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These are all books in brand new condition that we purchased to use as documentation on Giant Scale RC airplanes and to find out more information about them. Unfortunately we got out of the sport before we could use any of these books. Our loss, your gain. Email me at [email protected] for more information or pictures. Shipping is extra but minimal because I use media mail. Thank you for looking.

ACES AND AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR 1. This book is a profusely illustrated history of the careers of 29 of the most remarkable of the fighting pilots of World War 1, including Richthofen, McCudden, Guynemer, Rickenbacker. Full details of their aircraft, including Spads, Sopwith Camels, Fokker Triplanes, etc., are given, each one illustrated with a full color profile. Detailed commentaries analyse the origins and development of the air forces and the evolution of the fighting techniques, armament and aircraft. The story of air forces' uniforms, flying clothing, badges and medals is investigated in detail, illustrated by many full color artworks. 144 pages. In brand new mint condition. $45.00.

AIRCRAFT, AIRCRAFT. This book is the story of a succession of bizarre machines and how they took shape. It is the story of the men who for countless generations fought with an invisible enemy - the sky; how they tried to fly, and died trying; how they tried again, got aloft, and crashed and got up again, and stayed up. More than 200 illustrations included rare photographs and engravings. 140 pages. In brand new mint condition. $25.00.

BARNSTORMERS & SPEED KINGS. This book tells the stories of the early barnstormers, the hectic heyday of the flying circus, the relentless quest for speed and more speed, and the ultimate extravanganzas of high-stakes racing. 176 pages with loads of old time pictures, illustrations and colored pictures of racing airplanes. In brand new mint condition. $20.00.

CLASSICS OF THE AIR is an illustrated history of the development of military planes from 1913-1935 complete with technical specifications, detailed painting schemes and markings. Aircraft included are Avro, Spad, Sopwith Camel, Fokker, Hawker Fury, Ford Tri-Motor, Boeing P-26, Douglas DC-3 and C-47, Junkers, Messerschmitt and many many more. 256 pages in brand new mint condition. $30.00.

EAA OSHKOSH - THE WORLD'S BIGGEST AVIATION EVENT. This book tells the story of the EAA and the aircraft that participate in Oshkosh every year including: the homebuilts, antiques, classics, the air show, and warbirds. 128 pages with tons of beautiful photographs. In brand new mint condition. $20.00.

ENTERING SPACE, AN ASTRONAUT'S ODYSSEY. This book is about the space experience with lots of pictures of spacecraft, space, astronauts, etc. 240 pages. In brand new mint condition. $40.00.

FIGHTERS & BOMBERS OF WORLD WAR II. History of old and new, conventional and bizarre fighter and bomber aircraft from 1939-1945. 322 pages with accurate and detailed colored drawings. Section 1 is Fighters, Attack and Training aircraft; Section 2 is Bombers, Patrol and Transport planes. In brand new mint condition. $35.00.

FLYING THE MAIL. This book tells the stories of the men who risked their lives flying the mail from 1918. 176 pages with lots of old time photographs and colored pictures of biplanes. In brand new mint condition. $20.00.
HAWKER HURRICANE MK1 PROFILE AIRCRAFT. This book is all about the Hawker Hurricane with many photos and information about them. 20 pages. $5.00.

MILITARY AIRCRAFT MARKINGS & PROFILES. This book features 140 aircraft and over 850 full color illustrations and photograhs and traces the story of military aircraft markings and camouflage from World War I to the present day. Aircraft include: Avro 504, Fokker DR1, McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, Lockheed C-130, Sikorsky's UH-60 Black Hawk and many more. 192 pages. In brand new mint condition. $40.00.

MUSTANG - A LIVING LEGEND. All about the Mustang and the Mustangs that are still around. 128 pages with color photos every page. In brand new mint condition. $20.00.

NIEUPORT AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR ONE. This book is all about the Nieuport aircraft. 64 pages with 2-3 photos per page. $20.00.

PIONEERS OF FLIGHT. This book tells the story of the many pioneers of flight and their aeroplanes, including the Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss, Lindbergh, Ornithopters, Dirigibles, Helicopters, Gliders, and many more. 93 pages with loads of pictures. In brand new mint condition. $15.00.

S.E.5a IN ACTION. History of the S.E.5a with 50 pages and 2-3 photos per page. In brand new mint condition. $5.00.

SHUTTLEWORTH - THE HISTORIC AEROPLANES. This book includes the following aircraft from the Shuttleworth Collection: Bristol F2B Fighers, D.H. 60X Moth, Gloster Gladiator, Hawker Hind, Percival Gull-Six, 1909 Bleriot, 1910 Deperdussin, 1910 Bristol Boxkite, 1910 Avro Triplane, 1912 Blackburn, 1915 Avro, 1916 Sopwith Pup and Triplane, and over 30 more aircraft. Beautiful photographs of aircraft on the ground and inflight. Tells the story of all these airplanes. In brand new mint condition. $25.00.

SPAD FIGHTERS IN ACTION. This is an accurate history of the Spad World War One fighter aircraft. 50 pages with 2-3 photos per page. In brand new mint condition. $5.00.

SPITFIRE - A LIVING LEGEND. This book is all about the Spitfire and its many pilots. 120 pages with beautiful photographs. In brand new mint condition. $20.00.

THE GREAT BOOK OF WORLD WAR II AIRPLANES. 646 pages which covers the production and development of 12 classic aircraft including P-38 Lightning, P-51 Mustang, B-17 Flying Fortress, Hellcat, F4U Corsair, Spitfire, Mosquito, Lancaster, Messerschmitt Bf109, Focke-Wulf Fw190, Ju87 Stuka and Zero Fighter. 516 illustrations with over 400 Full-Color illustrations including 24 Fold-Out panels suitable for framing. In brand new mint condition. $145.00.

THE JOLLY ROGERS - THE STORY OF TOM BLACKBURN AND NAVY FIGHTING SQUADRON VF-17. 270 pages. In brand new mint condition. $20.00.

THE NATIONAL AIR & SPACE MUSEUM. The author has written brilliantly recreating the spirit of the five major new galleries in the Museum - Early Flight, Golden Age of Flight, Jet Aviation, Looking at Earth, and Stars. This book includes a completely updated Aerospace Chronology, Technical Appendix, Bibliography and Index with 300 illustrations, 241 plates in full color, including many double-page spreads and foldouts. 498 pages. Brand New Book. $75.00.

THE NATIONAL AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM, VOLUME ONE, AIR, THE STORY OF FLIGHT. This book includes the stunning color photographs from the Hall of Air Transportation, the galleries devoted to balloons and airships, sea-air operations, aviation in both World Wars, and more. 160 pages with loads of colored photos. In brand new mint condition. $25.00.

THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN AIRCRAFT. This book tells the stories of the Wright Brothers, the Loughead Brothers, Glenn Curtiss, Glenn Martin, Donald Douglas, and Bill Boeing; from Charles Lindbergh's daring crossing of the Atlantic in 1927 to the non-stop round-the-world-flight of the Rutan Voyager. 208 pages with over 300 photographs and drawings in vibrant colors. In brand new mint condition. $25.00.

THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF FIGHTER AIRCRAFT. This is the story in pictures and words of Fighters of the First World War, Fighters of the Interwar Years, Fighters of the Second World War, The Last Props and the First Jets, the Second Generation of Jet Fighters and Fighters of the Modern Age. 192 pages with hundreds of photos. In brand new mint condition. $30.00.

THE RAND MCNALLY ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MILITARY AIRCRAFT 1914-1980. This book is the most complete, authentic and spectacular book of its kind ever prepared. It depicts and describes all of the world's principal military aircraft produced from the outbreak of World War I to the present day. There are 800 types, ranging from fighters and bombers to reconnaissance planes and trainers with 1,706 airplanes shown in color, 16 color charts, 252 photographs, 772 cutaway drawings and seven color diagrams. Full-color illustrations are paired with capsule descriptions that provide extensive technical information on each plane, including insignia, manufacturer, type, year, engine, wingspan, length, height, weight, maximum speed, ceiling, range, armament, and crew. 544 pages. In brand new mint condition. $75.00.

US NAVY AIRCRAFT FROM 1921-1941 & US MARINE CORPS AIRCRAFT FROM 1914-1959. With over 1000 photographs combined, these 2 volumes are the definitive record of the formative years for Navy and Marine Corps aviation. The author's emphasis is on squadron use, experimental and one-of-a-kind types, insignia, colors and marking schemes, technical innovations, and the service duty and tactical deployment of the various aircraft. 203 pages. In brand new mint condition. $25.00.

WAR BIRDS. This book includes: Mustangs, Skyraiders, Corsairs, B-17's, P-28's, B-25's, DC-3's, Junkers, Jungmeisters, Messerschmitts, P-40's, F8F Bearcats, Tiger Moths, Spitfires, Hawker Furies, T-6's and many more. 128 pages with color photos on every page. In brand new mint condition. $25.00.

WORLD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CIVIL AIRCRAFT FROM LEONARDO DAVINCI TO THE PRESENT. This book covers decade by decade, every model and type of nonmilitary aircraft from the Wright Flyer to the Columbia space shuttle. It contains technical and historical information about the development of balloons, airships, landplanes, seaplanes, helicopters, cargo and passenger carriers, racing planes, aerobatic aircraft, gliders, STOL and VTOL airplanes and experimental high-altitude research aircraft, including spacecraft. 414 pages, 3,000 illustrations with more than 1,200 in full color. Thousands of individual models with complete performance specifications. In brand new mint condition. $50.00.
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