Brownies Hobbies - Racing again in Staten Island, NY!

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  • We look forward to seeing all the old faces and the new ones too at the track. Our hobby has changed a bunch over the years, but one thing stayed the same. FUN and Friend!! I'm looking forward to seeing all of you this summer. Getting to run some of my old cars will be great!! If you have any questions call me @ the hobby shop (718)727-2194

    Well it's finally here RACING @ THE BEACH 2015 (pending)

    The schedule is as follows:
    New dates will be up soon!

    I hope this schedule fits into your schedule as well. With everything going on in all our lives, schedules are tight. So I did the best I could to fit races in and this is what I came up with. Lets make 2016 at the beach as much fun as last year.


    More details are available on our website -

    John Brown
  • thats right everyone, racing is alive and kicking at brownies hobbies its gonna be fast and fun parking lot racing at its best and for those who have tamiya cars bring em down cause we are gonna race em look foward to seein everyone this summer. and again if anyone has any questions please contact john at the hobby shop and visit for more race info
  • Just a little more info about Brownie's Hobbies racing. We will have bathroom and food facilities in walking distance. The racing will be held at Midland Beach. A newly paved section of what used to be a roller rink.
  • 5 minutes from my house. of course i'll be there now i can buy my first mini cooper (i always wanted that thing)
  • Yes! I will be there.
  • Wow, this is great! Some of the most fun racing was at the old
    Brownie's track at Hooters! Fire hoses and all. Good luck guys!
  • I'll be there!!..........And I'm bringing the Cooper!
  • Hey guys with respect to the Mini Cooper or m-chassis class I was thinking to keep it a real competitive class and also to keep it fair I would buy a bunch of Tamiya 540 silver can motors and on the first race have the racers purchase them for a discounted price and I would keep some on hand through out the season for anyone coming to later races or for you guys who want to have a spare. Lets hear from you Mini racers out there. If you want you can post here or call me at the shop.
  • mini coopers might be huge. i just ordered 1 from john brown today
  • Quote: mini coopers might be huge. i just ordered 1 from john brown today

    Might be??? M chassis was always the most popular class with Brownies. It's a great class that doesn't have the kill or be killed attitude that TC has.

    I wonder if Willy still has my M04.
  • Great idea having the Mini Cooper motors come from you John. Keeps things at a level playing field.
  • I'm fine with you supplying the motors John.

    Charlie R
  • it's better off having john supply the motors. try to keep it even
  • O.K. it looks like you guys are in favor of me getting the 540 motors. I think its the right decision. It will make for some great racing and more fun also. I'm still looking for more fire hose. If anybody has any or knows where some is I will be happy to go and take the ride to pick it up. Keep your eyes open for it. Talk to you soon with more up dates
  • John or Craig: Is this only tamiya racing? If not will there be a brushless class? 17.5? 13.5? 10.5? just wondering. It's great to see someone else running some Parking lot racing in the 5 boroughs..