Serpent 960 compatability q's?

  • Okay guys, just wondering if there is a Serpent buff that can tell me about the similarities/differences between the 960 and 835/Impact/M2 2spd shaft/layshaft? Are they the same, close, or similar in any way? Completely different and thus incompatible with each other?

    What I'm hinting at is whether or not the e-conversion from Speed Passion would be a bolt-on affair (for an Impact/835) or if it simply won't work. Obviously, I'm hoping that it will drop straight on, and hoping worst-case that I will have to buy a 960 layshaft. Please tell me that I am correct!

    As far as the motor mount is concerned, I figured that will not be an issue. Hope I am right!

    I'll tell you that I've already jumped the gun and purchased the conversion, but its going to take 2wks to get from HK to me. Also, sorry if this should be in the electric forum, but figured I needed a nitro guy to see it. Thanks
  • I'm not sure I understand your question, your talking about a 960 which is 1/8 scale and 835 which is 1/10 scale.

    If you have the 960 then the sp kit will bolt right on but If you have 835 then I don't think it will work.
  • ^Right, but the 835 shares quite a few parts with the 1/8 scale cars, and also runs a big-block motor. If the motor dimensions are the same, then the e-motor mount should bolt in. As far as I know, the 2-speed units are identical as well... just looking for clarification. If the 2spd/layshaft is close then the SP hub will fit... and if the motor mount fits - voila!: electric Impact/835. This interests me for a couple of reasons: 1) I already have an Impact + parts & tires, 2) Its a smaller (lighter) car
  • I had a 835 i still have my 960 thay both way diff but you can mod up somthing all of them man made