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ok well as far as the pro class should be a privlage that can be lost!!!! as dana said PROFESSIONAL...when was the last time u saw a dirty NASCAR race where they got outta their cars and yelled at each other???(haha oh man so much for a good example) ..but ne ways if u cant stay with the standards of a pro...then u shouldnt be one!!! of course rules and regs would have to be set out...but if sumone works hard enough to become a "PRO" and race in that class...shouldnt they be able to race fo a lil cash???? and no one said that the payout had to be at every race...make it a series..and the payout is what ur workin for the whole time...every race counts..then its not who was the best that one weekend...its who can put it down on the loose dirt. the hard pack, and everything in between!!!!
and as for the hackin deal.....pros r pros....if u cant recover from a hack in a 30 min main...thats ur own falt(unless of course ur car breaks) but within reason racin is jus that...givin a bump to pass git-r-done style sorry but its part of racin every has been a victom of it and every one has done it!!!!! am i wrong..cause if i am sumone tell me!!!
im sure that in every racer there is a part that can hack wit the best of em...but they also kno when i deserve it back but like every thing else...racers kno what is acceptable and what isnt so really it would be the racers that make it or break it in the end!!!!!

in my book bring the mula....jus be ready to bring every thing that comes wit it
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Default money race

why is it a bad thing if the same three or four people get the cash every time. they are the people dedicating themselves to racing. i know that Larry, Ryan, and Marcus put in hours and hours on thier cars, so they deserve it. i know we all spend time but they spend more than 90% of us. thats why they are at the top. My point is this, the fastest people on the track deserve the money. period. and nobody that i have met in this sport would sacrifice thier reputation for some cash.


if the money brings factory driver than more power to them. that is just going to elevate everyone driving. who cares if they get the money, its not like they are rich.
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...i think seperating pro to regular might be a bad idea for now

we all like to race with the fast guys cause we all think we are fast guys we are not far off the pace
it would also leave the pro guys in a smaller class and deciding who to seperate might be tough because of how close everyone is ,by just seconds of each other

and with track changes the times change and a new standard from pro to regular would be inforced
then the issue of all the tracks doing it the same
it could become real tough...

I missed the hank this year
but how big was the 1/8th buggy novice class?

last year there were like 30 1/8th scales in ameture buggy
it was awesome to see alot of new people in the sport

thats why we have the racers we have now at the series everyone starts somewere and we need to remember them
almost as much as the guys that win
cause they pay the same fees everyone does for the fun of r/c racing
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Originally posted by TURBO JOHNNY
I missed the hank this year
but how big was the 1/8th buggy novice class?
Just one class this year, no pro/sportsman...80 1/8th scales.
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Default Dash for cash...

Wow this topic sure has generated some long responses.

I would support the idea of racing for cash prizes-- if it is done in voluntary and fair way. For example, at the club level, I've seen this work well when you have an optional race at the end of the day after all the As have been run- sometimes called "Dash for Cash". It adds another exciting race for the day (and sometimes a chance for people to redeem themselves!)

Everyone who wants to participate can chip in some fixed amount...say $1-$10. If your car is broken, you can opt out before the dash for cash is run and get your money back. Then you can award the top three and split the pot...say, 60/30/10 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. That way people who don't want to participate (for what ever reason) don't have to pay and they can pack up and leave earlier.

Obviously, this wouldn't work at a two day event because there isn't time to run the extra races. However, you can still sign up a pool of people who want to participate in the cash prizes and just let the normal race standings determine the payout. That way its entirely possible that the cash could go to 1-2-3 in the B if nobody in the A happened to participate.

In either case, cash prizes could be supplemented with factory hop-ups, T shirts, gift certificates, etc.

On a slightly different topic, I have an idea for promoting our hobby. If we could get some of the top RC publications to donate a couple dozen of the latest issues, we could hand these out free to spectators. Thats kinda how I got hooked on wife brought home an issue of Car Action and I bought my first TMaxx a week later.

There have been some great ideas posted on this topic...I hope we can make something work.

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A lot of other sports... clasify "Pro" as someone who gets discounts or free equipment where the general public doesn't.
Reciepts for equipment are required. at tech time.

-- simple seperation.
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I love the magazine handout idea. I think that I will bring some of this stack of back issues to the 4th of July race that FW is putting on to hand out to the crowd. I get rid of old mag's and people see what is happening in the sport. All for free.
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Topless female corner marshells would help with the anger issue... and a male one for Steve... wouldn't want him to bitch :-P
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Default Re: Hacking

Originally posted by motoazure

In regards to the hacking topic. We need to consider that we are driving an 1/8 or 1/10 scale car at speeds that would equal about 300mph to scale. This, on an off-road track with bumps and jumps. I'm sure there is some hacking going on, but NOBODY can hold a line on an offroad loamy track for 45 minutes straight going that fast. Some drivers seem to expect perfection from everybody driving within 5 feet of them. They expect that everybody is driving the same line and speed that they are. The leader can and should demand an open line from lap traffic - everbody else can use their skills to determine if they should risk a pass, a hack, or to just hang back. Isn't this what will seperate the men from the boyz?

I agree with you 100%
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HACK ON!!!!!
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Default hacking

oh i can see it now, someone hacks the leader and gets the crap beat out of them, literally thrown off the drivers stand, put in the hospital and of course, the track, that is in a public park, with lots of spectators watching, is closed down permanently, because;

you drove..............stupid.
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Brian, you have more of a future in comedy than .......... battery installation

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There is a difference between incidental contact and say...............


"Squaring up"

"and T-Boning a 12 year old"

did I just write that out loud???
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he hasent hacked me yet and I already wanting to kick brian and mikes a$$ all I have to say is WAF

money would work just expect a fight now and then

and for money you can bet Ill take your ass out doesnt matter if your lapping me or Im trying to pass you , or you trying to pass me

its take out time
for all that can hang...bring it...
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