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Ernie P. 04-01-2006 09:28 PM

Thunder Road Race Report
After last weeks record setting road course performance by Jesse Bean, every one was looking forward to getting back on the oval this week. After getting hammered into the ground on the road course, the racers could at least look forward to getting a look at the lead on the oval course, right? Unfortunately for them, Jesse had other ideas.

The beautiful weather unfortunately meant a thin field at Thunder Road’s indoor carpet track; but the racers that showed were fast. Our newest racer, Joel White was taking his maiden foray into SPEC NasTruck Class racing; but his new car was fast, right out of the box. Steve Walker and Robbie Bingler seemed to have lost the handle on their trucks; and spent the day trying to find the few extra tenths they needed to challenge for the lead. Harold Lamb ran to fill out the field; but fought servo problems all day. Lin Vaughan was in the process of changing his cars over to outdoor configuration for Coopers racing season, and volunteered to run the computer. That left track owner Ernie Padgette with time to rebuild his truck after a shattering finish line crash in last week’s race; but he couldn’t get it back together in time to make the race.

The story line of the heat races was simple: Just how fast could Jesse Bean get around Thunder Road’s oval, in his Maverick chassis’ed SPEC NasTruck? The answer was equally simple: Very fast! In each heat, Jesse grabbed the lead early on, and simply set sail into the distance. Robbie Bingler and Steve Walker alternately took turns in second place, while fighting to keep newcomer Joel White behind them, with varying degrees of success. Jesse got it all together in the third heat; trashing the existing SPEC NasTruck lap record with a blistering 53 laps in 4:03:13. Joel got faster in each heat; and looked ready to challenge in the Main.

In the Main, Jesse grabbed a quick lead; and ran like a thief. And well he did, because Joel slotted into second place and stayed close enough to worry the leader. Jesse finally began to pull away, leaving Joel firmly in second; while Robbie and Steve fought over third place. Harold dropped out at lap 25 with yet another broken servo. Robbie finally spun, letting Steve Walker consolidate his hold on third place; and Steve immediately started working on pulling back some time on second place Joel White. Jesse Bean finished lapping the field late in the race; and that looked to be that. But, as the race wound down, Steve suddenly started making some serious inroads on Joel’s second place position. Joel’s battery was dumping; and Steve caught him on the very last lap; slipping past on the back straight, and edging Joel at the line by .23 of a second. Robbie finished three laps back in fourth.

Other than Jesse Bean proving he’s as fast on an oval as he is on a road course (And incidentally bumping up the lap record by a ton); the highlight of the weekend had to be the very close racing in the heats; between Robbie, Steve and Joel. There was little to choose between the three; and that says a lot for newbie Joel. This young man will bear watching. Thanks; Ernie P. :cool:

Ernie P. 04-08-2006 05:39 PM

And yet again...
Well, this is Saturday; and we are at Thunder Road; and we're running the oval... so what's supposed to happen? Oh yeah; Jesse Bean is supposed to set a new record. So (For what? The third week in a row?), he did.

Vacations, visiting relatives, honey do's, spring fever and car shopping resulted in a thin field of ARCOR SPEC NasTrucks; but that didn't slow the pace. Robbie Bingler and Steve Walker tried hard, but couldn't do anything with Jesse; as he buzzed around at the front of the field all day long. Jesse won all three heat races and stroked the main. Another Saturday, another new track record of 53 laps in 4:00:93, and things just seem to stay the same. Maybe some one can do something with him on the road course on Sunday. But, it doesn't look promising. His T2 is looking stout! Thanks; Ernie P. :cool:

Ernie P. 04-10-2006 12:27 AM

04/09/06 Race report
My apologies; but it's late, I'm tired, and I have an early plane to catch. Plus, I couldn't find the Mains printout; so the details are a bit sketchy, right now. Thanks; Ernie P. :cool:

Well, it was Sunday; Thunder Road; and road course. So, the only question was whether Jesse and his flying T2 would set another record, right? Well, try telling that to Eddel Veloso.

Jesse dominated his first two heats; easily handling Eddel, Clint Withrow and Mack. In the third heat, Eddel seemed to have found something. He was all over Jesse's bumper; and finally slipped past when Jesse ran into traffic. Then, on the last lap, Eddel coasted to a halt two turns before the flag; leaving Jesse with the win. Clint seemed to have found something as well; as he was running faster than he had all evening. Mack was a distant fourth and wound up in the B Main for his efforts.

Ben easily won all three of his heats; beating out Grey and Ernie Padgette easily; making his way into the A Main in the process.

Mack stroked the B Main; as Ernie was having an off night and couldn't stay off the rails. Grey trailed in third.

When the A Main started, Jesse Bean, as usual, jumped into a quick lead. Eddel slowly pulled in on him; pushing hard on every lap. Finally, Jesse made an uncharacteristic slip; nailing the wall hard and leaving Eddel with a five second lead. Jesse chased hard, but couldn't make up the deficit; winding up three seconds back. Clint ran faster than he had all night; pulling third in the bargain. Ben trailed in fourth.

This is the second time Eddel has taken a race Jesse looked to have locked up. One thing is for sure; Jesse is going to be working hard, looking for a way to even things up.

Jesse Bean 04-25-2006 12:47 PM

this sunday is the last chance practice before may 7.

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