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  • has anyone tried the Proline Opel Calibra body on their nitro touring car?
    What are your opinions about it, because I have a personal affinity for Opel rc car bodies (vectra).
  • got any pictures of it?
  • It handles really good. I used during my touring car days. It looks cool too.
  • Alright, thanks! That is what I wanted to hear. Unfortunately, I cuoldn't find a picture of it in Proline's web site yet but I've seen it in magazines, on other people's cars and the truly nice-but not raceable one from Tamiya. Its also in GT3 if you have the game on PS2.
  • hoping to get the PS2 soon, my PSone just died in the ass
  • i have gt3 and ya, the calibra is nice, very nice, also very sleek
  • Are you talking about the Calibra (vectra based) or Astra Coupe V8??? The V8 is the current car running in the DTM series and the new PF shell......Calibra is quite old now?
  • Yes it is the Astra, but proline calls it the calibra What ever.
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by Im2lazy
    Yes it is the Astra, but proline calls it the calibra What ever.
    The Astra I believe is new. Nice I believe they also come with additional wing mount made from carbon??

    The whole assembly somehow makes the wing mount very high... Me thinks it'll give a nice downforce
  • Just plasic, not carbon. Kind of like the tamiya setups, I think, but probably sturdier. And it is supposed to be adjustable. we'll see.
  • is this it?

  • No.

    It's the one talked about above, the Astra V8 DTM car....it comes with additional wing mounts and the wing can be cut so it has (or LOOKS to have) multiple elments....
  • Well that was the only vectra i could find so yeah, i threw it in, and it was on the pro-line website

    has n e 1 found a foto of this thing?
  • here ya go..... It's ProtoForm # 1446
  • Damn! Is tht big enough!?!?

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