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Old 09-26-2005, 03:18 AM   #166
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DON'T paint dark, scary pictures like that!

My kids are Americans and they don't look like that!!
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lol, british people supposivly have bad teeth, alot of americans dont
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Old 09-26-2005, 06:29 AM   #168
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Originally Posted by dracy69
lol, british people supposivly have bad teeth, alot of americans dont
Quote Jeff Foxworthy: "If your 4 year old has more teeth than you, you just might be a redneck" !!!
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I guess thats the dream..one world one race.. it's not mine..
I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.
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Ok so im not nitro but who cares.

Im 18, Been racing since i was 12. I have not had that many cars because i like to get the most out of them. You can always get faster with a different setup, not car

So first car.....

Tamiya TL01 - I cant belive how much i spent i blue aluminum parts for a TL-01.

Schumacher Axis 2 - Good car apart from the diffs.

Yokomo MR4TC Custom - Still is a great car.

Yokomo SD - Never quite got to grips with it torque steering, but it was helish fast and had loaddds of rip.

Yokomo BD - Excellent Car. Best ive owned by far.
[SIZE=1][COLOR=navy]Paul Heyhoe[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Old 09-26-2005, 04:14 PM   #171
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I [I]AM [/I]the Driver !

Murnan Modified Motors

Mugen MRx4

Rocket Science Fuels

Auto Racing, Mountain climbing, and Bull fighting are the only true sports, all the rest are just games.
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Old 09-27-2005, 06:20 PM   #172
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Im 14 and I have been racing for two years only on-road. Our local on-road track is closing so I might have to give up this hobby. I dont want to but I dont seem to like off-road too much. I have done alot of begging and I got an asphalt company to say they will lay some asphalt for free and we can pay there cost on materials so I will try to have a fundraiser or something. I am hoping thered5 has something up his sleeves.
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Old 09-27-2005, 08:11 PM   #173
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Originally Posted by fastharry
I'm 51...I bought my first RC in the 80's....a sand scorcher.(which I still own)....

after my divorce in 93 I was going through a bad time....I moved back to northern NJ in 96.....and happened to go past cruizin RC's in ramsey NJ.....(I live one town over)...Iwalked in,looked around,and promised myself if I ever got my life together,I would buy my second RC car....7 months later,I walked in and bought my first nitro car....an RC 10 GT.......had so much fun,next up was a dual sport....started racing it in parking lots with the guys from cruisin......had fun,but finally realised a 2wd car was no match for the kyosho spyders(4wd).......So,since everyone was running Kyosho,I went with HPI..and bought a RS4 nitro.....and that,as they say,was that..

except for a 1 year period a couple of years ago when I went with tc3's....its been HPI all the way with me........

oh yeah....I've managed to add a few cars to my collection in the last 10 years.....

2. TC3 Nitro (RB RE 5 port Turbo)
3. RC-10GT CV-R Factory team
4. RC-10DS (Nitro)
5. OFNA TWIN TITAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. NIKE Labs Remote control sneaker…1 of ten made)
7. HPI R40(stock car,lightened mods)
8. HPI R40 2004 edition…Nova Rossi NSR 5 port power)
9. HPI PRO 4….(my prize for winning the HPI Challenge..THANKS HPI!!!!!!!)…..
10. 3 HPI Racer2's(RB Turbo’s and CV-R)(HPI Challenge 2002 B main winner NY.Nitro MOD)
11. HPI SS…………….(HPI Challenge 2002 9TH A main NY..Nitro Mod,8th nitro mod a main HPI challenge Deptford NJ 2003)
13. Nitro Mini(full optioned)
14. Nitro mini,kit in box
15. MT Racer
16. MT
17. RUSH
18. Super Nitro RS4(Nova Rossi,Solid rear,one way)(HPI Challenge..2002 4TH A main,NY…2001 B main winner Englishtown,NJ,5th A main Deptford NJ 2003)
19. 2nd Super nitro….OS 15 cvr powered…9th a main HPI worlds 2003
20. hpi Rally(10th A main,HPI challenge Deptford NJ,2003)
21. HPI micro Corvette(7.2v,Orion Mod motor)
22. Horizon mini Mauler
23. Losi xxx Kinwald
24. Losi Mini “T”
25. Losi IWC street weapon converted to rally
26. Kyosho GP 10
27. Inferno 7.5 Kanai(RB S 7 Turbo)
28. Kyosho MKII(OS powered)
29. Nitro Blizzard
30. Kyosho nitro blizzard(NIB)
31. Kyosho DX Blizzard(the old one with plow and dual speed controllers)NIB
32. Kyosho Heavy Metal tank…..
33. Nitro Crusher(OS RG)
34. Nitro Wheelie car(Two,1 boxed,1 assembled)
35. Mooneyes Street Van
36. Serpent Impulse (Mega powred…Centax,2 sp)
37. TMAXX (Way modified)
38. Bud's fun wons
39. Mini-Z
40. Tamiya P34 Tyrell (kit)
41. X331 attack vehicle(kit)
42. Sand Scorcher(mint)
43. Monster Beetle(Mint,all done with the hottest 80’s options)
44. Newest addition, Kyosho Nitro Quad(assembled,never run)
45. Kyosho nitro quad….(NIB)
46. and now for the newest additions……………..
47. HPI mini rs4
48. mini Pro rs4(Sealed in box,Mini Cooper)
49. mini Pro rs4(Sealed in Box,Miata)
50. Vector VETEQ(RODY C-4)
51. Kyosho Corolla Landmax
52. 1.And,straight from EBAY,1 Kyosho Go-Kart,mint never run!(assembled)
53. 1 Kyosho Kart…..NIB!!(straight fro Honk Kong!!)..(and I have a NIB Driver suit)
54. 1 Kyosho Surfer (Hang ten dude)
55. Kyosho Wave runner
56. AND,the brand new car,a Kyosho F-10series Toyota TS-020(the big car,Super size,PROTO CHASSIS)

Cool,right????…..here are some kits I’m collecting for a rainy day
2 tamiya piaa porche’s(way limited edition)
2 tamiya piaa NSX’s(way limited edition)
and 1 tamiya piaa Honda Accord

57. Tamiya TA-02 Special racing Chassis(Limited,sealed,way out of production)
58. Kyosho Williams Yamaha FI EP(out of production)
59. Kyosho Pure Ten Spyder Daytona Coupe (Nitro Nostalgic)
60. Kysoho Lotus Europa Nolstagic..Nitro.
61. Kyosho 67 Corvette Nolstagic Nitro
62. Kyosho 67 Corvete Nolsatgic Electric
63. Kyosho Ford gt40 Nolstagic Nitro
64. Kyosho Pure ten Shelby Cobra (electric nostalgic)
65. Kyosgo Pure Ten MG-B(Electric Nostalgic)
66. Kysoho Pure ten MG Nitro (nolstalgic)
67. Kyosho Formula 1 Gas(discontinued,Proto chassis)
68. Kyosho EP Corvette..
69. Kyosho Proto Sports
70. Kyosho F1 PANOZ Roadster(japan only car)
71. Kyosho…”the BOSS”…
72. Kyosho Toyota 89c-v GTP
73. Kysoho Plasma III(1/12th electric)
74. From the 60’s.One Kyosho RC dune buggy…(elec peanut is the name)
75. Kyosho/peerless Nitro Peanut Dune buggy
76. Kyosho Pegausus(80’s)
77. Kyosho Icarus(80’s)
78. Kyosho Rocky..
79. Kyosho turbo raider
80. 3 HPI Formula 1’s……Discontinued…will build one to race,one for display
81. Tamiya Alfa Romeo TL-01(discontinued)
82. Tamiya Fiat 1100
83. Tamiya Nisaan R91 B IMSA
84. Tamiya Daytona Thunder
86. Tamiya Mad bison
87. tamiya audi r8r
88. Tamiya toyata ts1020
89. brand new,never run Tamiya Road wizard(10 years old)
90. tamiya Williams Jordan(10 years old,in box)
91. Tamiya VW,old Beetle
92. tamiya Ferrari 310 f1
93. Tamiya Subaru (German rally edition,TB-01)
94. Tamiya Alpine rally car(M-02)
95. Tamiya lancia rally(the new hard Body one)
96. Tamiya nismo GT-R
97. Two(2)tamiya “Metallic Special” tractors(you know,the King Haulers)
98. Tamiya Striker(new in box,straight from Hong Kong,real old car)
99. Tamiya Peugot rally FF
100. Tamiya Newman Porsche 1/12 scale,about 17 years old(assembled,never run)
101. Tamiya Porsche(M-02)
102. Tamiya Miata(eunos)
103. Tamiya N800(little Honda)
104. Tamiya K4 BMT 1/8th scale
105. Tamiya NIB Lunchbox…..
106. Tamiya Street Devil(roadster)
107. Kyosho Sideways(sprint car)
108. Tamiya New beetle
109. 2 futaba Super PCM’s,1 3PK
110. 5 starter boxes
111. all set-up boards and blocks and gauges(Hudy)
112. Tamiya Mercedes Pro-mark(ta-02 chassis)
113. tamiya Mustang cobra(the red,white and blue one)
114. Tamiya B2B sidecar racer(one of the first kits)….
115. tamiya PIAA F-1…….
116. one tamiya Porsche 911…the Tao 3 R (S) version
117. one tamiya alfa romeo FF…kit # 245……..
118. Tamiya Dyna storm
Now Herman,I ask you,Is that a collection of cars,or is that a collection of cars?
Wildcat Fuels,Baby!!!!!!!!!!

GOOD LORD MAN.........thats alot of cars!!!!!!!!

well im 16 october 6th and that will mark the 6th year.
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Old 09-27-2005, 08:58 PM   #174
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Makes ya wonder how much FastHarry spent in RC all together, don't it?
Trying to live every day like its the last....
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Old 09-27-2005, 09:27 PM   #175
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I'm 42 and ive been racing both on and off road with my son since 1996!
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Old 09-28-2005, 02:28 AM   #176
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awesome right ??

Okay, here is mine, from the very first to last. Older cars are gone but I still remember the cars.

1. tamiya super shot
2. tamiya boomerang
3. tamiya tom's le mans ( looks like 1/12 pan car )
4. kyosho javelin
5. kyosho optima
6. kyosho turbo optima
7. kyosho turbo optima mid
8. kyosho turbo rocky
9. kyosho GP10 mercedes 190e
10. kyosho GP10 bmw m3
11, 12, 13. kyosho pureten - special edition x 3
14. tamiya ff-01 opel vectra
15. tamiya ff-01 honda civic
16. tamiya ta-03
17, 18. yokomo yr4 sp masami x 2
19. tamiya mini cooper m-01 fwd
20, 21. tamiya mini cooper m-03 fwd x 2
22, 23. xray t1fk x 2
24, 25. tamiya tt-01 x 2 ( 190e amg & 2004 C klass dtm )
26,27,28 mugen seiki mtx3 prospec x 3
29. traxxas revo
30. team losi lst
31. team losi mf2
32. yokomo mr4tc sd black special (sold)

phew....... my memory is still good !!
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Old 09-28-2005, 04:06 AM   #177
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My list aint flashy but thought i'd join the fashion statement listing from old to new, and now only own two vones 3s

tamiya tgx
kyosho vone rr
hpi pro 2
hpi micro rs4
tamiya tb evo 2
kyosho vones
kyosho vone rr
mugen mtx3
kyosho fw05r
kyosho fw05s
associated tc3
kyosho mini z
koysho RRR
xray t1fk 04
tamiya tb evo 4
smartech winner 2
tamiya trf 415
kyosho Vones 3
kyosho vones 3
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Old 09-29-2005, 05:17 AM   #178
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i`m 25, have been racing for 13years now..

cars i have owned:

1. Kyosho Lazer alpha
2. Kyosho ferarri testarossa (old ultima sports with the kelron chassis..)
3. Kyosho Lazer ZX-Sport
4. Kyosho Lazer ZX-RR
5. Kyosho 1/12 Beetle (the one with the cox 0.8 engine)
5. Kyosho Pure Ten Hawaii
6. Schumacher Cougar 2000 Team`95
7. Schumacher SST`98
8. Schumacher SST`99
9 Schumacher Axis
10. Schumacher MI2
11. GM TC4 International
12. Associated B2
13. Associated B3
14. Associated TC3
15. Associated TC4
16. Losi XX
17. Losi XXcr
18. Losi XX Kinwald
18. Losi Street weapon
19. HPI Pro3
20. Xray T1
21. Xray Evo2
22. Xray Raycer
23. Kyosho Mini-z MR02
24. Iwaver 02
25. Iwaver R02 (as soon as it is released...)
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Originally Posted by Hatebreed
24. Iwaver 02
25. Iwaver R02 (as soon as it is released...)
Do you have photos ? never heard that before...... is it european cars ?
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Originally Posted by asw7576
Do you have photos ? never heard that before...... is it european cars ?
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