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Default Pipe Coating

I've been expressing for a long time that the exhaust systems should be coated. All these over priced exhaust systems come with polished finishes that look like crap after a few outings.. So PLEASE don't come in this thread, and tell me how your polished pipe still looks like new. BS! I really like the HC on the JP pipes, and the HC on the Dyna pipes, as I beleive this is off road racing, and we should be shooting for efficiency, not looks. SO over the past couple years I've had a few different pipes coated in a couple different coatings. First I had some pipes done in a hard anodize. They were great!, looked good, cleaned up real easy, and didn't affect performance. Now just recently I had a pipe ceramic coated, and it looks great, but i haven't ran it yet, so I'm not sure how it will clean up, and or affect performance. I will post some feedback Monday..

Does anybody feel the same? Would guys pay for a coating service, if one was easily available? Any thoughts, or comments are welcome! Thanks!

check out my 2060

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you hit the nail with that one!!!!!
I for one hate the fact that after 2 race weekends a brand new pipe can look like its 5 years old, I have been running JP pipes just for the reason they look the same run after run. I want to try the nova pipes and I just purchased a 2050 but its depressing to know after 2 weekends its going to look like a 50 dollar pipe. If it was available to get them coated in a way that lasted like the JP's did then I would be all over it.
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Has anybody ever tried Powder Coating a pipe?
I'm wondering if it would be durable enough to
last on a pipe? I know it doesn't chip off as easy
as paint.
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I wouldn'd powder coat. Ads to much weight. You do know how to clean 'em, right? Old crook pot and anti-freeze on high 2-3 hours, looks like new.

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I've always thought about having the Jet Hot coating on a pipe (they coat headers and exhaust for full scale cars)


And you can get it in different colors
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FYI, the only difference between a hard coat anodize and the bright polished pipe is the addition of a bright dip and the length of time & current of the anodize step. The HC just has a greater build up of aluminum oxide. But, you can't beat HC anodize for durability there are very few coatings as tough.

BTW all pipes I use on my trucks are powder coated. IMO it helps the pipe hold a more even temp from header to stinger. (can't prove it though)
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I've been meaning to powder-coat an old 086 I have laying around to try it out. My small business involves powder-coating and I've got a lot of colors.

I think the Losi pipes are powder-coated, but don't hold me to that. The one that was on my old RTR and the new RE-11 pipe I have appear to be something other than anodized.

I thought that anodized finishes were matte, not glossy. Another Dynamite pipe I have is the hard-coated anodized, but it's rather glossy. Perhaps they're using a top coat like clear powder-coat?

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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I just clean the polished pipes with some Nu-Finish car polish. Keeps the pipe looking new race after race.
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pipe looks sweet Joe...........and yes, I would pay to have pipes hardcoated if someone did it professionally
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I like the looks of the polished too but hate the way they look after a bit, I use spray oven cleaner spray cough wipe spray cough wipe LOL and after 2 or 3 times they are ok. I had the JP pipes and like the coating just not the pipes. I like the AE 2035 that stuff can take a jackhammer on it too is that powder coating. Oh yeah I would pay for that.
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I just had my os 2050 lightly sand blasted and spray painted with high heat aluminium paint. Do you guys think it will hold up. I am new to the hobby and didnt now how to clean my pipe. I used oven cleaner and it made the pipe look worst.
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Default hard coat

like you said its performance not looks that count so why do you need pretty coloured hard coat when t cut brings polished pipes a treat
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If someone were to offer a convenient service for not too much $$ I would certainly be interested in having some pipes done. IMO the hard coated pipes lasts soo much longer than polished. Not even just appearence but also the actual strength of the pipe. Plus I hate the way polished pipes look after a couple of runs. I really don't even like the look of polished pipes new. Too blingy for me.
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That pipe in the first pic looks awesome. Was it a new pipe to start with? Ive got a couple used but in good shape OS pipes I might be interested on doing that too.
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Thanks for all the replies! I can see some of you are with me on this, and some just don't get it.. Me saying that looks don't matter, doesn't mean that i don't like my stuff clean. as far as cleaning, i would like to be able to wipe clean, or even give a quick wet sand, i'm not cooking pipes in a crock pot, that's just ridiculous. I'm considering offering a service on my web site, based on a schedule. That way i can do a batch a month. what do you think?

Jason Miller,
Thanks! The pipe in the pics was used before the coating was done.. I'll be testing the pipe this Sunday, and if all goes well, I'll be doing another batch asap. If you are interested shoot me a PM
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