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  • hi i have a nitro rs4 rtr3 and im pretty new to the rc hobby ......i finaly am ready to make my car faster i have a 2 speed put into it and thats it .....i want to put a cvec pipe on it heres the link......

    i was wondering if that would be a good pipe for my car ......please e-mail me with your awnser at [email protected] and please e-mal me with any other hop-up parts for my car that would make it faster ......thanks Ryan
  • The cvecs are great pipes. Most people don't take the time or dislike the fact that they have to adjust the baffle to their particular engine. I like them, it can really bring the best out of your engine. If you serious about making it faster then you need to ditch the stock engine. I think your money would be better spent. Then you could always get the cvec later.

    But, that's just my 2.5 cents worth of opinion.
  • yeah I agree, all the rtr3's have a decent tuned pipe anyway, but if its a non evo it has a one-piece cast manifold (big ugly fined thing bolted to the engine) which is rubbish, sort of defies the whole idea of using the cvec pipe really. I doubt you will get any extra power out of the motor, would look rather tasty though
    A .18 os with side exhaust and rotary carb would do nicely if your lookin for extra speed, more like extra extra speed!!
    Also a Nitro Star 18SS would also make your car go like stink.
  • Yeah Hesky, I agree. The O.S. .18 cv-r is going for right around a 100.00 dollars. Much more bang for your buck. A good all around engine, that stays tuned and lasts a long time if maintained properly. I am putting that engine into HPI's MT Racer, along with the cvec. I'll have all I can do to keep it on the ground.

    Even with the stock exhaust it will be a much more noticable difference. I just don't think the cvec can pull any more out of the stock motor.
  • yup, bang for your buck exactly! its a better engine than the hpi nitro star imo and a good 60 bucks less!
  • now can i get a 2 speed tranny for it???? if so please list a website with it on there plz ty..
  • also....whats a good pipe for the nitro rs4 rtr3 that will fit on the
    O.S. .18 cv-r?
  • THS racing do a really nice tuned pipe set for the rtr3 which includes a decent header.

    or you could buy the header used on the rtr3 and a cvec pipe but it might cost more together. you really want to dump the standard cast header if your kit has that one.

    both set-ups would work great.
  • now will the t.h.s. pipe and manifold fit on the O.S. .18 cv-r engine?
  • Yes, it has the same size manifold as the one pictured above.
  • you asked about the 2-speed transmission, hpi make a kit to fit directly onto the nitro 3, part number is 86038 and you can find that on tower hobbies to.
    if your gonna get that os engine remember you have to get some engine mounts as the 15fe motor bolts directly onto the chassis, also get the same crank type so you can fit the clutchbell on it.

    ok to sum it up you have 4 main things to think about when you put a different engine in a car.

    -type of carb
    -exhaust port orientation
    -crankshaft type
    -engine mounting

    I recommend you to take it one step at a time, your car will be significantly quicker with an extra gear and all that extra power from that os .18 motor!!

    good luck! and have fun with your soon to be new and improved nitro 3
  • will the niro3 2 speed tranny fit onto the os engine????......also can u plz provide a link for the motor mount........ty
  • nitro3*

    theres cooler looking engine mounts, but these will do the job for just over 3 dollars!
    if you dont want those mounts make sure you get a set that are the same hight, some are 15mm and are ment for non pullstart setups.

    ok the specific os engine you want is the .18 CV-RX (code OSMG2104), this has a standard crank, rotary carb and recoil starter that will fit in your nitro 3.....

    If you want to do it really cheap, go for the hpi black manifold upgrade for your nitro3 which i showed you in my last post and stick with the stock tuned pipe you got with the kit, get those no frills engine mounts and stick that cheap os motor in there. like in this pic.....

    thats under 130 all in for some serious power!! add a 2 speed transmission and you have some serious top end to! (the 2 speeder will fit on the os motor no probs)
  • Thanks Hesky for that great pic. I tried to get one of my set up and it was nowhere near as clear as that. I am using the same mounts and header as you showed him. And you covered everything I was going to add.

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