DSM SPECTRUM 2.4 GHz Radio system

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  • Been looking at this for awhile whats everybody think about them??


    Heres another link
  • Got one on order!! Should be the ticket!!

  • Re: DSM SPECTRUM 2.4 GHz Radio system
    Originally posted by bbntc3
    Been looking at this for awhile whats everybody think about them??


    Heres another link
    one of the best things to happen to to rc racing in a long time no extra crystals no more glicthes turn your radio on in the pits with no interference to other cars. I hope it is enough supply for demand.
  • Pre-order status for me also.
  • Is the Radiocontrolzone.com site working for anyone else.
  • This is going to be the longest month ever waiting for it
  • If you guys read all the pages in the Radio Control Zone you did notice some problems with it, but it seems to be fixed. Surely that's why the production delivery keeps getting pushed back. I've had mine on order for months and they have changed the shipping dates 3 times.
    I agree this is the best thing for radio control in a long time!
    I have mine ordered from LHS and they showed me the full retail price at Horizon and it's about $50 higher than the spectrum site for the module/receiver.
  • bbntc3,
    horizon hobbies have their prices dropped to $159......

    Been looking at their website, but they do not have any shipping info to international buyers.

    I have been looking for KO kr302rx for my second car when i stumbled across spektrum.

    It is very good prices to get module + rx + no more crystals. Will be very good when it comes out with no problems.

  • So far mine is working great. Just got it all installed, setup was a breeze. One cool thing to note is that it comes with an integrated fail safe system that you setup when you bind the reciever to the module. Also, there are an unlimited number of recievers you can bind to the module...kinda like a garage door opener. Very compact and not having a big ole antenna sticking out of my car is too cool!!!
  • can't wait
  • So, I guess someone got their hands on these babys? I see them on ebay for Airtronics. The funny thing is Horizon is suppose to be dist on these, but... they still have none in stock. How you guys getting them??? Proto's or R&D???

    Looks like I'll be waiting awhile for my unit, since Futaba is the last on the shipping list.
  • jut one more thing to make me faster then I already am..(can't wait to get it... )
  • System
    I got mine from a buddy out of Texas, that owns a small hobby shop. I think that some shops signed up early on before there was much R&D and got some of the first systems.

    Don't worry, the shelves will be flooded before long.

    Just be glad you don't have $400 worth of 2 month old synthesized stuff to try and get bottom dollar on!!!
  • here in the northwest our hobby shops just ordered them for horzion, i know of at least three shops that got a bunch but there sold out already,

    one problem i'm having, i bought a system, transmitter and rcvr plus a extra rcvr, everything works great except when i use a jr 4750. then the sp control beeps (qc2 and 7.1) and the motor turns. and then the servo turns into a windshield wiper, just sweeps back and forth on its own, leaving everything alone and unplugging the jr and plugging in a airtronics 94357 or a hitech, #unknown everything works fine. anyone else having or know anyone having problems, before i make phone calls and emails just wanted to check and make sure its not me,
  • Strange
    I have a JR servo, I'll try plugging it into mine tonight.

    Honestly sounds like a servo problem that just didn't come to light with the old reciever. Especially if other work fine. The resolution of the 2.4ghz system is so much faster than 75mhz...which only ever gets to 300mhz at best. May just be a problem with that servo's POT.

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