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Old 01-24-2012, 12:32 AM   #166
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Originally Posted by John. View Post
Tom I whole heartedly agree with your sentiments.

I too came back to RC recently after many years out. I use to race off-road electric when I was a kid. I jumped into 1/8th I.C. off-road spending some serious coin. But here in Sydney unfortunately we don't have what I would consider "decent" track for it. I knew about the on-road track at Moorebank and always liked it whenever I saw a race there. So after a few months after selling my gear I wanted to get back in this time 1/8th I.C. on-road to be specific, but all this tire stuff has really turned me off.

After seeing 2 and 3 guys working on one of the front runners car during the recent Nationals in Melbourne (tire pitstop) I thought are you serious? Who am I kidding, I just want to build my car, race and have some fun. But in saying that I don't feel like being lapped by some kid who brings the whole team from NASA with him just to race little toy cars. Mate it's not even the money for me, but the time required to prepare for a raceday would turn me into a "divorced no life hermit".

I like this hobby but not that much. So even though I'm just 1 tiny dot on the landscape, I was one tiny dot willing to spend thousands of dollars to play in this hobby, but the time and BS is just way to much for me. I'll probably go back to 1/8th I.C. off-road, just wish Sydney had more than one single track to choose from.

Sometimes it just feels like those at the decision and business level of gas on-road RC racing don't want new players/customers or the hobby to grow. Things need to be simplified and become much more cost friendly, not over complicated and time consuming.
and this is the problem with the hobby at the moment...people come, people see, people ask, then people wander...away.

Keep in mind though, Nationals racing is the peak event of Australian RC. Yes, the money and time some people spend on preping cars can reach a silly point, but it is also the silly point (pinnacle) of racing

In saying all of this, don't be afraid to join 1:8th or 10th scale at Mbank, the racing is good and at a competent level. Numbers overall on club days at most Australian clubs has dropped, which ultimately is an indication of a lot of things (cost of hobby, poor promotion, different interests and hobbies for younger people these days, poor inter club communication etc etc)

regarding costs of racing, the reality is most people over spend and they are not really good drivers. What you see at the Nationals is the top of the crop, so those who enter are going to go all out. If people spend national or state titles type money for club days they are wasting their money...it isn't needed, and they gain very little speed from the expenses. Generally club day track grip levels on any track around the world are low, which means that the car and engine don't run at peak performance.
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Old 01-24-2012, 06:50 AM   #167
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i really feel its very possible to have fun and race 1/8th onroad, it doesnt have to be expensive, and it is hell fun. depends on what you want to acheive, if you want to be up the front, then it will take all that made you think to pass on your return, but at club level Serious Fun can be had with out all the BS. Give it ago, im sure you will enjoy it, and there are guys at the track that will help with questions, 1/8th fun factor = Awesome.
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Old 01-24-2012, 09:52 AM   #168
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Did anyone else see this pic from the Pre-Worlds gallery on RCBlood.com?

Seriously?, just seeing that pic makes me want to go do buggy racing, the Italians seriously want to ruin IC for everyone...
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Old 01-24-2012, 11:31 AM   #169
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Yes Bishop,

they don't seem to realize what they are doing here.

In Germany we have gotten an contingent of 22 starters for the Euro-B in France.

Usually people are almost fighting over these, but this year we have only 6 sign-ups for the race.

Many, like us, wanted to send a message to EFRA that tire saucing is BS that nobody wants.

I don't get it anyways. Once it's legal, it will make everyone faster and we are back to square one.
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Old 01-24-2012, 03:31 PM   #170
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Don't know whether or not saucing will be allowed at the 2012 worlds?.
The rules on the Ifmar site still date back from 2010, haven't seen an update yet.

Or they use it to simulate the amount of traction there would be during the worlds?.
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Old 01-24-2012, 04:41 PM   #171
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Originally Posted by DS Motorsport View Post
Don't know whether or not saucing will be allowed at the 2012 worlds?.
The rules on the Ifmar site still date back from 2010, haven't seen an update yet.

Or they use it to simulate the amount of traction there would be during the worlds?.
While I dislike additives I am not a fool to think that others have not been doing it, and doing it a long time before this issue became news. As some of the top drivers stated, if you cant regulate and police it, then it might as well be legal.

Our racing philosophy is that until we are within 10 car lengths of the leader at the finish line at a major event, it's better to focus on developing our racing that to make excuses as to why other drivers are faster.

When chasing an RC car with a camera at top speed, it becomes very clear why some drivers are winning and others are not. There are so many factors involved in RC racing that is an excuse by drivers to think that sauce is why they are champions at what they do.

I dont think anything will change for the majority of drivers if you ban or legalize it, some will push harder and ride wide, and the others will still perfectly enter, apex and exit the corners.
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Old 01-25-2012, 02:38 AM   #172
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True Blis!! Apex is the way to go faster!
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Originally Posted by blis View Post
While....the others will still perfectly enter, apex and exit the corners.

old theory
quick guys + quick skills = quicker than medium skills guy + medium skills
result ='s quick guys are quick due to skills

new theory
quick guys + quick skills + tire additives = extra entry and exit speed X2 =
X10 times quicker than:....

medium skill guy with medium skills - additives.
result ='s medium skill guys are further behind than quick guys now due to quick skills of quick guys AND NOW compound

Hypothesis one:
when medium skills guy begins to see the difference in speed which has increased since old formula, then medium skill guy will use compound

hypothesis two
medium skills guy will have extra cost to race, but will end up being the same distance behind quick guy as he was in old theory

traction compound ='s extra cost, with no significant gain in speed for anyone as the feild of racers will be on average in front and behind at the same rate as before.
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Old 01-25-2012, 08:14 AM   #174
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Well, on the pre-worlds it is waiting on the discussion about the tire treatment....
The quality of an answer comes with the quality of the question.
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Must say that I think that it would have been best if tire treatment had never existed; but there is no way to stop it now, and to legalise non toxic additives is the only realistic way to stop cheating!

Tire additives has turned half the on-road electric drivers in Australia to sooks that cannot race unless they're allowed it; and that insist on gooping of tracks for events, instead of working to get their setups right.

Kindest regards,
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Default sauce sauce sauce

somtimes the sauce is good and sometimes its great!!!
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