introduction thread!!

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I have been racen on and off for the past 10yrs i am falling in love with my t4 and will prob be selling my b4 soon i race at TRCR when i am in the country. I hope to see you all there, my name is Josh
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Hey everyone, my name is Hans. I'm living in Vancouver, wa. Just started racing off road 1/8 nitro this year and had a blast. Come from full sized racing but needed something less stressfull to do and have fun but still be challenging, R/C seemed perfect. Anyway glad to be part of the northwest scene.
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Hello my name is Andrew Nipas I grew up racing MX at all the local So Cal tracks and NW Tracks.. Ive been racing RC cars now for about two months in the stock truck class and loving the energy/competitiveness..RC racing is so much like any kind of Motorsport racing thats why I love it so much already and the people who are serious about it are nice and always willing to help if your willing to listen, you cant find that help and friendliness in any other Motorsport...RC racing is super fun and is good hobby to do for the family and friends..
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Attended my first Hangar 30 event last week. And am stoked to add an on-road car to my collection. Been bashing a Slash VXL for a few years and just loving the hobby.

Also picked up a Losi Micro Rally for bashing around the office and getting in some carpet racing - ha!
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Hi My name is Derry an I'm an alcho.... Oh wait wrong forum.
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i am glad that everyone is using this thread as it was really intended , its awesome!!!!

to introduce
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Default Greeting from Team G

Hey gang I'm lantz G. been running and racing r/c cars since 81, started out in Lincoln,Neb. at the local hobbytown usa track behind the firestone tire shop. I moded my grasshopper won a race and stuck with racing in region 9 til age 15,then moved to VEGAS BABY. Ya in vegas R/C racing is hot 24/7 open tracks. I soo got my ass handed too me time and time again in that scene. I kept racing in vegas till age 21(bars I guess became more fun for me then). At 24 moved to Bend Oregon. to find a wife that would let me snowboard,mt bike, play hockey (love hockey), and still love me when i come home stinky or drunk or both. Ya I found such a woman here and we have 3 great kids that most of you will meet at some point. So with a new game a foot (mariage) I had too slow down some of my activities and sadly r/c cars was one of the passions I had too set a side for a while in order to keep this rare and wonderfull wife. Ten years ago when my 3 kids were all born and growing nicely I decided to go see a man named ED... Ed helped me show me path back to the joys and pain of r/c cars. Ed said try this traxxas stamped out for a while " it will make your dick hard" he said. Two week later I drove to Vegas to my dads place loaded all my r/c cars and all the crap that comes with them and drove back to Bend streight shot was in vegas 3 whole hours long enough to say" hi dad help me pack this RC stuff into my car will ya" ... and drove off. A week later I saw a mugen MBX at D's Hobbies on consingment and bought it. I was living across the street from the gift road r/c car track at the time, man let me tell you their is nothing like having a nice track next door to use as you please when you please. So here I am it is 2011, my son Chandler is 14 and wants to Race with the olman, We broke the bank getting my older cars running and even managed to purchase a nice Losi 8T (thx Dave). I formed Team G Racing (father son grassroots) and plan on showing my son as much of the world of competive R/C racing is like. We are members of ROAR and will be entering races in both west coast reagions. Giving our loyality to D's hobbies and HDRC. Team G racing will be racing in 1/24 SCT st/mod, 1/16 SCT st indoor racing, 1/10 indoor/outdoor elec st/mod truck and 1/8 nitro buggy/truggy. The Team has secured our first local sponcer and we are excited that REDHAND STUDIOS has seen fit to help us with logistics and Race coverage, DVD sales and Training video services. Along with Kevin Stamback Construction LLC for sponcering the teams fuel and food needs. thx guys for the support.
We are looking forward to getting to meet and race with the rest of the Northwest racers this year at as many of the 2011 events we can.
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Hey folks!

My name is Kyle, but all my friends call me Pyro. I live near Missoula Montana, and I'm considered a newbie when it comes to the r/c hobby, although I've had several growin up. When I was a kid, I had several electric cars and stadium trucks, but I knew NOTHIN more than how to drive them. when I was in high school, a friend got me hooked on nitro rigs, I have a passion for loud, fast, gas burnin toys! Again, I know nothin about the mechanics, or the parts. My first nitro was the Nitro Rustler. I ended up bashin the crap out of it, then put what was left in a box (where it still sits). About 6 years ago, I bought a Team Associated MGT 4.60 SE. I LOVE this truck! A friend of mine (in Oregon) is a nitro genius, so he tuned my truck for me, unfortunately he's a horrible teacher, so I learned NOTHIN about that. I ran it for about a year, then melted the spur gear on the track. Didn't really know what I needed to fix it, so it sat in a box next to the nitro Rustler for about 5 years. I finally got the itch to fix it, so the parts are en route! It's not really runnin too good, so I still need to figure out how to properly tune it. I'm tryin my hardest to find a local who will take a willin newb under their wing, and teach me the basics. I'm also tryin to find a track around here to race the beast.

Enough about me, I have some research to do on this site
So I'll see you around.

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Hi All,
my Name is Steve, I have been into RC cars over the years but have just recently dove back in headfirst again and picked up a new setup that I would like to start racing.

Now that I am getting reacquainted and have little experience tuning the newer standard of Brushless RC's I hope to pick up a few tips and tricks along the way.

I am going to concentrate on 1/8th scale Electric with my new RC8BE and I am looking forward to crashing/running on some of the Local NW tracks in the King and Snohomish county areas.

My wife and I will most likely travel together and I look forward to meeting everyone who enjoys this timeless hobby.
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Default New Jack!!

Hey everyone im brett. Just heard about this site i live in everett wa. I race minis at the moment with jesse munn if u know him. Im currently looking to get a 2wd short course truck n start running some of the bigger trucks. see ya around
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Default from WA

What's up guys?

I'm Edgar, I live in Kent WA and have a few diferent types or rc cars but I spend the majority of time with my BAJAS

just browsing and seeing what's out there in the north west
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Default New to the Hanger 30 hide out

Hi All,

I'm the guy in the shadows bothering all the good people at hanger 30 about racing again.

I have my nitro 4tec and nitro firestorm ready to do something with and will be looking into here to find all the good electric deals, seeing that if I want to race anyone close by, it has to be electric.

Hope to meet and race some of you all.

Peace and be gentle to others around the corners.
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Default whats up

hey peoples my name is Nick. My cars/trucks of choice are a tc6, xxt, a slash, And a slash 4x4 and now an sc10. I race both of my slashes at j & s hobbies and have been doing it for 3 years. i spend time wrenching on my rc's, working on my 70 Ford Bronco, racing mortocycles, trail riding and racing karts. I love racing anything!! i love the difficultly of running 4wd and 2wd shortcourse and hope the class never dies!!!!!

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hi, my name is Cole. i live pretty close to Magnuson park. im pretty new to the hobby with a traxxas bandit i halfway converted to a rustler. i built a small track in my backyard for my nephew and i to run around in but have been diying for some competition. is hangar 30 still going, and where exactly is it? how and where do i go to sign up for this rc club.
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Hello My name is Greg... I have been into r/c for a few years... just Purchased a Hyper 10tt!!! Pretty much just bash!!! Love jumping!!! I live in Seattle..
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