Nitro on road racing is dead in Atlanta

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    Originally posted by Grasshopperr
    Im 13 and I am homeschooled and RC is the only thing I get to do out of the house. We already have to drive 2 hours to get to Atlanta to race. I love onroad I'm just not in to off road. Onroad is more intense. We have some people that said they would donate there time and effort laying out some asphalt but we still need the materials. My friend Danny said he would even finance a piece of land so we could build a track. Man If we could get just 6,000 people to donate $1 we could build a track. I just hope that one of the tracks will stay up and running or someone else will buid one.
    If you are serious and the money is guaranteed to go to an actual track, I would donate. You are young and motivated, try to start something up.
  • One last post on run nitro sedan to race ONE day is $50 minimum (entry, transponder fee, one set of tires). That is $200 for the month, plus two gallons of fuel (practice) - $50, a glow plug - $7, and odds and ends.

    That is roughly $300 a month to race a car. Trying to explain a $3600 "hobby" to a wife or father is hard.

    And just keep up add another $400 for the current crop of car and $300 for an engine - once a year.

    $4400 starts to sound like a habit rather than a hobby.

    I can race me motorcycle for that much. Or take up Kart Racing.
  • How many permanent tracks are in the metro Atlanta area?

    How many consistent parking lot tracks are there?

    Im really new to TC's. The only permanent track i know about is TFBRaceway.
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    Originally posted by TexasPete
    How many permanent tracks are in the metro Atlanta area?

    How many consistent parking lot tracks are there?

    Im really new to TC's. The only permanent track i know about is TFBRaceway.
    There is a larger permanent track in Sugar Hill called Sugar Bowl. It is 30 minutes from Atlanta. It is very nice and the racers there are very cool.
  • Grinder,

    I must say that in the Northeast our dilemna is organization. I race routinely at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY. You might not initally think of Brooklyn as a place for R/C racing, but Floyd Bennett was the NY's first municipal airport, commissioned back in 1931. The point being is that there is tons of paved concrete and available land. Unfortunately it is currently owned by the NYC Parks Department - therefore building a permanent track is out of the question without serious political and financial clout.

    That being said Floyd has no shortage of racer's and wanna-be racers. On any given Sunday, Floyd easily has over 50 plus people racing or wrenching. With the help of some of the "regulars" we are attempting to get a club started, and with the help Brooklyn Hobbies, have begun to have "officialize" races with lap counter's, classes etc...

    R/C is still big in the Northeast!!!

    I think you met one of my fellow Kyosho racers ...Greg. He went out the RD logics race in Vegas last month...
  • It would be great if you would donate some money Performula Every little bit will help. If any body else is interrested in donating some money for a track that would be great I was alllllllll depressed because I thought there wasent going to be anywhere to run but My name is Chance Parker And My adress is 142 Lee RD 233 Phenix City Alabama 36870. I have also called every asphalt comepany within a 2 hour radius and none of them will cut me a break. Well except for one. One compeny said they will pick up the materials and lay it out for free so I am already half way there. My friend that said he would buy the land for the track also lets me cut the grass where he works and I make $50 dollars Every time I cut the grass. But I gurantee the money will go to a track I will even post pictures if we ever get enough money to build a track. I want to build a track and have a RTR class Outlaw class Novise class masters class and a Modified class for people with modified motors In gas and electric.

    Thanks, Chance Parker.
  • Good luck with that young Grasshopperr. Where are you planning on building the track? In Phenix City?
  • Na probably in Opilika where all my RC friends live.
  • I think the key to good turnout is having a FUN and RELAXED race program. It really starts with the race director and the regular racers. I think people get turned off with racing when the racing gets too serious and the drivers get too hardcore. You know its gone there when you get shouting matches between one driver who thinks a bad manuver by another driver cost him his chance for a podium finish. Never mind that they are only racing for race bucks or a little annodized plaque.

    I'm not saying not to race competitivly, but to lighten up. You can also run a Pro or Expert class for those who are serious races with real skills (I am not one) that follow sanctioned rules regarding equipment. Everything else should be run what you brung. Our local races will allow pretty much anything to be raced as long as there are 3 cars to make up a class. Heck, at a couple of races, I wanted to run my micro so the director let me run with the rookie electric class. We see 2 to 3 heats of offroad trucks and they even put out skateboard ramps that cut off a portion of the track. That way, those who take the chance for big air get a bit of reward.

    Special events or races can also bring in new racers. Parking lot racing will also help a lot. One club or person with a portable system can go around to different locations or hobby shops and set up races. Try to keep costs down. No more then $15 per entry. Half price for a second class.

    Keep trying new and fun things. We had wild willies for a while, then it was old school racing where you could only race pre 2000 chassis. Oval cars come out from time to time as do 1/10 pan cars. We even had a pot luck BBQ that went great. Anything fun that promotes a good time and friendship (except alcohol) will help.
  • Sugar Bowl is closing it wont be around much longer at all. In metro atlanta there really isnt tracks except TFB but they are moving to new location and will be a track but not sure on kind. Other than that, Theres a few offroad tracks that are about 45 mins from atlanta. Several Onroad tracks near Savannah or valdosta.
  • Give me info on the several onroad tracks please.
  • nitro here in MD is going down hill. all of the tracks that race nitro are all parking lot tracks. all except one have hobby shops. their is one track that is permanent but it is to small to run 1/8 and that track hasnt been doig well lately. 1 problem here in MD is the weather(which no one can control) it always seems to rain during the weekend. another reason depends on the atmosphere of the racers. thier are many indoor electric tracks in my area and is easier and more convenient to run electric than nitro. many of the nitro racers i know mostly run electric because of the convenience and they don't have to watch the weather channel every weekend. hopefully, nitro will come back up from a new indoor nitro/electric track and hobbyshop being built this year in MD. the track will be around 230x130 with a layout that is changable.
  • I'm in the midwest and gas racing is always strong. We only have about 4 to 5 months of gas season - so we have to take advantage of it, then we go indoors to carpet onroad or dirt off road. To make a long story short. Our racing is in seasons. Just like baseball or football. So soon as i'm geting board with gas it's time for indoor carpet or off road. If I had to race onroad nitro year round I probably get burned out.
  • Are there any Nitro clubs in Atlanta?

    Does anyone know what will be done with the current facilities that are being shut down? Will they be for sale?

    Rapid Roy,

    Sounds like you guys know how to have an all around good time with your racing out in Southern Cali!
  • Both have deal pending on them.

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