NTC4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Where is it? Anyone heard anything about its release yet?

  • No such animal as of yet. If they do have one in the works, you probably won't see it until around this time next year.

  • I was waiting for someone to open the can...
  • Hobbytown Frederick Maryland
    Hobbytown has just recieved 6 of the new car, I dont know what they cost though. phone 1-301-694-7395 This is of coarse the electric version!!!!
  • Eventually...........eventually, after the TC4, NTC4 is not far yet, my guess is 12-18 months later.
    At the same time....since XRAY just started their own business without Serpent USA.........I heard they are developing a new 200mm with Hudy right after a hugh success of the XB8........who would believe me...?

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