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doki_doki 09-20-2004 02:50 PM

Kyosho v-one rrr
Has any of you guys tried the kit already??? What's the main difference between this kit and the older v-one rr evo???

doki_doki 09-20-2004 02:53 PM

I've seen pics of it in the kyosho website but it's all in japanese. can't understand a thing..

TheeMikeCee 09-20-2004 08:04 PM

I think its the same as the evo, but i also has the laydown throttle servo and some other upgrades.
I think 3racing.com has some option parts for it already.

FW-05RR 09-20-2004 08:34 PM

IMO the V one RR Evolution still remains the superior chassis betweent the two;)

Joehwee 09-20-2004 11:07 PM

The V1RRR is a completely new car, only the 2 Speed transmission, steering and shocks are retain, the remaining parts are re-design.

The main difference are as follows;

1) The overall weight of the car with engine, body and tyres is about 1700 out of the box.

2) The car CG is very low, the front arm ia actually level with the lowest part of the chassis.

3) The V1RRR uses EVO Front UJ and FW05R Rear bones

4) The car have 4 point adjustable roll center front and rear

5) The car have a internal drive ratio of 2, therefore all the pulley are different from the EVO. The clutch bell is also different to accomodate the smaller pinon gears - Stock 16/21 0.8 module

In fact the 2nd gear pinon is the same as the first gear in the EVO and FW05R

6) From the picture on the kyosho website, you can also see that the arms, kunckle and rear upright are re-design. Currently the stock kunckle have a 0 on it, which I believe they will hvae optional degree of steering kunckle available in the future.

7) The front one way and rear diff is smaller than the EVO and the rear diff use o-ring to seal the diff just like the FW05R

8) The re-design bumper brace is much stronger

9) The V1RRR come with a slight longer 4D Clutch Spring and uses 33mm diameter flywheel same as the FW05R.

10) The front shock piston have single 1.3mm hole

11) You can access to the the front one-way and rear diff by just remove 4 screws on the bulk head and shocks from the arms.

All I can say the car is totally re-design and is very adjustable. It just make the EVO look out-dated.

pau_kacang 09-20-2004 11:11 PM

Joehwee - u drive 3r???? can u tell me the performance n realbility this car. can u give me ur setup n r u using diff or one way

rcosmax 09-20-2004 11:30 PM

Joehwee is right on the mark. This car is totally different from the rr evo I have several friends that have the v1 rr evo and have now upgraded to the rrr and believe me it is an upgrade!

I was racing the fw-05r and have changed to the new RRR. It is so much faster/smoother/easier to adjust/faster/ lighter/better/more agile/faster....well you get the picture. The 3R is out of the box more than race worthy! the only thing that may be need hopping up is the brake to the app vented kyo set and something i did yesterday was rebuild the shocks with tamiya flat gasket seals as opposed to the kyosho round type shock gaskets. the stock ones leaked on me and the tamiya hold the oil very well and are easier to tune for rebound. I needed to learn to drive smoother cause this car is super agile.
This car smokes:tire: :tire: :tire: I raced yesterday (only second time driving the car) and I lapped the 2nd place guy (that usually beats me easily) on a 5 min heat. I have never lapped any of the fast guys at that track, and am usually handed a spanking by these guys. The car is so fast i cant even describe how nice it is to drive. (My nova IDM was being rebuilt and I was using an ostr t e spec mildly tuned engine)The os beat all the novas and italian mills, but it meant i had to drive very cleanly and couldnt make up mistakes as quickly as with the idm. It just shows how smooth this car is and I really cant wait to put the idm back in and see what the car can really do.

For those of you sitting on the fence jump in and buy it. I have never left a track with such a big smile.

Kenneth Tan 09-20-2004 11:47 PM


Team-RTR 09-21-2004 12:14 AM

where is the cheapest place to buy the 3R?

Aku-Man 09-21-2004 12:26 AM

Japan is the cheapest, about $270usd, but shipping is around $40~60usd.

I think the weakest part is rear shock tower. Only secure by 2 screws. Feel can easily break.

doki_doki 09-21-2004 04:46 AM

joehwee: thanks bro for the heads up on the main difference between the evo the 3r. is this car out on the market already??? i'm from the philippines. there's no word yet if its out already. maybe i'll get this kit instead of the fw-05r...:cool:

doki_doki 09-21-2004 04:49 AM

rcosmax: so you have actually dirven this kit??? it's good to hear that you have nice reviews of this kit. i'm definitely getting this kit when it's already out hear in the philippines. bro, can you post pics of your kit??? wanna what your kit looks like. by the way, what's the weight difference between the rr evo and the 3r??? how about the fw-05r and the 3r???

doki_doki 09-21-2004 04:55 AM

by the way, does the 3r come with a front diff or a one way diff???

choisan 09-21-2004 06:10 AM

only 1 bad thing for the 3r, the long belt is touching the exhaust, no matter how low we make the belt tensioner. the belt got some bubble burnt, he replaced 3 belts already. but this car is very mtx3 feel(my opinion), the rear end is really willing to turn but stable.

dougday 09-21-2004 10:21 AM

Originally posted by rcosmax
The 3R is out of the box more than race worthy! the only thing that may be need hopping up is the brake to the app vented kyo set
For those of you sitting on the fence jump in and buy it. I have never left a track with such a big smile.

When you change to the APP vented brakes, what do you use to locked the brake disc?

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