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Default 2004 Great Lakes Challenge Race Report (long)

Great Lakes Challenge, 2004
By Mike Myers

The 2004 Great Lakes Challenge was the sixth year for this prestigious event. The race was run as the ROAR Regional Championship in 1998, and only took on the name Great Lakes Challenge the following year. The emphasis of the race never changed in all this time – the focus was on a fun time for all the racers!

Despite the ROAR Nationals accidentally being scheduled for the week following the Great Lakes Challenge, this year 141 cars signed up to compete in what’s becoming the biggest race of the year. In preparation for this year’s race, the track was expanded and re-paved, with the final dimensions being 110 x 230 feet. Despite the expenses, race fees remained $45, which included a free t-shirt, fuel bottle, and raffle ticket.

In years past, we arrived at the track for Friday's practice session, only to find maybe eight to ten racers showing up late in the day, just as the Toledo One Eighth Racers were putting the finishing touches on the track. By evening, there were maybe a dozen cars running on the track. This year, when we got to the track mid-morning Friday, it looked like the race program was already well under way! There were 60 to 70 racers out practicing, and the track was completely set up.

Here are a few comments from some of the racers on Friday:

Dave Campbell: It's an awesome track - probably the best track
in the USA. It's a fun layout, ultra-smooth, high-bite, and
wide lanes.

Ted Flack: I love it! The right mix of high speed and low speed.

O.V. "Doc" Opheim: It's superb! Wonderful facility, smooth, great
traction - they did a fantastic job!

Lou Przybyla: The best track I've ever been on!

As I said, the new track is 110 x 230' in size. Lap times are in the 20's for sedan cars, and in the 19-second range for most 1/8 scale cars. The two fastest cars on Friday belonged to Dave Campbell and Josh Cyrul, both of whom were down to 18.2 second laps (by stopwatch, not computer).

Friday’s weather was Kodak perfect – bright blue skies, temperature in the 70’s, and no rain anywhere near the track. Rain was a real bugaboo, having rained out the past two events, but this year we had broken the jinx. One racer had even suggested that because of past events, the club hand out ponchos or umbrellas instead of t-shirts!

Saturday started bright and early with open practice, which led to controlled practice. During this time the racers got to sign in. All racers received a free t-shirt, fuel bottle, and raffle ticket. We had a wide variety of racer ability, with experts, average racers, and novice racers all signing up. By noon, everything was sorted out, and the racers gathered for a group photo, followed by the drivers meeting. As was continuously emphasized during the driver’s meeting, the main thing at this race was to have fun! Rules would be enforced, but not so strictly as to change the tone of the event.

Josh Cyrul came out to compete, despite being in pain from having his tonsils removed only a few days before. Josh had a choice of not taking his medication, dealing with the pain, but still being able to drive well, or take the medication, eliminate the pain, but be in a “drugged state” which isn’t too good for high speed gas racing! Josh decided to run one 1/8 qualifier early in the day, and run one 200mm qualifier towards the end of the day if he was able to.

The first of three rounds of qualifying started right after the drivers meeting. There were fifteen heats, plus one more for “ARCA Oval”… which was cancelled once we realized that we’d be lucky to finish the three rounds before dark even without the oval qualifying. Oval was re-scheduled, to go directly into the main event Saturday night as soon as qualifying was completed.

Everything went smoothly all day, with a brief break between rounds. By 8pm when the final qualifier was completed, it was starting to get dark (and cold). Qualifying standings for the top 10 racers were as follows:

1/8 4WD:
Dave Campbell
Bobby Flack
Terry Rott
Josh Cyrul
Billy Debenedictis
Eric Matusek
Ted Hammer
Aaron Buran
Jim Herman
Rick Davis

200mm Sedan
Josh Cyrul
Jacob Delano
Paul Ciccarello
Jari Taskila
Mike Dunnigan
Mark Unrath
Walter Henderson
Terry Rott
Eric Jones
Eli Ezrow

1/10 4WD
Mark Sweeney
Wil Jones
David Lee
Mark Unger
Allen Denzine
Tom Kelly
Greg Aker
Mikey Wannett
Bill McLean
Howard Gifford

1/8 4WD Masters Class
David Lee
Brent Gottfried
Eli Ezrow
Bob Block
Ted Flack
Mark Sweeney
Mark Unger
Lou Przybyla
Joe DeTomaso
Roger Williams

Pat Kayser Memorial Top Speed Award
The Toledo club continues to memorialize Pat Kayser, who passed away in 2000. Pat was a club member who put a lot of extra time and effort into the club. Among the many things he has done for the club, the most outstanding was as the designer and webmaster for the club website which has since been updated to http://www.oneeighthracers.com.

Pat was always bragging about how fast his car was on the straightaway. So the club decided to present a “Pat Kayser Memorial Top Speed Run Award”. The premise was that a radar gun would be used during the warm-ups for one of the qualifiers. To do something just a little bit different, Pat would have loved that, the club awarded towels with the Great Lakes outline, and printed with the name of the award, location and date.

This year, the awards were presented as follows:
Aaron Buran was the top speed demon in Sedan – 58.9mph
Mark Ungar took the top speed award in 1/10 – 58.7mph
Eli Ezrow was the fastest in 1/8 Masters – 64.6mph
Rick Davis took the award in 1/8th 4wd open – 66.8mph

ARCA Oval A-Main
The last event for Saturday was the 1/8 2WD Oval A-Main. It was the wildest oval race I’ve ever seen, with spectacular multi-car crashes and more wrecks per minute than most racers ever dream of. When one car crashed in a turn, the others aimed right for it! …and when Lou Przybyla’s car got upside down in the middle of the straightaway, Ted Hammer (who didn’t see it) drove right into it, sending Lou’s car six feet into the air! Deliberate “take-outs” seemed the norm, and by the end of the race only one car was left running. Howard Gifford took home the top honors, followed by Eric Matousek, Brent Gottfried, Allen Denzine, Chase Nemeth, Darrin Charbornneau, Lou Przybyla, and Ted Hammer.

Despite all the great weather predictions for the weekend, Sunday’s weather looked like Mother Nature had every intention of raining on us for the third year in a row. The skies were dark and gray, it was quite cool, and you could feel all the moisture in the air. The day started with open practice, after which we got to run the fourth round of qualifying. The qualifiers had been re-sorted based on the racer’s best performance the day before, and the last round of qualifiers ran very smoothly with no interruptions.

When qualifying was completed, Race Director Ted Hammer set up the Mains while the raffle was held right behind him. With probably over 100 gifts from various donors, every racer won something. Prizes included a JR X3 radio, KO gift certificate for a radio, a new Associated Team Car, an HPI 1/8 scale engine, pipes from CRC and Fusion Motorsports, numerous bodies from HPI and Parma, fuel by the gallons, chairs and promotional items from Mugen, KO Propo, Team Orion, Fantom, and Associated.

The Mains were started at 12:30pm. Mother Nature did her best to try to ruin the fun, but she didn’t win this time – although the racing was interrupted twice because the track got too slippery, the nasty weather never really did rain on us, and eventually moved away.

The winner of each race had the option of bumping up to the next highest Main, which almost every racer took advantage of. Lower Mains were 15 minutes long, with the A-Mains running for 20. Longer would have been better, but we’d have run out of daylight! The last four races of the event were the A-Mains for each class.

1/10 4WD A-Main
TQ Mark Sweeney grabbed the lead at the start of the 1/10 4WD A-Main. David Lee worked his way up to the front and took over the lead on lap #4. Mikey Wannet had traction rolling problems, partly because of the high traction but mostly because the car had too much ground clearance. Not only that, it bogged down on the back-straight, and just wouldn’t go. Mikey was in and out of the pits with problems until some adjustments were made to his car and it started handling better, but the car never got back to how good it was in the early qualifiers. Greg Aker dropped out on lap #3. Mark Sweeney had a big crash at the end of the straightaway on lap #9 and was out. Howard Gifford had problems and was in and out of the pits, and retired for good on lap #8. Tom Kelly lost four minutes when his pipe came loose. By the half-way mark, we were mostly down to seven cars. Wil Jones meanwhile had taken the lead on lap #12. Allen Denzine was running in second, and Mark Unger held onto third place. Several cars dropped out towards the end. We lost Tom Kelly on lap #44 with a dead battery. David Lee dropped out on lap #50. Bill McLean dropped out on lap #52. The only cars running when time expired were the race winner, Wil Jones, Allen Denzine in second, Mark Unger in third, and Mikey Wannett in seventh place. I’m not sure if Mikey wished the race was longer, so he could take over the positions from all the drop-outs, or was glad to see it end! At any rate, Wil had no problems – he had a huge smile on his face and a great win!

A Main - One Tenth Four Wheel Drive Gas
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 2 Wil Jones Serpent 57/20:16.382
2 4 Allen Denzine Serpent 55/20:06.743
3 5 Mark Unger Serpent 55/20:09.636
4 3 David Lee Serpent 47/18:12.012
5 6 Tom Kelly Serpent 33/15:57.130
6 9 Bill Mclean Serpent 33/19:11.629
7 8 Mikey Wannett Serpent 30/20:21.145
8 1 Mark Sweeney Serpent 9/03:13.740
9 10 Howard Gifford Serpent 8/05:34.635
10 7 Greg Aker Serpent 3/01:21.200

1/8 4WD Masters A-Main
The Masters Class is for racers 45 years old or more – which means racers who need to make up in experience and knowledge what they might lack in lightning fast reflexes.

Due to a mix-up in radio crystals (always put your crystal in yourself, and not rely on your pit crew!), Raye Field never got to start. The race started without Raye, and the action started on the very first lap, as car #3, David Lee, brushed the board in the sweeper and went flying at top speed into the boards at the end of the track. The front left side of his car was demolished, the engine literally bent all out of shape, and the fuel tank shattered spraying fuel into the crowd, just missing turn marshal Mikey Wannet, who was able to get out of the way in time. The rest of the race started with TQ Eli Ezrow grabbing the lead, followed by Mark Sweeney and Brent Gottfried. Eli was the fastest car on the track, but Brent was turning quicker times than Mark and was soon looking for a place to go by, which he did on lap #5, taking off after Eli. Eli was still faster, but not by much, and the gap between the cars got larger and smaller each lap, but pretty much remained the same until the cars pitted. Brent’s pit crew (his wife Pauline) was five seconds faster than Eli’s pit crew, and Brent took over the lead on the first pit stop. It was now Eli’s turn to try to catch Brent, which he almost did, until a small mistake dropped him back a few feet. Brent’s pit crew was even faster on the next pit stop, and Brent increased his lead coming out of the pits. Eli was now driving flat out trying to catch Brent, and went wide in the sweeper, brushing the boards. Something must have changed on Eli’s car, as he started dropping back after that, with the car getting slower as the race went on. Brent’s lap times, which were in the high-18 to low-19 second range never changed, and Brent got the top honors in the race, finishing with 62 laps. Mark Sweeney meanwhile had gotten past the slowing Eli car on the last lap, to take second place with 60 laps. Eli also finished with 60.

Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 4 Brent Gottfried Delta 62/20:19.030
2 2 Mark Sweeney Serpent 60/20:15.781
3 1 Eli Ezrow Mugen 60/20:20.546
4 8 Rex Clary Mugen 56/20:14.906
5 6 Ted Flack Kyosho 54/20:20.012
6 7 Mark Unger Serpent 54/20:24.724
7 5 Bob Block Mugen 51/20:18.408
8 9 Lou Przybyla Delta 38/13:59.381
9 3 David Lee Picco 1/01:23.271
10 10 Raye Field Delta 0/00:00.000

200mm A-Main
Despite feeling sick from having had his tonsils out a few days before, Josh Cyrul had run only one qualifier to get himself into the Main, missed the rest of qualifying, but still came out to race in the Main. Josh grabbed the lead, and ran just fast enough to stay in front from then on. Josh had a shadow though – Paul Ciccarello was following Josh, not pushing to pass, or dropping back, but just following Josh around the track. The two of them were soon lapping the rest of the field. Car #4, Jacob “the snake” Delano was working his way from 6th place up to third. Jake had practically destroyed his car in a nasty full-speed crash in qualifying, but he and his dad had patched it up with new parts and a liberal amount of “shoe goo”. On lap 22 Josh was coming up on Jake to put him a lap down, but Josh traction-rolled and hit the board, breaking a rear shock. The car was quickly back in the pits where the shock was replaced, but this cost Josh four laps. Jake never even had a chance to pass the finish line to get his second place lap – another car spun out directly in front of Jake, Jake hit it, and his pipe came out, requiring a trip to the pits for repairs. Jake’s dad and Kevin McGill’s dad got the car fixed up, and Jake was soon out on the track, but back in the standings. Paul Ciccarello meanwhile had inherited the lead when Josh dropped out, and drove a smart safe race from then on. His pit crew was yelling up at him to just take it easy and stay out of trouble – which Paul did, to win the Main with 57 laps. Paul didn’t have much of a margin though – Eric Jones and Jari Taskila finished in second and third, each also getting 57 laps. I’m with Paul’s pit crew – go fast enough to win, but not so fast that you make a mistake. By the way, Parma’s new Alfa body did quite well – it was used by the first and second place qualifiers, and Paul used it to win the Main!

A Main - Sedan Gas Touring
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 2 Paul Ciccarello Team Magic 57/20:01.207
2 10 Eric Jones Mugen 57/20:13.982
3 3 Jari Taskila Serpent 57/20:17.077
4 1 Josh Cyrul Kyosho 53/19:43.716
5 5 Ron Atomic Kyosho 50/20:11.674
6 6 Mike Dunnigan Mugen 50/20:12.039
7 4 Jacob Delano Associated 46/20:18.580
8 9 Walter Henderson Associated 36/13:31.690
9 8 Mark Unrath Mugen 30/13:33.609
10 7 Jeff Switzer Team Magic 0/00:00.000

1/8 4WD A-Main
The ten racers who made it into the 1/8 4WD A-Main looked forward to competing in the last race of this event. Half the field was made up of Delta cars, with four Kyosho cars and one Serpent car filling out the field. Josh Cyrul never got down from the driver’s stand, having just finished the 200mm Sedan race. He was still in pain from his operation, but pain pills would have taken away from his driving ability. TQ Dave Campbell was certainly ready – his car looked good all weekend, and looked ballistic during warm-ups. Ted Hammer certainly deserves special notice here – because he was Race Director, he had no time to work on his car, and Dave Campbell and Keith Gillis put a new Delta XP4 together for him on Thursday night. Because Ted was Race Director for the whole weekend, he got perhaps 10 laps of practice in all, and with a car he’d never driven before, still qualified in second place!! Outstanding!

The race started, and Dave took off like the rest of the field was stuck in first gear, pulling away from everyone and constantly expanding his lead. By the end of the first few laps, Dave had a straightaway lead. Bobby Flack was running in second, with teammate Josh Cyrul right behind. Josh passed Bobby on lap #7 and set his sights on Dave. Both Josh and Dave were making laps in the very low 18-second range, occasionally breaking into the 17-second world, something nobody else could do. Dave made a mistake on lap #13. He hit a board and the car flipped over, allowing the Josh and Bobby train to go by. Dave put in another fast lap, but had another problem on the following lap – the car flipped over, and by the time the car got marshaled, the motor died. Dave’s race came to an end on lap #29 when he hit the berm just before the straightaway, which put him into the boards. Dave didn’t realize a rear upright was broken until he reached the end of the straightaway only to find his car wouldn’t turn, putting him hard into the boards and ending his chances for a Great Lakes Challenge victory. What Dave did accomplish though, is turning a 17.368 second lap, a new track record, and definitely scary fast!!! Eric Matousek’s race came to an end on lap #32 – Eric had used an INS-box to get increased fuel economy, but the top of the box turned, changing the engine tune, blowing a plug, which damaged the motor. Bobby Flack had been running a great race, holding onto third place waiting for something to happen to the leaders, when board problems put an abrupt end to his race and he retired on lap #51 after his exhaust pipe broke. With five minutes to go, the race seemed about over, with Josh owning first place with a huge lead, Terry Rott following in second place, and Aaron Buran trailing behind in third place. Josh was flying, putting in 17.7 second laps, when he realized his pitman hadn’t fully filled his tank and he was running out – he came into the pits, but the pitman wasn’t around, so Josh had no option but to try to finish anyway – which didn’t work. Josh ran out, and lost two laps while his car was finally brought back to the pits and re-started on someone else’s starter box, allowing Josh to put in one final lap, but you can’t win a race sitting in the pits – Terry Rott took advantage of Josh’s misfortune, and came away the 2004 Great Lakes Challenge 1/8 4WD Championship! Aaron Buran finished in second, with Josh hanging onto third place. Billy DeBenedictis took 4th, one lap behind the winners. Rick Davis and O.V. “Doc” Opheim finished behind Billy, each doing 61 laps.

1 4 Terry Rott Kyosho 63/20:01.034
2 10 Aaron Buran Serpent 63/20:16.431
3 5 Josh Cyrul Kyosho 63/20:19.872
4 7 Billy Debenedictis Delta 62/20:13.755
5 8 Rick Davis Kyosho 61/20:05.649
6 9 O V Opheim Delta 61/20:12.928
7 2 Ted Hammer Delta 57/20:06.188
8 3 Bobby Flack Kyosho 50/16:08.866
9 6 Eric Matousek Delta 33/13:59.910
10 1 Dave Campbell Delta 25/09:20.151

It was a wonderful event, and a good time was had by all. There were a lot of good races, and even though they were short, it's still a matter of who can finish without making a mistake. And incredibly, it didn't even rain! As Tom Kelly said, based on past experience, "maybe instead of t-shirts, the club should be handing out ponchos or umbrellas!"

Thanks to all the sponsors who made this race possible (Serpent USA, Starting Grid, Delta, O'Donnell Racing, HPI Racing, Parma, Mugen Seiki, JR Racing, Fantom, Dynamite, OFNA, KOPROPO, Team Orion, CEFX, Honda House Hobbies, Fusion Motorsports, and Hobby Stop West), and to the racers who came out and participated!

Photos are posted at

Final Results

A Main - One Eighth Four Wheel Drive Gas
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 4 Terry Rott 63/20:01.034
2 10 Aaron Buran 63/20:16.431
3 5 Josh Cyrul 63/20:19.872
4 7 Billy Debenedictis 62/20:13.755
5 8 Rick Davis 61/20:05.649
6 9 O V Opheim 61/20:12.928
7 2 Ted Hammer 57/20:06.188
8 3 Bobby Flack 50/16:08.866
9 6 Eric Matousek 33/13:59.910
10 1 Dave Campbell 25/09:20.151

B Main - One Eighth Four Wheel Drive Gas
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 2 Jim Herrman 46/15:10.529
2 3 Wayne Vince 45/15:18.727
3 7 Dennis Young 43/15:00.480
4 4 Kurt Lechel 43/15:08.874
5 5 Dan Debenedictis 25/15:05.851
6 6 Kelly Bean 24/08:09.799
7 8 Chase Nemeth 3/01:12.286
8 9 Charles Watkains 0/00:00.000
9 10 Jody Flipse 0/00:00.000

C Main - One Eighth Four Wheel Drive Gas
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 3 Ray Juhl 43/15:07.820
2 1 Darrin Charbonneau 42/15:02.331
3 7 Tom Kelly 40/14:48.889
4 10 Justin Logan 40/15:06.927
5 2 Louis Vanderwey 38/15:04.348
6 9 Tony Pigott 37/15:11.308
7 5 John Barick 36/15:16.007
8 4 Mark Rodney 33/13:54.134
9 8 Darin Thomason 18/12:30.778

D Main - One Eighth Four Wheel Drive Gas
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 4 Mike Wannett 36/11:17:48.316
2 2 Greg Aker 35/10:47:25.177
3 10 Tony Block 32/11:48:51.983
4 9 Darryl Williams 28/8:12:44.187
5 6 Mike Junior Richey 28/9:14:38.407
6 7 Ron Coleman 26/6:43:04.775
7 3 David Greer 25/8:13:29.964
8 5 Mike Chiappetti 17/5:10:41.502
9 8 Roger Eely 13/05:48.335

E Main - One Eighth Four Wheel Drive Gas
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 3 Mike Nemeth 36/15:12.075
2 2 Garrett Votaw 29/15:28.305
3 1 Joe Ruberto 11/08:19.539
4 6 James Palansky 4/02:10.770
5 5 Brad Toffelmire 0/00:00.000

A Main - One Eighth Masters Gas
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 4 Brent Gottfried 62/20:19.030
2 2 Mark Sweeney 60/20:15.781
3 1 Eli Ezrow 60/20:20.546
4 8 Rex Clary 56/20:14.906
5 6 Ted Flack 54/20:20.012
6 7 Mark Unger 54/20:24.724
7 5 Bob Block 51/20:18.408
8 9 Lou Przybyla 38/13:59.381
9 3 David Lee 1/01:23.271
10 10 Raye Field 0/00:00.000

B Main - One Eighth Masters Gas
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 2 Gary Leonard 41/15:02.209
2 3 Roger Williams 40/15:14.474
3 5 Bill Debenedictis 35/15:16.428
4 1 Joe Detomaso 34/15:18.684
5 6 Rick Frazier 23/15:09.502
6 7 Steve Merker 22/09:07.047
7 8 Dave Alfredson 0/00:00.000

A Main - One Tenth Four Wheel Drive Gas
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 2 Wil Jones 57/20:16.382
2 4 Allen Denzine 55/20:06.743
3 5 Mark Unger 55/20:09.636
4 3 David Lee 47/18:12.012
5 6 Tom Kelly 33/15:57.130
6 9 Bill Mclean 33/19:11.629
7 8 Mikey Wannett 30/20:21.145
8 1 Mark Sweeney 9/03:13.740
9 10 Howard Gifford 8/05:34.635
10 7 Greg Aker 3/01:21.200

A Main - Sedan Gas Touring
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 2 Paul Ciccarello 57/20:01.207
2 10 Eric Jones 57/20:13.982
3 3 Jari Taskila 57/20:17.077
4 1 Josh Cyrul 53/19:43.716
5 5 Ron Atomic 50/20:11.674
6 6 Mike Dunnigan 50/20:12.039
7 4 Jacob Delano 46/20:18.580
8 9 Walter Henderson 36/13:31.690
9 8 Mark Unrath 30/13:33.609
10 7 Jeff Switzer 0/00:00.000

B Main - Sedan Gas Touring
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 1 Terry Rott 43/15:17.625
2 4 Aaron Buran 42/15:20.436
3 9 John Mcintosh 41/15:02.900
4 3 Eli Ezrow 40/15:15.220
5 5 Lance Dillingham 27/10:02.595
6 10 Rick Monahan 20/07:48.350
7 7 Brad Toffelmire 17/06:29.615
8 6 Bob Vanwagner 3/01:20.888
9 8 Ted Flack 0/00:00.000

C Main - Sedan Gas Touring
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 3 Steve Culbert 39/15:01.978
2 2 James Kroener 39/15:07.830
3 1 Rick Endler 34/15:21.016
4 10 Tony Block 31/15:05.286
5 9 Kevin Mcgill 23/09:25.519
6 8 Mark Rodney 10/04:00.233
7 6 Dan Miles 6/02:56.128
8 5 Ira Schultz 5/03:30.338
9 7 Joe Tuttle 2/01:05.051

D Main - Sedan Gas Touring
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 1 Frank Duffner 39/15:00.664
2 10 Jack Honeycutt 39/15:06.318
3 4 Scott Mcnish 37/15:17.076
4 9 Brad Dale 36/15:06.791
5 5 Louis Vanderwey 29/11:33.054
6 2 Ray Juhl 26/11:40.064
7 6 William Sexton 26/11:49.171
8 7 Santino Nemi 12/04:58.523
9 8 Steve Lazarus 1/00:42.858

E Main - Sedan Gas Touring
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 8 Steve Bortolotti 39/15:22.423
2 3 Kevin Roberson 38/15:01.771
3 1 Dan Alder 38/15:02.401
4 5 Al Whisker 38/15:14.745
5 9 Bob Block 37/15:09.780
6 4 Joe Parent 25/15:08.790
7 2 Randy Hight 23/15:20.177
8 10 Brad Baker 20/08:04.635
9 6 Allen Denzine 12/04:59.660

F Main - Sedan Gas Touring
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 7 Mike Richey 35/15:20.119
2 3 Mike Nemeth 34/15:14.264
3 10 Hillbilly 30/12:20.884
4 9 Mark Frazier 29/15:00.664
5 5 Joe Detomaso 26/15:16.892
6 2 Adam Hutchison 25/15:11.486
7 6 A J Luckett 10/04:30.738
8 4 Jeff Miles 7/03:23.925
9 8 Kubinski Matt 5/02:27.449

G Main - Sedan Gas Touring
Pos. Car Racer's Name
1 1 James Palansky 28/15:22.348
2 4 Scott Durham 24/15:02.152
3 5 Bobby Flack 0/00:00.000
4 2 Chris Braumford 0/00:00.000
5 7 Dennis Richey 0/00:00.000
6 6 Jesse Beeker 0/00:00.000
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wow lol, thats a massive post, did ur hands start to shake after u pressed submit?
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Actually, that's the short version..... :-)

(The long version will be in the September issue of the Starting Grid Maggy.)
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Good race report, sums it up pretty well.
It was an awesome race and a great experience. I could not believe the level of traction this track had and an awesome surface like I've never seen before. The local crowd is definately very lucky to have such an amazing track.
Excellent organisation and very nicely paced computer work by Ted Hammer and the race directors.
Looking forward to the Nats in September already!
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