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Old 11-30-2002, 06:19 PM   #76
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We have the same arguement here. The NTC3's are constantly breaking parts (especially the front diff gear) with the least of knocks yet I have managed to run a Yokomo GT4 for over a year without braking any parts and on one occassion it was 5 foot in the air after catching a high inner curb at the end of the main straight at full pelt. The NTC3 is weak in comparison to most cars but it is still competitive and can win weekly if not being bashed about.
The only bad thing is the drive shaft system. When the chassis bends or gets a tweak it binds the shaft and really causes havoc on the diff gears. That is why all the top manufactures (Mugen, Serpent, STS Racing, Yokomo, Kyosho and Trinity) all use Belt drive. Belt drive also reduces the slop in the drive train and effectively increases the drivability of the front wheels.
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Old 11-30-2002, 08:49 PM   #77
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you ntc3 guys really do love your cars dont you

i think thats great if the car makes you happy i dont want to change your minds but you cant chage mine either

i have had both cars myself and from my own personal experience i like my mugen much better i can drive it better and easily it is the car i like best

i hope that there are alot of different cars out there that are good it keeps things interesting

it seems that you take the things being said about ntc3 pretty personallly of course there are happy ntc3 owners

i think the shaft drive idea is a great one there is no drag or slop in the system and that makes it very fast and parts are cheap and easy to find

just not the car for me anymore and i know others who have said the same that is all im saying

it does say alot how much you ntc3 owner care about your cars
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Old 11-30-2002, 09:13 PM   #78
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No I dont take it Personally I just get tired Of hearing all the negitive and Never the Positive about Any car weather its a Mugen/Ae/Serpent Etc Like the Thread on the new Mugen all the People that Never had one or owned One want to Bash it For some reason...Like what are we going to Do about tires and the Offset..... what about this what about that Then when Its realeased its a great Car and they Have started a Rumor or worse that People arguing about something that Never was. Like i said I will too Soon Be a Mugen Driver and From Past experance From seeing other Mugens on the track they Will Be a great car Sure it will have some Minor Flaws Like any car thats made I dont ever rember a Car that Didnt have Problems Yet they want to Bash the whole car and not worry about having Fun at the Track
If everyone was so Smart and Knew it all Why Aint they Building their own Kits I sure would Buy One if it was a perfect car. and it never needed hop-ups or Design Mods of some sort. I was Just stating I personally Never had many Problems With My car or anyone In Our Club for that matter that Runs the NTC3. I just wonder what they are doing to these cars to Bust so many parts when I have hit everything in site or Not in site and have broke no more then 50.00 in parts for the whole year. I cant wait until i get a Mugen MTX3 so I will have something to Mount My Extra D.Ritchey Engine To race on the Bigger tracks.
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Old 12-01-2002, 12:39 AM   #79
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i dont want to add fuel to the fire, but i wanted to voice my opinion on something.

first, everyone has different takes on cars, so take it easy: this is a hobby, not forum wars. but it is important to give different perspective to potential buyers since magazines reviews like RCCA isnt worth a crap when shopping for a car.

with that in mind, this is what i think about each car and their respective companies.

NTC3: i looked at the design and it seems they have some bugs to work out. I really dislike the location of the carb of the engine after its mounted on the chassis. and i dont like the fact that the left and right weight distributions change as the fuel is depleted. i've had an RC10GT before and i have to say i did break a fair amount of parts. a lot of people like AE's quality but i beg to differ.

705: i have not seen this car, but i have seen my friend's impulse before and it is fast... after the parts are broken in. many people complain about parts availability and price, so thats that. but also, the parts fit is far from perfect. my friend also bought a veteq that required a lot of handfitting, more than i'd ever car to do unless i was scratch building. very durable.

mtx3: again i have not seen it. but after seeing an MRX3 i can safely say any mugen car is a safe bet. the parts fit is damn near perfect and the finish is awesome.

V1RR: my personal car so i have the a lot to share on this one. i like the design and at the time it had more features than other cars (centax clutch being one of them). it is durable, but there are some stuff lacking in the current kit. the chassis could be nicer, where competing cars are now including machined chassis, this one has a stamped chassis. the fuel tank is a little high, and requires aftermarket chassis to "properly" remedy this. of course some of this is nit picking, and overall it is a great kit.

For now i'd go with kyosho or mugen. I cant say i've been impressed by AE or serpent overall but i was pleased with how mugen and kyosho products turned out. Buy the car that suits your personality, as a car should be reflective of yourself. If you like an NTC3 or a Serpent, by all means get one. Just remember to have some fun
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Old 12-19-2002, 01:33 AM   #80
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my brother and i own all of the above cars except the v1RR.

we have 2 impulse pro spec: good tough car with very smooth belt system..but the parts cost a bomb and hard to find.

when the new cars came in, i bought the NTC3 and my brother bought the MTX3. both are totally different in design from the impulse which we ran last season.

MTX3: i believe this is the car of the year... everything is there, sway bars, centax, good fuel tank, it even came with foams wheels and a manifold... love the look and design too.

but why i bought the ntc3 instead? it is because of this forum and a few others.. the wealth of knowledge in here is more then enough to run a car... yes it is weak... comparing the 3 cars, i would ssay the impulse are the strongest of them all. but when i drove the NTC3 for the very first time, gosh... it so free drivingi can hardly believe it.. as i'm more suited to the coasting driving style, i think NTC3 will help me improve on my driving..

NTC3: weak parts/ but all issue can be solved. just need some time..

MTX3: only issue so far.. rear brakes biding, front dog bone too short, crash bar are junk...

just me 2 cents..
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Old 12-19-2002, 06:52 AM   #81
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what do you mean when you say crash bar?
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