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Old 07-23-2012, 11:43 AM   #391
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Is there .pdfs of results from the mains/qualifiers?
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Old 07-23-2012, 01:25 PM   #392
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As I am unloading all my stuff from this event, I am thinking of work the St. Cyr's must be going through. Everything from honey buckets, bbq (which was awesome), bbq lunches, t-shirts, track blowing, race directing, track prep, trash detail, setting/taring tents, fork lift rides, blender details.... the list goes on. You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for all your effort so we can play. The TZRGP once again proved difficult to tame. Like Mark said, my car looked like hell but I managed to save it in the end. I felt like I was studying for a final exam. Just what did I need to do to make this TC tame the 'zone. Still wish I was as fast as Kimbrow! That ride was unreal, nice job in the double W. Thanks goes the Canadian crew for sharing space and gray matter. Thanks to Mike Godson for getting the fuel into the tank. But mostly want to thank the entire TZ crew for all the hard work! You guys rock.
Stay dialed my friends!
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Old 07-23-2012, 02:07 PM   #393
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Hey guys I will get my thoughts and thanks to all that attended and helped out tonight stuck in a cube at work....

PDF results are up on liverc.com under the timezone tab.
Timezone Raceway Park " on-road outdoor european style road course.
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Old 07-23-2012, 10:12 PM   #394
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Send a message via AIM to Scott Fisher

Again, this was the hardest track I have ever attempted to race. The people, the hospitality and the racers were a lot of fun. My car in the main was not. It looked like a Circque du Soleil performer doing flips, tumbling and overall doing everything....except going around the track smoothly.

Congrats to Scott K... I said for 3 days, whomever makes the mains and wins these races EARNED it.

Xray Challenge is next.
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Old 07-24-2012, 09:16 AM   #395
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Default Cannucks

Huge thank you from all of the Canadian crew!!!
This is the Race of the Year we all look forward to.
We know how much work it it to put on an event like this. Its a huge team effort. Our hats are of to you.

Thank you again.
Super Mario
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Old 07-24-2012, 10:52 AM   #396
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Just arrived home and can't say enough about Mark, Rick, and their families for all the hard work and time to make this such a great event. Second to none and I heard nothing but praise for this race. The track was tricky but awesome. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone who travelled to make this such a strong showing. It is on my calender for next year as one to make.
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Old 07-24-2012, 12:21 PM   #397
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Default TZGP 2012

WOW, Another year in the books.
Thank you all for coming to our back yard and hanging with us last weekend. That was a great race for all of use. The track to tuff to tame, it always has its own personality and keeps all who drive it on their toes.
We know all of you have choices on where to race on your vacations from work and we appreciate when you chose our race here at TimeZone.
Mark and myself with the help of the Timezone try very hard putting on a great event for all of you guys to travel to. “Hooligans” THANK YOU.
Mark you’re the bomb on the mic, wish I could spell you some but I SUCK at it. Darren thanks for your help this weekend in race central much appreciated. Kody thanks for calling the couple races so Mark and myself could run.
Danna, Andy, Ryan, Tom, Mike, Clete, Rob, Thanks again for the help when asked.
Also special thanks to Absolute hobbz for new motor we gave to the winner of the lower main of 8th scale open and all the other give a ways, and Byrons Race fuels for the free fuel, and RC America and X-Ray for the special give away of the new 10th scale for the lower mains in sedan a brand new 2012 NT1
Would like to thank the Teams for sending their drivers to the race Serpent, X-Ray, Mugen and Capricorn.
I Know I have forgotten some thing or someone, sorry.

Hope all who came had a great time and will be back. Remember come back and beat the track don’t let it beat you. Congrates to Scott Kimbrow for the DBL win you have earned it.

Again thank you from Mark and myself for a great weekend.

See ya all next year.

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Old 07-24-2012, 12:54 PM   #398
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I opened the truck to unload last night and the oder of nitro hit my nose and a quick flashback of the weekend ensued. Laughing with my new and old friends, late night wrenching with Tom and Godson, the good food and drink that Karen made for us .....Wow, that girl gets the Coolest wife/mom award! Thank you all for coming to the great Nortwest! Every year this event gets better, I hope you all returned to your families safe and sound.

To all; thank you!
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Old 07-24-2012, 01:08 PM   #399
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Well, Clayton and I finally got home at 5AM, but the travel trailer didn't - still in Pasco getting repaired. Somehow, a leaf spring snapped in half.

Anyway, a great time with old friends and newer ones as well!
Great place, track, food, and people. This is THE EVENT not to miss!!

I'll be back again next year. And God willing, I'll be racing - just didn't have it in me last weekend. So, be prepared and be there!!!

Thanks to all who made it possible!
Karen gets my vote for mom/wife/hostess of the year!!!!

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Old 07-24-2012, 01:22 PM   #400
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My original reply got stuck in here somewhere....

Thanks Rick for another fantastic Timezone Raceway event.

If 'Grenade 10's' wife and daughter walk up to you with a box labeled 'VOODOO DOUGHNUTS'.......do not look into the box......it will make your Locktite come undone and drop a screw out the bottom of your car and you'll do 'alternating
doughnuts' in front of oncoming traffic!!! Against all odds....I finished.. And smiled like that all the way home after my 'SPANKING'

Our 'first-timer' Terrible TY......let the 'dogs out' for his great finish in the A Main. "HE'LL BE BACK"

Thanks Adam for pitting for me and great job winning your race with my first try at pitting TC 1/10.

Nice to meet some new people and see some of the locals again.

Thanks to *1Speedy for the clutch bearings and insights.

Thanks to Lynn for the catch on the exhaust gasket.

Nice to meet Mike Lyday and see him do so well on a track that was 'new' to him thanks for the conversation.

I was all set for a bit of 'Flyin Hawaiin' vs 'Spooky' action and Gus decided to go 'mow the hay'. Good to see our good friend Andy again.

Clete, Mike G., Ryan, Tom et al....thanks for turning us on to Rick's race.

Hey JACKO, if that was your green and white lawn chair, Ryan put it in the driver stand lockup for you. Good times....great driving with that Serpent.

Alas, what can you say when a legend like Paulo wheels the Serpent GT like that.......worth the price of admission!!!!

I must add; this event was 'therapeutic', even at the insistence of Rick's "Lady Karen" for me to eat more at the track lunches she made available and the fantastic BBQ that made Ted go MMMMMM, MMMMM, MMMMM. I lost almost 9 pounds and HAPPY.....

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Old 07-24-2012, 05:42 PM   #401
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While at the event I learned many things but here are a few notables that stuck out to me that I would like to share.

Rick , Mark with their family’s & the entire TZ “Hooligans” are easily some of the most hospitable people in RC racing, the sacrifices of personal time money property with honesty and a 55 gallon drum of integrity make them some of the most humble and resourceful people in on-road RC track racing in America. Hats off to all of you

This Euro type track with the grass is a great equalizer & in my opinion it’s the BOMB! The GT8 class could drive out of the grass but still made things very interesting to say the least.

Like to openly say thanks to Andy Liu, Andy without ever driving the car before was getting faster every day. If I would have not over looked the locktite on the rear set screw I believe we would have been a podium contender. The first 6 minutes of watching you drive in the lead was awesome, with better tech support the sky is the limit for you.

Utah gang was great to be around all weekend, not a bad apple in the bunch. Gus said next year if they put a side car on the bar stool he would show us how it’s done.

Congrats to ALL the Podium drivers you all earned it

Shout out to Sweep Racing and Absolute Hobbyz, all track donations and great products they sell really make racing enjoyable.

Side note.

The Pacific North West is a very comfortable place to be if you’re fat like me & hate humidity, I came home to NJ with 1000000000000% humidity and wish I was at Battle Ground already.
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Old 07-25-2012, 08:18 AM   #402
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Default Great Time Once Again

Just had to post regarding this event. As all attendees know, the St. Cyr clan is the best. Thank you Karen for all you do!

Thank you Bodine for the help in the pits and with car set-up. You did everything except wipe the windshield.

Clete, much obliged for the space on USS Cleetus. Saved me from the rain Thursday night.

Great to see the whole gang and make new friends. Now if I can only concentrate for 45 minutes straight. Seems I'm only good for 5-8 minutes at a time. (3 minutes if you ask my wife!)

To little space to mention all the names here, so don't fret if you didn't get a mention. I will remember and look forward to next time.
See you ONROAD,

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Old 07-25-2012, 08:55 AM   #403
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Default TZGP

Morning guys, thank you for all the kind words they are much appreciated, and with those all the hard work is well worth it.

As for any one with packages left here they were all shipped yesterday and should be on their way home back to you.

Looking forward to traveling to some races in the near future so that we might have a chance to race with you all.

once again thank you to all attended our race and for those that missed out.... Hopefuly we will see you next year, so start making plans it will be the third weekend in July 18 - 21, 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahooooooo

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Old 07-25-2012, 09:37 AM   #404
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Originally Posted by Fabman View Post
Hopefuly we will see you next year, so start making plans it will be the third weekend in July 18 - 21, 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahooooooo

When is pre-reg open?

Wow, what a weekend. Rick and the Hooligans THANK YOU for what you have provided...

What an event to say the least and actually hitting 2nd gear was worth the trip!! Excellent time, met some new friends and re connected with the Southies. I still have the sounds of nitro in my head and I hope it's always there..

Actually finding 2nd gear, finally, took a toll on my rear bearing and my glow plug supply, and Saturday night my huge appearance in the C main was looking grim. Not a bearing to be had and began my packing so I would be ready to pitch in and help out on Sunday and enjoy the mains until a fellow Mugen driver stopped by the pits to BS... asked me what was going on and headed off to his pits and came back with a friend and a Novarossi MAX motor for me to strap in... unbelievable. That's what I still enjoy about this "hobby"..


Thank you to Mr. Slapmaster himself, Brian Bodine for his help getting it bench tuned and being there all weekend for us nitro noobs.. Congrats on laying it down in the main, awesome 45 minutes of cool.

My pressence will be felt again next year for sure, probably camping near Jacko since he has the groovy beats and because he is Jacko and has an accent that would make the Mugen manual sound good..



Kyle, "Pits bitch, bitch" -KK

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Oh and a shameless plug for you(s) to see me again..


-Want to see a good 1/10 Nitro turnout!!!!
Kyle Predmore
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