let these races use ROAR rules if they are not going to sanction the race? I am confident that if we allow these races to be sanctioned and use ROAR rules but without requiring ROAR memberships… within a few years, we could probably get them to require ROAR memberships. A majority of the racers at these events are more than likely ROAR members already. We need to show the value and importance of ROAR before we shove it down people’s throats.

We need to quit preaching the main reason to join ROAR is the insurance. To be frank, the insurance is pretty much a joke unless you are a CLUB that uses a park or something to host a race. Any permanent hobby shop with a track or affiliated with a track already has insurance, as do the big race events. The insurance is also very limited. It should be a side benefit, not the main benefit to being a member.

Manufacturer support:

Simply put, we need the companies to step forth and support ROAR. They continue to capitalize on advertising for winning ROAR events. ROAR continues to allow the use of these products in their events. Many companies are becoming more and more race oriented, so it’s in their best interest for ROAR to exist and for these titles to be the most prestigious in the land around.

I suggest ALL companies who have approved products be required to be ROAR affiliates. If at any time, they are not, the product becomes unapproved for use at ROAR races. I know this may sound harsh, but the simple fact is, they are using these races as means for testing, developing, and marketing of their products. ROAR needs to capatilize on this and use this for additional funding.

Requiring companies to be affiliates also gives ROAR more authority to discipline them for breaking ROAR rules. Again, this may sound harsh, but it happens in a lot of other sports. Fine or Sanctions against teams caught breaking the rules and such will help keep things on the up and up.

Lastly, we need to get the manufacturers to include a ROAR membership form in every car kit and possibly expand this to include information on how to get into racing, where to go, etc. The cost of this would be minimal and would certainly help raise awareness of ROAR to a ton of potential new racers. Go buy a set of poker cards and chips, don’t be surprised when you see the information in the package on where and how to get started in playing poker.

Establishment of National Tracks:

The money saved from the printing and distribution of rev-up can be used to fund National ROAR owned tracks. Non-Profit organizations can have assets, so what better way to use the money? Give us permanent tracks across the nation that can be used for regional, national, and world events. This is a long-term goal, but easily doable with the right support from the membership and the manufacturers.

Consistent, Precise and Fair Rules:

Consistent product approvals with ample lead-time and notification of the membership are needed. No more last minute approvals before a race. However not to limit advancements in the technology. The doors need to be opened up to allow for better equipment that lasts longer. Our stone age pricing limits and outdated technology rules are doing nothing but holding back or slowing product development, thus costing racers more money.

We also need to start publishing when products were submitted, that way the membership will be up to date on what is possibly going to be legal. Not to single out any manufacturer, but the two-week lead-time for the approval of brushless systems that were not commercially available nor gone through the approval process was complete bunk. It tarnished the outcome of the race and made ROAR look very bad.

Amendments to the Bylaws to protect the membership from unrecorded meetings and “good ole boy club” currently running ROAR from the top. The bylaws of ROAR are meant to be followed; yet they get broken multiple times per year. Accountability is required for Non-profit organizations, and is needed to give the members faith.

So yes, I am saying spend the money in a few different ways. We may come up short, we may need to increase fees, and we may need to get the manufacturers to chip in more…

The proposed uses of the money I am presenting gives a much better and more progressive value than what is being proposed, or has already been invoked by my opponents. Do we really need a national race management team, when we have hundreds of capable tracks around the nation who can run these races? Do we really want to spend the money sending our regional directors to races? Or would we rather reward the members? Maybe I am wrong, but who would be more likely to attend an event because the regional director is going to attend, or because they are given incentive to have faith in and support the organization they are members of?

I know some of my ideas may sound or be similar to ones others have posted, but I have been preaching many of these since last year when I intended to run for vice-president, but because of the new backdoor meeting rule that ExComm had passed, I did not qualify. Many Northwest area racers can back it up that I have been discussing my ideas for a while now.

I am only one person and I will only be one vote, but I hope to be the voice that convinces the others to do the right things by the rules, for racing and for the racer.

I would appreciate your vote in the upcoming election, name is is Eddie Goodridge.

A lot of discussions has gone on in this thread all ready


But feel free to post here, I will be answering questions all the threads.

Any questions, email me at [email protected] or post on here...

Later EddieO
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hey eddie you still looking to be roar prez? we can start a write in campaign!
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