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  • Here is the list of favourites from an italian website....rated A,B,C.....etc.

    A Takaaki Shimo Giappone
    A Dario Balestri Italia
    A Lamberto Collari Italia
    A Massimo Fantini Italia
    A Daniele Ielasi Italia
    A Alberto Picco Italia
    A Francesco Tironi Italia
    A Adrien Bertin Lussemburgo
    A Rick Vrielijnck Olanda
    A Surikam Chaidejsuriya Tailandia
    A Joshua Cyrul USA

    B Illia Van Gastel Belgio
    B Franck Bestel Francia
    B Richard Volta Francia
    B Oliver Mack Germania
    B Robert Pietsch Germania
    B Michael Salven Germania
    B Keisuke Fukuda Giappone
    B Ken Furukawa Giappone
    B Kenji Osaka Giappone
    B Masao Tanaka Giappone
    B David Spashett Gran Bretagna
    B Teodorio Teddi Syah Indonesia
    B Stefano Colombini Italia
    B Giuseppe D'Angelo Italia
    B Fabio Domanin Italia
    B Andrea Pirani Italia
    B Markus Geisendorf Svizzera
    B Ralph Burch USA
    B Mike Swauger USA
    B Cris Tosolini USA

    C Manuel Huber Austria
    C Steven Cuypers Belgio
    C Bernard Alain Arnaldi Francia
    C Daniel Hurth Francia
    C Sèbastien Zatla Francia
    C Bastian Gramlich Germania
    C Andrea Cristiani Italia
    C Erick Fagnocchi Italia
    C Umberto Gentile Italia
    C Walter Salemi Italia
    C Stefano Solaroli Italia
    C Marco Vanni Italia
    C Jemej Vuga Slovenia
    C Daniel Vega Spagna
    C Mikael Fransson Svezia
    C Mattia Pesenti Svizzera
  • Quote: Hi Guys...

    I have subscribe to sgrid website last night to get more updates for the worlds championship.

    Unfortunately, i'm unable to login or change my password ? Paypal has accepted my payment as per their records.

    Is it due to the processing taking 3 to 4 days then will i be able to have access ? Anyone encounter similiar problems ?

    Appreciate any help. Thanks !
    I have the same problem. I received an error message on the starting grid website after I had confirmed my paypal payment.

    Let me know if you find out what's going on.

  • hey guys just wonting to know were i can get uptodate ifon on the worlds
    thanks guys

    go team serpent
  • Does anybody know the link for the live online update ? I heard that there is gonna be a website with on-time live results as the race goes on. MORE photos have been posted on RB Concepts website today. Here is Kevin Woods:

    2005 IFMAR 1/8 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP-kevin-woods.jpg  

  • After first day practise
    Collari Bertin, Shimo look the fastest.
    Sirio donks are screaming down the Straight.
    Update compliments from Snowy.AU.

    Go the Snowman.
  • May we know what Italian wensite it is? Very excited to see and read more.
  • round 1 practise
    Bertin fastest followed by Picco.
    Ileasi and Fukada have the fastest lap times.
    Update compliments from Snowy.AU.
  • Gammalube man
    Another one to watch: Steven Cuypers "the gammalube man" who won the european championship in Bamberg and Greece this year.
    On the pic together with Karl Heinz Meister.

    thanks to roelof

    2005 IFMAR 1/8 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP-messina-21.jpg  

  • lap results
    hard to find....

    on the messina site, click the italian flag


    lapresults pics ........


    Gammalube there is no better
  • OK...this is cool...Live wbcams at the track!

  • thanks for the links looks like a lot of tuning is going on during practice sessions.
  • Second practise round results.


    All the other links can be found here including live radio stream and web cam as already mentioned and also a photo gallery hosted by the radio station.


  • Here you go, TONS of photos and live cams. Probably the best current information for us right now:

  • Awesome !!! Thx Roger
    Quote: Here you go, TONS of photos and live cams. Probably the best current information for us right now:


    He's right !!! Tons of Photos and alot of info !!!!!

    I see Collari has made a push again !!!!

    Incredible !!!!!

    Good Luck To Darin Ishitani !!!!!! Rip it !!!
  • thanks roger. I think the fastest laps are more indication of who's fast right now since not everybody is running full on with out extra pits to make minor changes.

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