need help choosing setup tools e.g ride height gauge and blocks

  • Hi people i need help choosing set up tools for my 1/8 on road Kyosho evolva m3 i do have the setup for car and the board i just need advise on what tools i need to set car up for example ride hight tools and blocks.Which tools do i need do i have to have more thann one ride hight tool also how many mm should it go up to, and can you buy the whole set in one.If anyone could help me and knows exactly what i need to buy i would apresiate it rather than buyin the wrong things .

  • You can't go wrong with HUDY tools. Hudy makes the best of the best, but you pay for it. Their stuff doesn't come cheap.
  • team integy is great too i have there setup kit and it has never done me wrong lil cheaper the hudy

    this is what i use and i got it use for 50 shipped to my door

  • hudy set up station..

    try find one 2nd hand...

    you will prob be able to sell it the same price you brought it.. these thing keep there value.
  • +1 on hudy. Pricey new but it's the best.