Sirio .12 Turbo

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  • They run like a pig when too rich. It is night and day when you get it leaned out just right. I had to run Sirio's on the lean side to get anything out of them. It will scream but it will run 250.
  • can I have your email address.........I send u the pic.

    Sure, it's [email protected]
  • Hey, 1fastguy1, what car are you running?
  • rcracer14, you have to remember that your carb is the older version which has 4 adjustments, the newer ones like darkseids is a 3 adjustment carb. meeeeaaayyyy seee meeeaaayyyyy!
  • No, I didn't realize that, I thought they had the same carb.
  • I am running the Magic, I went out today and ran an OLD and I mean OLD os tr adn it had the snap like no tomorrow, so I am going to put the os carb on it and see if its any better, but right now its about a minute away from ebay.
  • ok rcracer14 here is the carb setup from team trinity

    Sirio .12/15/18 (General Carburetor Settings)
    High Speed - 5.5 turns
    Low Speed - 2-1/2 (Generally this should be flush with the end of the slide)
    Mid Range - Flush then one turn out.

    then your idle is however you want it. O KKK!!!
  • 1fastguy1, I was thinking the same thing, but I'll try rc-racer15's setup first.
  • The setup from trinity works great but runs a little hot, I'd richen it up.

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